29 July 2012

Whimsical nail polish by Pam- Seuss!

Hey all!

Oh yes believe your eyes! That is indeed Seuss, a whimsical nail polish by Pam! What's that you say? She doesn't ship internationally? No she does not! But the amazing Stephanie from BeadsInk offered to order it and then ship it to me. So obviously the no-buy went straight out of the window :D She even sent me one of her Seuss rings (in my favourite setting might I add!)!! I sent her some polish as a thank you so keep an eye on her shop for some new pretties :D

Blue is apparently one of my favourite colours! I've been buying blue polish like a madwoman recently but this is definitely a special one.[Rant] It really frustrates me that indie makers don't even try to ship internationally! I've seen some that ship to the UK but not Ireland? It makes so sense![/Rant]

Seuss is a sea blue jelly with red white and blue glitter of different sizes mixed into it. There is also a bit of shimmer tucked in there which is lovely!

I have on a base of Essence 24/7 studio nail base, 3 coats of Seuss and a top coat of Seche vite. Now from swatches I have seen, the colour does differ a bit as expected with handmade polish. Some swatches have a lighter blue base with other being far darker. Mine is a bit in between.

I had a bit of a problem with the glitter sticking t the side of the bottle. I tried pushing it around with the brush but to no avail so that might explain the lack of glitter on my nails :)

Application was pretty good! It spread around fairly easily and dried really quickly! I only got to wear this for a day so I haven't a notion about wear time yet.

I love the bottle! The brush is a good length and easy to use. It is definitely a quality polish. If they were readily available here I would not hesitate in buying more. It's clear that Pam puts a good bit of thought and effort into the creation of the polish.

I love the ring so much. It really captures the beauty of the polish with the perfect mixture of the glitters and shimmer in it. Again it is in the 16mm gunmetal filligree setting which I adore! Seriously it is perfect, buy it and thank me later :D

Keep in mind that the 20% off deal on all of the items on the BeadsInk page ends soon (the end of this month I believe). I love having a matching ring. It means I can admire the polish without using it up on my nails too quickly ;)

All in all I am a very happy blogger! I am forever thankful to Stephanie for helping me out so much and for the gorgeous ring! I love having such unique pieces to wear both on my fingers and my nails ;)

Now I did break my no-buy for a second time but again it was so worth it :P I'll post that up soon enough :)

Have ye bought any nail polish recently?



  1. I'm so glad you were able to get Seuss! I love it so much, along with the other 4 Whimsies I have. I am really considering using my birthday money in Sept to buy the rest of her polishes!

    1. haha to be honest I wouldn't blame you! They are really nice! I just wish the glitter came out a bit easier :)

  2. I'm so jealous it's not even funny, I think I am green! It drives me NUTS that Etsy sellers won't ship to Ireland, I love so many of them and I have money! (sometimes)! The ring is beautiful, I love nail polish jewelry x

    1. Ugh I know what you mean! Sure it's not really that hard :P Little envelope, bit of bubblewrap, throw on a stamp and into the post office they go :D x

  3. Beautiful polish and beautiful ring, I love that they match!

    1. Thanks Katie :) It's hard to say which one I like more to be fair :P

  4. question for you.. is the postage for these rings very expensive??

    1. Around €4 and €0.42 for additional items :)


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