28 June 2012

Review: Tweezerman Satin etched Zebra Clipper set

Hey all!

With the tweezerman kit they also gave us a list with a brief description of each item n  it so I’ll do my posts in the same order just to make it handier for ye J

The satin etched zebra clipper set (stainless steel):
Description: “Transform untidy, tattered or shabby nails into a perfectly pampered, loveingly trimmed look. 100% sanitize able”

First off, I really like the design of the clippers. They are not overly girly and the design is kept minimal, only appearing in one section of both clippers. I think this is a far better idea as it is more suited to both sexes rather than being specifically designed with women in mind.  I love the lack of colour on the clippers mainly because it would eventually chip and look really tatty. The clippers are identical with the only obvious difference being in the size. One for manicures and one for pedicures. Again I like the idea of getting them as a set because to be honest I wouldn’t be bothered going around looking for a big and a small one separately. I’d just get the small one and multi task ;)

Although I knew they were going to be made from stainless steel I still didn’t expect the weight of them.  They are not heavy by any means but compared to my previous clippers you can terll straight away that these are of a better quality metal.  I would recommend that you store them somewhere because they are made of stainless steel. If they get really scratched they won’t look very pretty. I know this may not bother ye at all but they look so much better scratch free :P

I found them a bit fiddly to use at first. Mainly because I am so accustom to my old tools.  You do get the grasp of these fairly quickly though. They are straight cut instead of curved which again I’m not used to. It can be tricky to get them onto the nail to cut but I am sure I’ll get past that soon enough. It is important to use straight cut clippers to prevent ingrown toenails. Both clippers are a good size and fit nicely in your hand.

Now the important stuff! I noticed that with my previous manicure clipper my nails always split when I cut them. This led me to cutting off tiny bits and spending hours…no word of a lie….trying to file down the rest. These have not split my nails when I used them. I used them to cut a lot off of my nails for my gardening manicure HERE and they flew through it. They are sharp but not excessively so. Both the big and small clippers leave a straight clean line that is smooth. No jagged bits of nail are left.

This set costs $15 on the tweezerman website.

Overall: I think these are great clippers! The design is nice but in fairness it’s not a deal breaker for me. They are not something I’m going to be flaunting about the place but it’s a nice touch. As I got them in the kit I wasn’t sure if they could come in a little bag or something if you buy them from the website. 



  1. awesome, I got my first straight across nail clippers with my kit from school, but I think I'll definitely be buying these at some point. I don't wanna use what I'm more than likely going to be using on people on myself, they would get worn out really quickly lol

    if they're anything like mine, it's much more wonderful to have straight across than to have curved in my opinion.

    1. So far I completely agree! They give a far better shape and all. I'll definitely stick with straight edged in the future


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