26 May 2012

Day 5 in the Summer challenge house

Hey all!

Today is the fifth day of the challenge and I have to say I am really loving it so far.

Challenge : Your Favourite Summer colour

I don't really have one favourite colour just for summer (although I do love me  a good coral!) so I decided to go with an untried polish for today's challenge.

Catrice Acid/dc is exactly what you would expect! A gorgeous acid/lime green polish. This was recently released in Ireland with a whole load of other polishes with band names like Salmon and Garfunkel (A peach polish), Red said Fred (an orange/red polish) etc... I picked up quite a few of these polishes so I will post them as soon as  I wear them :P

i love bright colours in the Summer so I knew I would have to have this polish. I love green nail polishes but generally go for darker greens.
 Acid/dc is a shimmery polish although this is far more evident in the first coat than it is in the second. I think this is perfect for this polish. Too much shimmer but be a tad overbearing considering the neon-esque look of this polish.
Each picture has a layer of Stargazer 114 basecoat followed by two coats of Catrice Acid/dc. The formula on this is smooth and even. The polish itself is easy to control and the brush makes getting the curve around your cuticles easy to achieve.
 I really like this polish. I like how amazing the formula on Catrice polishes is. The colour of the polish is right up my street. Eye-catching and bright but not overly neon. It looks really pretty indoors at night. The colour shifts towards a pale yellow! It's really beautiful.

Catrice did really well with this colour. It's super glossy on its own and lasted 4 days without tip-wear or a topcoat.

I am really excited about Challenge day 6 and have a pretty cute plan for my nails that day :) Hopefully it will work out :P

What is your favourite Summer colour? Also major thanks to all the lovely followers that took the time to comment yesterday. It really made my day and I want ye all to know it really was and still is much appreciated :)



  1. Lovely and Unique! Amazing names too :-)

    1. It really is! I bought most of them just for the name tbh ;)

  2. i love all the musical references for the polishes (and your blog titles!)

    this is a really pretty green!

    my post didn't publish yesterday morning like I wanted it to, I feel like my blogger just doesn't want to do the whole scheduled thing..

    1. haha thank you!

      This polish looks beautiful in the sun too :)

      Blogger has such temperament problems! You really have to double check the date and times,click done and then publish. A load of people are having problems with it though.

  3. That looks fantastic on you!
    Catrice makes great polishes, I really like them! I try and stock up when I'm on vacation in countries that sell them.

    1. Thank you :)

      I love them and you are so right to stock up on them. They are so reliable.

  4. Such a pretty color. I don't wear green very often but I really like this one.

    1. It is such a pretty green. especially in the sun :)


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