06 June 2012

Day 11 in the summer Challenge house

Hey all,

Challenge 11: Pink and Blue Day
So you may have notived quite a jump in the Summer challenge from 8 to 11 :P I did not do the Jubilee posts. I don't live in the UK and I am not a fan of that whole thing so I just avoided it :)

For this challenge I decided to break out the striping tape. I kept on Catrice Miss Piggy reloaded from yesterdays post and used the line to create little segments. It was so boring and time consuming! I couldn't grasp the tape properly with my nails so it took ages to put them into place. It looked far better with the striping tape left on so I will do that the next time I use the tape for stripes :)

My thumb came out the best I think. You can see how badly Miss piggy bubbled but the colour combination is perfect for me. This would be the perfect manicure for easter!

I have 3 coats of Miss piggy reloaded, I used Nails inc bluebell for the stripes and  added on another layer of Essence quick dry topcoat to gel the whole thing together.

Now I have to go an figure out what to do for the next challenge!


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