05 July 2012

Beads Ink! with China Glaze Riveting

Hey all!

I am back with part two of my review of the Beads Ink store run by Stephanie Popp.
**UPDATE: All of Stephanie's items are currently ON SALE!!! I don't know how long it's on for but check it out. The links will be at the end of the post :) **

China Glaze Riveting set in gunmetal adjustable filigree setting. This is my favourite setting! It sits so beautifully on the hand and it just looks so pretty.  You can actually ask Stephanie to custom make the rings with any setting you like! You can also ask her to make them in ring, pendant or earring form. This means you get the exact piece you want made the way you want it.

In the pictures I have China glaze riveting on my nails with one picture having an accent nail of china glaze electrify.

I am in love with this ring! I love the colour, the shape of the bead itself and the filigree setting. When I get more rings I'm pretty sure they will all be like this!

The ring matches the nail polish perfectly and really glitters in the sun. I'm pretty sure this would look great with any polish especially other oranges ( I really like to match things ;) )
This particular setting is very comfortable on the finger and it sits well. You can adjust the settings to make the ring tighter or looser so don't worry about sizes or anything like that.

Again this is great for a gift as you won't have to worry about it not fitting the person.
I'd be afraid to buy this for someone because I know the minute it arrives I'll want to keep it :D

Again this is the exact ring I have on was sold recently but she still has some gorgeous ones left in the sale.Here is the link to Stephanie's shop on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadsInk

I highly recommend Beads ink. Stephanie is lovely and makes sure you have every say in the making of each piece. Shipping was smooth and easy and all the wrapping can be re-used so it's good for the environment too. The pieces are durable and so elegant.

Also! I just found out that you can make a request for jewellery for a polish that she doesn't have in stock and she will go out and get it to make your piece! As long as it's not hard to find and easy to find. How amazing is that?

Bonus picture- Illamasqua Monogamous

Have you checked out Beads ink yet?



  1. I love this! I wanna get em, but I'm the kinda person who would just buy the stuff to make them...

    I would think about it if she had polishes that I didn't lol

    1. She has pretty much every polish that I don't have :P so it's really a great shop for me :)

  2. Oh my, this is so gorgeous! And it looks fabulous on you!!!

    1. Thanks!!It's my favourite one. I love the design on it :D

  3. Again this one looks great too bad I'm not the kind of girl who likes to we ar rings.x

    1. I'm very picky with rings. I wear 2 all of the time on one hand. These are perfect for my other hand :D

  4. These rings look so pretty on you! I am jealous!

  5. Luuurve the last pic. CHIC baby!!

  6. Replies
    1. So did I! It really made it pop in person :)


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