30 July 2012

Tweezerman nail file review x3

Hey all! 

My last tweezerman review is a collective one including all of the files from the kit. They don’t really need their own separate posts. They’re just files sure :P 

First up is the Premium emory board (5 pack) 

Description “Pack of 5 thin wood files. Durable” 

Even after that poetic description I was still excited to give these a go.

On the back of the packet it says these are 150/220. I’m guessing that has something to do with the the grit strength of amount. I’m not a file connoisseur haha. These are good files that require very little pressure and quickly take off any lumps and bumps on the nail. They are a nice lilac colour with the tweezerman logo in black. I find it difficult to get a good curve on my nails with these but they are good enough for basic filing and smoothing out.

These Cost $5 for a pack of 5

If these are handy for you to get then go for it! They are good and last a while. I like the fact that there are 5 in a pack so you don’t have to constantly worry about picking up a new one after a short while. They do last a while and my first one is still going strong even after cutting my nails twice and some major filing. If you can’t get these easily and other files are available then I would just go for them. Nothing special.

Next is the Eco friendly file :


Description: “For medium sanding on acrylic nails and for filing edge on natural nails. 100% biodegradable”
I really like the fact that these are biodegradable. With the amount of files I would go through in a lifetime I feel better knowing that these won’t ruin the environment when I am finished with them.

Not as abrasive as the premium emery boards. They have a nice zebra design on them so these might be nice to carry around with you.

These go for $2.50 each

Again this is a nice file. Handy to have around. I like the softer texture compared to the premium file. These are grit 100/180. The main reason I would go out of my way to get this file is down to the eco-friendly approach. Aside from that again these files aren’t in any way superior in terms of quality to ones that I have had before. They might be just a tad more long lasting.

Finally we have the Sansation nail file.

Description: “Reinforced centre for durability and strength. Durable , washable and sanitizable”
Quiet a weird shaped file! No idea what that’s all about. It has the same 100/180 grit as the previous file. Seems like a decent file like the previous one. Probably better for those that do manicures for others as it is washable and sanitizable. I don’t think white is the best colour choice but that’s just personal preference. Nothing remarkable again but the added reinforcement and ability to clean the file might be huge bonus points for others. If you have thick nails this is actually great for thinning them out.

Price on the tweezerman website: $4.00 each

I would have preferred if they had included a metal file In place of these files. They could have combined to both the textures and saved room for other items. They are easier to clean and they last far longer. I’d sooner buy a metal file and know that it’s going to last than buy a load of thin wood files and have them thrown out every so often. Again it’s down to personal preference.


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