03 June 2012

Guest post : Claire!

Hey all!

Up next in my quest post series is Claire from http://givemepolish.blogspot.ie/ . This girl has the most AMAZING polish collection that I have ever seen! I highly recommend that ye check out her blog. She is after doing a load of Jubilee nail polish polish and the colours are stunning, I didn't even know these set were being released :O Here's the post she created just for today:

Nails Inc Royal Collection

So, it's Jubilee weekend, people are going a bit mad planning street parties and barbeques and piss-ups. A house just down from me is currently blasting the National Anthem. It all makes me a little cringey to be honest. Not a massive follower/fan/whatever of the Royal Family...but it's a fantastic excuse to get my paws on Jubilee-themed beauty items (and limited edition Ma'amite was a brilliant idea :D).

I've already snapped up two OPI sets, this time we have a set from Nails Inc - the Royal Collection. I'm sure I've read somewhere that this was knocking about last year when Wills and Kate got married, but don't quote me on that!

This set contains four Royal-themed polishes. We have Sandringham, Balmoral, Windsor and Westminster Abbey.

Sandringham is a bright metallic red. It appears to be on the slightly blue-r side, but not too much. This was opaque in two coats. You do have to be a bit careful with brush strokes though, if you're like me and you're used to just slapping it on it'll look a bit dodgy. It is a very nice rich metallic red though, I'm pretty sure I don't own another metallic red.

Balmoral is a slightly yellowed beige nude. It's opaque in two coats if your careful, it can be a little streaky. I ended up using three. Great for those with a yellow undertone, can look a little odd on pinky tones.

Windsor is a very deep royal blue with purple shimmer that makes it duochrome-y. This was opaque in two. LOVE this!

Westminster Abbey is a bright shiny yellow gold foil that's suprisingly opaque in two. I kind of wish this wasn't as yellow based, I still like it but wish it was more muted.

I did actually attempt a water marble with these - be nice, this is only my second attempt at a water marble (yes, it's quite poo...)

I think this is a really nice set from Nails Inc, perfect for the Jubilee. Whatever you're up to this weekend, celebrating with friends and family, watching on tv, or like me ignoring it all completely, have a good 'un ;) And a MASSIVE thankyou to Clueless for allowing me to guest post!! :D

Um your water marble is BRILLIANT!!! how could you not like that :P I love the colours together. Now I am the first to admit that nails inc are not my favourite brand but I am so in love with all of these polishes. The red in particular is stunning! Thank you so much for posting, you put so much effort into this post I am so shocked and extremely thankful :)
I hope ye all check out her blog HERE- I'm sure it will brighten up her week :D

As usual if you would like to guest post simple email me at cuticlueless@gmail.com or tweet me @Cuti-CLUE-les



  1. Beautiful nails, lovely collection (I LOVE Nails Inc!) and brilliant water marble!!

  2. Love the Marble! It looks stunning :-)

  3. This was my 1st ever nails inc purchase last year and I LOVE it!! Your nails look fab and the water marble looks great xo

  4. Aww thanks guys! I still think the marble looks poo! I'm sure I'll get there eventually :D x


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