20 April 2012

Are YOU tagging me?

( bit of Robert de Niro in the title for ye today)

Hey all,
I'm back again! This time it is with The Nail polish tag passed to me by one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Theodora at redhairandblacknailpolish.blogspot.com. You all probably follow her blog but if not then check her out because she has the best pictures!
Answer the 10 questions
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1)  How many polishes do you have?
I have 64 nail varnishes so far. I try to only buy polishes that I know I will actually use at some point.  What’s the point in buying nail polish you hate?

2)  What is your favourite brand of nail polish?
Hmm I would have to say Catrice at the moment. Their new collection is perfect for me.

3)  Do you like crackle polish, or do you hate it?
I like it. I do prefer the original black version more than the coloured ones but it’s handy for jazzing up a manicure if you smudge it haha.

4)  What was your first nail polish brand?
Stargazer! I love them so much. You can’t buy them here anymore which is really disappointing.

5)  If you’re gonna create a nail polish line, what are you gonna name it?
I’m not. I just don’t have the time to do it!

6)  What nail polish colour does not compliment you?
I think a lot of colours don’t suit me but I wear them anyway: P If I had to pick one it would probably be white.

7)  And what colour does compliment you?
I think darker polishes usually look best on me. Dark red looks grand on me.

8)  Name 2 of your best nail art friends!
I don’t really have any but I recently I came across Ashesela from artevolve.blogspot.com who has the most amazing freehand work. Beautiful! Also I think Theodora at redhairandblacknailpolish.blogspot.com  has some amazing nail art going on and I actually tried to replicate her Christmas designs (and failed miserably).

9)  What was the best nail polish gift you have ever received?
I don’t get nail polish gifts often but the lovely blogger Shanna gave me her bottle of Essence Time for romance because she didn’t want it. I thought it was so nice of her!  Here is her blog miss-greeneyes.blogspot.com

10)         Make a speech about thanking the blogger who gave you this tag.
Theodora at redhairandblacknailpolish.blogspot.com passed this tag on to me. She is such a lovely blogger and always has the nicest things to say. She is really down to earth and there aren’t any heirs and graces on her blog. What you see is really what you get. I love her blog and it is actually one of the first blogs I ever followed! I remember looking at it because I love black nail polish and I was intrigued about the red hair: D I still follow her blog religiously and her nail swatches have forced me to buy more nail polish :P

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  1. Wow you're fast :D It took me 3 months to post this =)))
    I can't thank you enough for your kind words, and I have to say I'm speechless :D I don't find my words in English when I'm too happy :P
    You have the right attitude girl, just buy polish you know you will use! I love all my polishes, but I admit that I have to many :P

    1. Haha I have so much study to do so naturally I'm doing everything else but study :P
      Awh no problem! I like to be truthful in my posts. Plus you deserve it :)
      I'd love to have more but we don't have much choice here. I'm sure the numbers will go up throughout the next year though :)
      Awh that's so nice! I can only think of Irish words when I'm mad haha

  2. I know that you want to answer more questions... lol =))
    I nominated you for all kinds of awards!! here:

    1. I went over thinking "ah sure there'll only be 1 or 2. Jeez I refreshed the page like 8 times just to be sure haha thanks a million!!! I actually can't wait to get started.

  3. Thanks for tagging me! It was fun.

    1. No bother at all. It is really fun when you get in to it!

  4. I wish I only had 64 polishes, those days are long gone lol I would love to try Catrice polishes though so very jealous of you xx

    1. haha I would love to have more but I want to try all my polishes before I buy any more. I hope you can find catrice! They are so reliable.


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