04 September 2015

Essence 31 Electriiiiiic

Hey all

I bought Essence Electriiiiiic a while back after a lot of deliberation. Swatches online showed it as being incredibly sheer and jelly like. In reality it's more opaque than you'd think. I think the camera makes it look more sheer than it truly is. My nail line is not as apparent in person as you can see in swatches so don't let that put you off.

I have on 2 coats of Electriiiiiic with a basecoat. I could have done a third coat but I didn't think it really needed it. The first coat is slightly streaky but it covers the nail in 2 coats. If you have longer nails and don't like your nail line showing through then a third coat will probably be necessary. I'd also go with a thicker coat to get it nice and opaque.

In person Electriiiiiic is deeper than it shows in swatches. If you see it in person the colour in the bottle is pretty much what you are going to end up with. I'm glad I picked it up. I don't have another polish like it as I've gone through so many bottles of this colour already.   I got my bottles in Penny's for €1.89.

03 September 2015

Essence 51 Miss Captain

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my 100% honest review**

The last polish I was sent from Essence is a pretty teal blue called Miss Captain. This is one of my favourites purely based on the colour. The formula was great on all of them as was application. This is 2 easy coats and it is beautiful. Miss Captain has a slightly dusty look to it but it's not as strong as China Glaze Exotic Encounters, for example.

I'm not sure of any dupes for this one. It's pretty unique to my collection that's for sure. I didn't experience any staining with this one but based on experience with this type of colour I'd say go with a basecoat. There is nothing more annoying than having blue stained nails for weeks after and it detracts from future manicures too. For me this is a total winner! I love the colour, it's so pretty on its own but I can't wait to try it out in some nail art.

Are there any other polishes from the Essence the Gel nail polish line that ye would recommend picking up? 

01 September 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Inspired by the Irish Flag

Hey all

Twinsie Tuesday is finally back after a month long hiatus. I have to say I missed doing the challenges but it was nice to recharge for a while. We start off with a nice prompt for this week which is Inspired by a Flag. Of course I went with the Ireland flag. A lot of people oddly enough don't know that I am Irish, living in Ireland. I get a lot of emails assuming I'm American (not a notion where that come from!)

I started with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 300 Electra-cute. I love this polish, it's a beautiful shade of orange, Once that was dry I freehanded the tips using China Glaze Holly Day. I wasn't sure how to incorporate the white so I just dotted it underneath Holly Day. Pretty pleased with the end result I have to say, It was nice and simple to do too.

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31 August 2015

Essence 53 Rock my World

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my 100% honest review**

The penultimate polish from the recent Essence pack I was sent is Rock My world. This is my least favourite colour from the 5, I'm not really a fan of grey in general. Like Amazed by you the colour isn't unique or special BUT it has the same amazing formula as the others I've shown ye over the last few days.

Rock my World is opaque in 2 coats and has the super glossy finish I've come to expect from the Essence the Gel nails line. I had no issues at all with the application, it was lovely and smooth and there was no clean up required. I didn't bother with a basecoat but it's always a good addition if you are planning on wearing this for a while. It'll help prolong the wear and the look of your manicure.

Pretty amazing quality for €1.89 I have to say, even if the colour doesn't float my boat.

28 August 2015

Essence 52 Amazed by you

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Polish number 3 from the new Essence release is 52 Amazed by you, a plum purple with the slightest hint of pink. This is a pretty standard colour and I'm sure there are plenty of dupes out there. I tried it out beside Catrice Plum play with me and it was almost the exact same thing. You'd never tell they were 2 different polishes.

The formula was great on Amazed by you and it set it apart from the Catrice polish. Even though it's a crelly formula you are good to go with 2 coats. The Catrice polishes needs 3 even on my shorter nails. Although the name of the polish is misleading (Nothing amazing about this shade in  particular) it is a great polish. If you don't have a polish like this or you want one with a better formula then  you really can't go wrong with Amazed by you.

27 August 2015

Essence 47 Va-Va-Voom

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Va-Va-Voom is the least Autumn like colour that I have from the latest Essence releases. This is one of the Soft Matt polishes (basically the same as the Illamasqua Rubber finish polishes but cheaper). Even with the soft matt finish you can tell this is a bright pinky orange. It's not neon, even with a topcoat, but it's bright.

This style of finish tends to be a 3 coater for me but 2 coats of Va-Va-Voom and it is perfect. Great formula, dries like a regular polish and it was easy to apply. This might stain your nails if you skip a base coat. I had this on for a couple of minutes at the most and my nails had a slightly red tinge to them once I took it off. Other than that it was fine.

I'm not fond of the finish. It's grand like I wouldn't avoid the polish because of it but unless it had nail art on top I'd probably topcoat it. It's a beautiful colour and I want it to show through as much as possible so I added on a topcoat for the last 2 pictures. Seeing as the formula is so good on this one, I actually don't mind the extra step.

 Yup, far better! Va-Va-Voom is a great name for this polish. I've not been keen on their polish names recently but this one definitely suits the polish. Not that the name matters at all but when people ask what you're wearing and you're embarrassed to say it in case they pick it up wrong, you start to notice them.

Va-Va-Voom costs €1.89 for an 8ml bottle available in Penny's nationwide.

25 August 2015

Essence 48 My Love Diary

Hey all

**Product was provided for my honest review**

Essence have released a few new shades for the Autumn, replacing a couple of the recently discontinued polishes. I have 5 polishes to show you over the coming week. If you've been on my blog for any length of time you'll know I'm a big fan of the Gel nail polish range. It is a huge step up in terms of quality and colour selection for Essence and it is giving other more expensive brands a run for their money. You can see the other polish from the range that I have swatched HERE

The first polish I have to show you is 48 My Love Diary which is their version of the Pantone Colour of the Year 2015 which is Marsala. To me this is more of a rosy brick shade of polish. I'm not keen on the Colour of the Year this year but I wouldn't class this as Marsala in fairness. It's a lovely shade, very similar to Essence English Rose but not dusty and a few shades darker.

The formula on My Love diary is fantastic. You can almost get away with 1 coat. My nail line was still a touch  visible so I went with 2. If you have short nails or a small nail line you'll be grand with one good coat, Great dry time and as it's part of the gel nail polish range it is super glossy. I always topcoat them if I plan on wearing them for a few days, just to be on the safe side. The one thing I dislike about this polish is the name, what in the name of god is a Love Diary?!

Essence My Love Diary costs €1.89 for an 8 ml bottle and you can find it in Penny's nationwide. 


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