17 July 2012

TheKaki Challenge-Beach

Hey all!

First up: Thank you all for your kind words on my Barry M post! It means so much to me that ye took the time to comment and tell me your experiences with certain brands. I really appreciate it :) xx

I know I have been slack with the challenge posts. I have actually been doing them but some took far longer than I had expected so I'm posting a bit late. I doubt ye mind but I thought I would clear things up.

Fairly simple :) I like it though! I only used acrylic paint for this one as I had planned on making it fairly detailed but I really like it plain :) Something you could wear to the beach and still keep it on for a while after without people thinking yer a bit odd :P

I have nail polish in these exact colours so I will wear this manicure again even though I am not the worlds biggest french manicure fan.

I still have to start my Favourite Summer Memory manicure but I have a plan for it. It's really hard to get motivated sometimes but I have the 2 challenges after this done so I will be (sort of) on track. I'm wrecked tired now (it's 11.50pm here) but I have so many posts to write up for ye so I said I might as well pop this one in now.

So any news for me? :)



  1. Ooh I love it, super pretty! :D xx

  2. Simple but beautiful!
    It really looks like beach looked from sky :)

    1. I thought so too :D I'm really happy with the way it turned out

  3. I love this. Super cute and you can wear it anywhere. I've been doing the challenges a bit out of order with my move, so I was ahead, and now I'm behind. Gah! Oh well, it'll all get sorted out in the end, eh?

    1. I was ahead at the start. Now I'm just lost :)
      Thanks :) I'm glad I kept it simple

  4. Such a great funky! I need to try the double funky!

    1. Oh yeh, you would be amazing at it!


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