03 May 2012

Swab the decks matey!

Hey all,

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to try out some different top coats with Catrice Captain Sparrow's boat. On my index and middle finger below I left the nails without a topcoat. On my ring and pinky fingers I have1 coat of Catrice Prismatic effects top coat.

 I was actually surprised at how Prismatic effects  changed the colour of captain Sparrow's boat. It went from a pencil lead grey to more of a steel blue colour.

I have to admit I prefer the colour of Captain sparrow's boat without the Prismatic effect topcoat. I'm sure this polish will look nice over other colours...I just have to find them before giving up on this topcoat : P

 Sorry about the shade in this picture. I waited for ages to get some sunlight to take pictures in so when I finally got some I took about 50 pictures to try and capture it. This image does show the lovely finish Prismatic effects gives to the nail. It's still a bit dull for my liking though.

I love Captain Sparrow's boat with a clear topcoat! Look how shiny it is!!!! I wore this manicure for a good 4 days without a top coat which explains the tip wear.The real reason for this was: I painted my nails really late that night and I didn't want to put on a top coat because I knew it would be riddles with smudges and bed sheet marks by morning.

My ring and pinky fingers look so so so dull compared to my index and middle fingers. I am so glad I tried this polish out with both topcoats. While the prismatic effect polish on Captain Sparrow's boat was not really my cup of tea, it does look pretty. The nails with regular top coat look far better to me. The shine really enhances the grey colour and hides some of the streaks that came about through my poor application ; )

 Here is the top coat is used on my index and middle fingers. This is Essence Quick dry topcoat. I only used one coat of this in the last two pictures. This polish cost €2.09 in Penny's which is where I buy all of my Essence polishes.

Lastly, this is Catrice Prismatic Effects. I actually bought this in the same haul as Captain Sparrow's boat. It was also half price at around €1.50 and as this polish has been discontinued I decided to get it and try it out. I couldn't find and proper images of the polish in action and if I found them eventually and really liked them then I would have been fairly disappointed. I only used 1 coat of prismatic effects over Captain sparrow's boat in the above pictures.

What do ye think? Do ye prefer Captain Sparrow's boat with or without a topcoat? Which topcoat do ye prefer?
I'm thinking of doing a review on the Essence quick dry topcoat. I have it for a while now and I feel confident that I can give an accurate review of it. If ye would like to see this just let me know :)



  1. Would love to see a review on essence quick dry topcoat! I wanna know if it's really quick drying and if it can replace seche vite.. :)

    1. No bother at all.I'll have it up next week for you :)


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