25 July 2012

Why I love my postman part 1...

Hey all!

So with the ban on nail polish still intact (kind of) I decided to stock up on skincare products before heading back to college. I am a huge fan of cruelty free and natural brands and Pixy is pretty much my go-to brand now.
If you think this is bad, I started off with around 10 things! But being practical I knew they wouldn't be used for months so I'm waiting until stuff starts running out to buy the rest :P

First thing in the basket was the Lime Body scrubber cubes. After trying the vanilla ones I am obsessed with body scrubs! They just leave your skin feeling so smooth and clean.

Next up is the Rose Cleansing mud. My skin is decent at the moment but the minute I start back at college it looks disgusting! Being in a stuffy room with 400 people really does not help!  I'm really excited to try this out I have to say :)

 The almond milk face scrub is the last thing I bought. This stuff smells exactly like almonds. Another one I'm excited to try out.

Pixy also popped in 2 of their bath bombs which I am in love with. If ye want to try out a bath bomb go for the lime light one. Oh my god it smells so good! I have it on the desk beside me. If it makes my bath smell this good then I'll be buying it for definite. I think I got the strawberry one in my last box too (They didn't have labels) and it was gorgeous.

 Have ye tried any pixy products yet?



  1. D: These things sound amazing! I'm going to have to check them out (and pray that they ship internationally)...

    1. you have to try them! I'm so glad I found them! I believe they do ship internationally ;)

  2. I have not tried these products, in fact, I've never even heard about the brand before. But I do understand why you like your postman so much ;)

    1. They are fairly new to the market :)

  3. I keep meaning to check out Pixy's products as every time you post their stuff they always look so nice!


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