20 May 2012

Guest post 2:Amber!

Hey all,

Today Amber from never naked nails is taking over and sharing her water marbled nails with us! Water marbling does not agree with my nails so I am really excited to see how Amber faired out. We both started blogging in and around the same time so I am so happy to have her on my blog :)
Anyway here is the post she prepared for today:

Hello lovely Cuti-Clue-Les readers! I'm Amber from Never Naked Nails and I'm here today to show you how my very first successful water marble went! I love reading this blog and she was one of my first followers=] so when she tweeted that she wanted guest posts, I thought, "Hey, I could do that.."

I have been putting off doing this for a while, simply because I was afraid I would mess it up. I had tried a water marble mani once before, and it just made my nail a mess.. so that kind of discouraged me from it. If you take a look at my blog though, you'll notice that I'm not shy to post my manis, and often am really critical of them, but I constructively criticize myself, and I'm always confident that with a little practice anything can be accomplished =]

If you want to know why I tried again, it's because I researched the CRAP out of it first. I googled, I trolled blogs, watched a couple videos..finally, I knew I was ready.

I didn't even have to question what polishes to use. In my mind, my Zoyas from the spring collection would be just perfection together!

I wanted to do a couple of things with this experiment, and one of them was to see how time consuming it would actually be. I've read it can take up to two hours of your time! In all honesty, it would've taken quite a bit longer if I had done all the nails on both hands, but I left out my pinkies and indexes. My indexes really helped me out taping and doing my right hand while my left was still drying. That was nerve-wracking enough, and actually sucked because I ended up having to redo my indexes. Yes, you read that right. I'm the girl who messes up the non-marbled nails. After all of that it took me about an hour, but would've been less if I weren't too impatient to wait for my index fingers to dry. Anyway, here is my desk, with all of my supplies after I got done:

Base coat: LA Colors, Zoya Tru, Cho and Bevin, top coat: Seche Vite

For my water, I had a half a bottle of water that I hadn't finished from work all night, and decided it would be perfect. From what I gather, you need to use filtered/bottled water free of the minerals and whatnot that comes with tap water. It also needs to be room temperature. I also have an orange wood stick, that's what I used to trace around my cuticles before I took my finger out of the water. I taped off all around my nails using three pieces of tape per finger. I found out that if you prefer to do the taping method (some people like to use cuticle oil, which I have none of & that sounds messier) then after you have all your tape on, fold it around the rest of your finger, so it doesn't get in the way and touch your other wet nails. Just be sure to leave a tab so removal is super easy!

I used my LA Colors base coat, then one layer of Zoya Cho on all my fingers. I think my not waiting for the base coat to dry causedCho to pool to one side on some nails..I could've just been moving so fast (I was excited to get to the next part!) that I gave her vertigo...

After I did my dipping and tracing, I waited about a minute before removing my tape. Just a tip: be wary of polishy water droplets! they will splatter if you are not careful when removing the tape. Not cool, water! I waited so long to put on Seche Vite. I was afraid to touch it, even with that stuff. I don't really know how long it takes to dry, but I felt safe with about ten minutes. While I waited, I did another coat of Cho on my pinkies and indexes, and then taped up my right hand (so should've done that in the beginning lol) and then continued everything on my right hand thumb, middle, and ring fingers.

My absolute favorite thing from this mani has to be my left ring finger. I was surprised with how cool it turned out! Tru blends right on in with Cho and Bevin as my tip so perfectly, it looks like I did it on purpose. I tried to make a blurry photo, so that you could tell thatTru kept her shimmer through the marble process =]

My right is a bit more awkward, you can tell the purple in Tru is more washed out, and I think that has to do with not tracing around my finger fast enough, but I was just trying to be careful! I need more practice, but I think I have promise =]

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks to Cuti-Clue-Les for having me =]

Thanks so much Amber! It turned out so well :O I love the base colour you used. I'll have to try water marbling again in the future. I love the end result! Good tip about researching on other blogs etc... that's pretty much what I do when trying new techniques out. It really does help!

If anyone would like to guest post them just email me at cuticlueless@gmail.com or tweet me @Cuti-CLUE-les. 



  1. Great post; Iv had manyyyyy failed attempts at water marbling and wont venture there again haha! But this is lovely <3

  2. Great manicure and colour choices!! I need to do this for a nail art challenge, and I am kinda scared because my previous attempts at water marbling failed miserably!! :O

    1. thanks! all I can say is where I was going wrong before; I wasn't separating the polish that was on the water from the polish design on my nail. I don't know if that's where anyone else is having trouble, but before I started doing that, it just kind of slides down your nail once you bring it up out of the water. That's when I got my orange wood stick to trace around my cuticles.

      this guest post would have been much longer if I had left in all my lecturing of my own previous mistakes lol


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