07 July 2012

Scrub a dub dub

Hey all!

As part of my first Pixy order HERE I mentioned the Vanilla mud scrubs. They look like little bars of soap and are quite grainy to the touch. As they are mud scrubs the colour is fairly off putting but you would barely notice it when you put in on your skin. 

Description: " Our Moisturising Vanilla Mud Scrubs are great to detoxify, exfoliate and nourish with rhassoul clay. Apricot oil nourishes and protects and a delightful vanilla fragrance is released as your skin is renewed. ” 

The packaging is adorable. It comes in a plastic bag with a ribbon decoration. They even go to the effort of twirling the ribbon (You know the way you run a scissors along the side and It makes it go all curly like a pigs tail)I keep my bars in the bag because they can flake a bit and this keep the mess to a minimum and you can use the bits that have flaked off at the end. There is also a bit of sellotape to seal the bag so it arrives fresh. Again they have the company name on the front and a sticker with the ingredients listed on the back. A lovely touch. There is a thin cardboard base which keeps the package standing up so you don’t get any accidents with the bars falling out. It’s simple but well thought out. It looks very pretty and has high end feel making it a lovely present idea!

When you are in the shower you just grab a little bar, wet it and rub it in! Simple! When the water hits it the first time it starts fizzing up immediately. I didn’t actually know that this was supposed to happen and it freaked me out :P When I first got the product I was so sure that one bar would not be enough. They looked so small in the packet and I thought it would crumble to bits when I tried to use it. One bar is more than enough! It is jam packed with scrubbing beads so you don’t have to be rough when rubbing it on. Even after you wet it, you have plenty of time scrub you skin so you don’t feel rushed and you can really work on the extra dry areas of skin that you might have. When you are done you just wash it off like normal shower gel. My skin was so silky smooth afterwards it was amazing.

I personally think they are fairly pricey to use every time you shower. Once a week would be more than enough .Another great thing about these scrubs is that you can break them in half and focus on particular areas of problem skin. I found them to work wonders on my feet. They were so smooth and felt really refreshed. The smell is actually quite toned down and very subtle which I think is nice. You can get the slightest hint of vanilla. Although they seem a bit dear, they do work wonders on your skin. A great pick me up at the end of a long day.

I got 6 bars in my bag but they are sold by the weight so you are guaranteed the right amount of product for the price. I know I’ll be buying them again and I can’t to try the lime ones. I’m sure they will be bringing out other lovely smells too. They cost €4.99 for 100g and you can find them HERE.The pixy team are really active on both twitter and facebook so you can get a quick reply to any questions you might have :)



  1. Mmmm! Vanilla! (I love vanilla scents!)

  2. Oh my gosh these look so interesting. I'm obsessed with bath products right now. I'm loving Lush soaps and bath bombs and little scented soaps from small businesses. these look perfect to add to my stash!

    1. I've never tried lush ( so damn dear with shipping!) but I love this brand. Highly recommend them because the scrubs are amazing :D They have lime ones too that I'm going to try next :P

  3. Delighted you spotted each little detail of our packaging including the ribbons!


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