29 June 2012

Currently Craving 29/june/2012

Currently Craving 29/june/2012

This was supposed to be quite a bit smaller but I'll tell you about that in a minute :(

1) China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
I actually had this ordered along side 2 other China Glaze polish but the company let me down with their customer service and the next day when I went to re-order the polish they were after putting up the price by another 10 cent making it €9 a bottle! Needless to say I didn't order from them.

2)Glass nail file
My nails are pretty resilient but I think these are the way to go for nail care. Plus just this morning I broke a nail right down to the skin so I'm really looking into these now. This one is from Cult Nails.

3)Zoya Paz
I love neon polish and this one is just so bright in the swatches I have seen. Dear enough at €9.90 a bottle.

4)Zoya Phoebe
I found out about this on twitter! Zoya posted a picture of one of their employee's wearing it and I fell in love!

5)EOS lipbalm in Summer fruits
I really like these lipbalms but we can't get this one in Ireland and everyone and their cousin seem to praise this one in particular.

Lads this week has just been brutal :( First off I passed my exams which I was delighted about! I decided to finally get China glaze flip flop fantasy, Turned up turquoise and four leaf clover on Beauty Bay when that order fell through. My card wouldn't work so I asked them if I could use another one and I waited 3 hours for a reply! So I was getting so pissed off that I tweeted them ( their twitter person is lovely though). They took so damn long that in the end the excitement of getting the polish wore off and I just didn't bother making a new order. I only really wanted flip flop anyway but still it just really ruined yesterday and today for me.

Now I managed to order Zoya Paz off the beauty emporium ( my go to site) on Wednesday. So usually she ships the next day and I get it the day after so I got up all excited this morning and...no post for me! Gutted!

Then to make things even worse my nail broke! It was in  no way salvageable so it had to be cut down and it hurts :( it hurts a lot. Even trying to file it into a decent shape was painful.

And just to round off the day, my dog ate my EOS Lemon lipbalm about 10 minutes ago while I was painting. Those things cost €5.95 here which is soo dear and the price is increasing to €6.30 on Monday and her free irish shipping ends too so it would be €8.30 ( €2 shipping). Far to much to spend on lipbalm. I know I have other ones but I'm still really upset about it. Loads of other stuff went badly but I realy don't want to bore you all any more.

So yeh this was such a fun week! So looking forward to next week *sarcastic voice*
I hope ye have all had a better week!



  1. Try ebay seller: beautyzone2007 for Flip Flop Fantasy, that's where I got mine and as far as I know they ship worldwide (American seller) xo

    1. Thank you :) I'm going to look at them now

  2. I'm lusting after Flip Flop Fantasy too right now!

    Mollie xo

    1. Isn't it amazing? I'm going to stalk ebay for it :D

  3. I have both Flip Flop Fantasy and Paz and they are both awesome! I don't think you will regret getting either of them (or both!)

    1. I think both are needed right now haha

  4. 9 Euro for a China Glaze polish? That's crazy! You should look for another website to purchase that polish.. but you have to purchase FFF! It's absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I know it's crazy! I'm definitely going to get it elsewhere :)


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