13 April 2012

p..p..p...pick up a peach

Taken indoors in the light

Hey all,

It's late and I was debating doing some study, going to bed or doing a little blog post. I feel this is going to be my mind frame for the next while (hopefully a long while)
Anyway for your eyes today I have a brand that is fairly commonly known in Ireland and the UK but I don't think you can really get it abroad (correct me if I am wrong though).
I did have another post scheduled but I didn't have a picture of the bottle. I think it's nice to include a bottle picture in case ye want to buy it and don't want to go on name alone.
It's the brand Barry M and the polish is called Peach melba. I bought this a good year ago and after relentlessly googling swatches online. I took it home, swatched it on my own hand...and I hated it! pure hatred!! I repeated this like 3 times until I tried again the last day just so it would no longer be an untried polish and...I love it!!!!

Barry M Peach Melba
This was 1 base coat of stargazer, 3 coats of Barry M peach melba and 1 coat of essence quickdry top coat.

I needed 3 coats because I hate visible nail line. Hate it with a capital H. It dried fairly quickly though so I wouldn't worry about that.

I would really recommend this if you can get it. I have 4 other Barry M colours and I love them so much.

There are a lot of pictures here because I really want to show you how pretty this polish is. Like the essence polish I would say if you have shorter nails you could get away with 2 coats no bother.

Taken in natural light
This lasted 5 days without chipping (I think I chipped it through scratching at it though haha)
Barry M are dear enough,I think anyway, as I bought this for €4.50. When I first bought it I have to say I was so disappointed that I had wasted so much money on this. This was my first Barry m nail varnish. I never really trusted their formula after reading other bloggers comments but I really wanted this so I "splashed out" haha.
As I said I do really love it now (not as much as my other Barry m's but you'll hopefully see why when I post their swatches).

Taken in sunlight 
 In the pictures you can obviously see a gorgeous peachy colour. It does have a hint of pink in it in certain lights.
The bottles are fairly big at 10ml each which is great.
The prices have since gone up to around €4.79 or something like that. I will try and find out the exact price for my next posts.

What do ye all think? Do any of ye have this polish?
I really do love this brand now and I would like to try more of their colours but I can't REALLY spend that much on one polish and buy loads at the same time. I do highly recommend the brand though.

That's all for now. Sorry for the long post but I like to be informative ( and I really don't want to sleep yet)

Taken indoors
Name of the bottle (it's on the bottom which is a tad annoying)



  1. Replies
    1. It's lovely isn't it! Thank god it's still available :)

  2. I love Barry M & have swapped for lots of them, but not this shade. Looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Karen :)
      They are an amazing brand. Delighted I tried them out after waiting for so long.

  3. I won this polish in a giveaway and I loved it the minute I had it in my hands :D I agree: Barry M is a really good brand!

    1. Awh that was so lucky! I'm glad so many people like this brand.

  4. Really beautiful polish. :)

    1. I really warmed to it this time around. Glad I didn't throw it out haha

  5. This is a very beautiful peachy color!

    1. It is gorgeous. You'll constantly look at your nails when you wear it!

  6. Oh wow, your nails are incredible!! How do you keep them that long without them snapping?

    Hahaha, no wonder the magnet would be no good on you either!!!

    1. Thank you! I don't know actually I don't use any special polish or anything. I actually cut them down a bit the last day and I broke one the same day!! it's on my right hand so it's all good for blogging though :P
      Ha those magnets are the bane of my nail polish life :P


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