27 July 2012

Tweezerman Mastertech ingrown toenail file and cleaner

Hey all!

My second last post on the tweezerman kit is on the Master tech ingrown toenail file and cleaner. Not the most alluring of tools but it’s important none the less :P 

Description “Features an ingrown file to help relieve the pressure of ingrown nails and a thin, curved end to clean under and around the nail” 

If you saw this in the shop you would assume it was some short of torture device used by the dentist! That’s the reaction I get every time someone sees it. In fairness it doesn’t look very user friendly but
never judge a book by its cover.

The file is long and thin and has rubber bits to ensure you can keep a firm grip on the file. The file is small and thin and works incredibly effectively. The file is grand. The little curve really does make a difference. I like the fact they combined the two into one handy tool. Makes it far easier to bring with you and you don’t need much space to store it. 

I am glad they didn’t bother with any decoration on the tool, like the pushy. The zebra print wouldn’t really look right on it at all and seeing as it’s for ingrown nails I really doubt people are going to go looking for “pretty” ones :P Especially seeing as most people are embarrassed by it in the first place. 

I would tell ye to take it handy when you are using the cleaner. The toe will be fairly sensitive and probably be inflamed and I really doubt ye want to aggravate it more ;) 

On the tweezerman website the ingrown nail file costs: $14 

Overall: Probably not something you really need unless you regularly wear shoes that are too tight like heels (tight shoes are the main cause of ingrown toenails) but it is really handy to have all the same. If you suffer from ingrown toe nails then this product is a lifesaver! It relieves the pressure instantly and helps keep the pain away.



  1. Thanks for this review, def something I must invest in as occasionally get them, especially if I'm always wearing polish on my toes. xo

    1. No bother :) I didn't think I'd get any use out of it but it really is get for pedicures. You wouldn't believe the difference it's made to mine! x

  2. I need one of these! I don't try to wear tight shoes a lot, but it's tough finding shoes in my size. I have smaller feet, but they're also wide. I don't know what's more embarrassing, my wide feet or my ingrown big toes lol

    1. haha I have wide feet too and it is so damn annoying! I wear skater shoes. They are made for people like us ;)

  3. Oh god I can almost feel the pain reading this! I've a problem big toe that flares up every so often so I will definitely keep an eye out for something like this.x

    1. I haven't had that much of a problem with it but this should prevent any future pain!!

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