30 April 2012

I've hooked me a Captain!

Hey all,

Yesterday was hugely stressful for me with college work. I still have exams to study for but all my essays have been handed in so I am planning a little haul that I hope to post on the 11th of May (and seeing as I have picked a date I really HAVE to buy all of the polishes and other items on my list. Hope they are all in stock *fingers crossed*.
I was actually stumped as to which polish I should show ye all today but eventually I sorted through all of my images and picked out Catrice Captain Sparrows boat. I loved the name! If a polish has a fun name and it's made by Catrice then I will probably buy it : P
I am not a huge grey polish fan. I have one by the brand no7 and I really only bought it because I had a voucher for €7.50 off. It didn't really excite me. (All of the images are taken during the day. The darker ones were indoors, the lighter ones in direct sunlight) : )
 So here is the lovely Captain sparrow's boat. Firstly, I really have to apologize for the cuticles. They did not look this bad in real life! I haven't worn nail varnish in about a week (stress) and my little pinky nail finally broke after I bashed it into a door (I was cleaning and I was not happy : P ).It was on my right hand with always suffers as it is my dominant hand. As I mentioned I had a pretty bad week overall and I thought about cutting all my nails off to match my nubbin.  I'm still undecided though.
Back to the polish!! This reminded me of the lead you find in a pencil so much! I actually LOVED this colour on much nails. It is perfect for a situation where you want to look professional and sophisticated but don't want nude nails.
 This is 1 coat of my stargazer base coat (I might actually do a little post on this as it's a gorgeous polish that it actually a normal nail polish but I use it as a base coat because it dries really quickly), 2 coats of Captain Sparrow's boat and no top coat (oh I actually have another post with a topcoat but it's a tad unusual so a second post is needed).
This polish dried so quickly. This is what I really love about Catrice polishes. Their formula is not compromised to reflect the price. This is from the "old" collection of catrice polsihes so it still has the older, long stem and slightly flatter brush. I have no problems with either brush but I can do a comparison if ye would like? Let me know!

 The above is just a side by side view of the polish in light, medium light, and somewhat darker light if that makes any sense to ye : P

This is definitely one polish that I am so glad I picked it. It can appear streaky in pictures but it is not a problem and I actually don't mind it at all with this polish.I wore this for a week without chips and only minimal tip wear.As usual this polish retails at €2.79 but I actually got this for €1.40!!!! Major bargain! (I may have bought 8 other polishes at the same time but who could resist with a price like that!!!)

Click on the above images to see the little glitter particles that are hidden in this polish in the bottle! Amazing!

 What do ye all think of this polish? Are ye a fan of grey polishes? Also, I changed the font on my blog mainly because I  thought it might have been a bit hard to read. I hope the new font is better for ye : D Thanks all for now!
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  1. I haven't got a grey polish :-o but I really like this one! I'm now following you on twitter hun...Mine is @linzilouisa, Great post :-)

    1. Brilliant, thanks :)
      I really like this polish but I don't think I would buy another grey. They just don't appeal to me all that much.

  2. I love this color!!! Like, super love! I do not have any polishes from that brand! But with a price like that, I just might need to start searching!!! <3

    1. I think you should!!! I really do not know why this brand is not readily available. They would make so much more money : P
      I agree the colour is so pretty.

  3. I only have a couple grays, but I like them. To me they're more bases for other designs and colors and such..but then it's really hard for me in general to wear just one color manis.

    1. I wear mostly one colour manis just to see if I like the colour or not :P
      But I like the idea of using grey in other designs!

  4. I've never used Catrice but this does look really lovely and I'm a sucker for a cute name too. =)

    1. I had to stop myself from buying "pinky and the brain" and another few polishes. The colour wasn't really my thing but I wanted the name in my stash haha.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Your nails are amazing!

    Iv nominate you for Versatile Blogger Award - I don't want to put my link as you have stated not too :) but check it out if you want too


  6. Im loving this polish, it reminds me of Models Own Gun Metal! Really nice one :D

    Blogs looking fantastic girl! Wowzers, and your nails look fab! Sad about your pinky D:, but really thats what my right hand is like, my thumb is virtually not there.. well it is but not long!

    Can't wait to read more M x

    1. Oooh I never seen gun metal!

      Thank you so much!!I hope to post more after exams :( they suck!

      The pinky really annoyed me but they grow so it's not too bad :P I need then to grow quicker though haha.

  7. I wish you had told me you started a blog!!! Very nice!

    1. Haha Sorry!! I didn't want to bother people by haunting them with it :P

      Thank you!


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