21 August 2012

Barry M: what happened next...

Hey all!

I have a little update for you in regards to the Barry m debacle mentioned here. Not  long after publishing that post I was contacted by the Barry m customer service team. I don't know how they found my post but I'm pleased they finally got in touch with me although it did take a fairly lengthy blog post to get this far.
I was contacted by Caroline who is a credit to the brand and actually seemed to take an interest in to why my queries went unanswered.

Caroline said that the team work hard at trying to reply to all queries both on twitter and through email but sometimes they get lost. I knew that might have missed one but I still don't think that this is a fair excuse to give. The twitter team rarely reply with answers to queries- they mainly retweet useless tweets of people bragging about their stash of barry m polish as I said before.   I did appreciate the fact that Caroline had taken the time to actually read the post and clearly understood my frustration with the lack on contact. Caroline was kind enough to send out some nail polish as further apology. I appreciated this but to be honest I was happier with the fact that I finally got some answers. I know some people would sooner just forget about it but why should you? Isn't it easy to just email the company and ask about the product? You could save yourself and other people from wasting their time looking for something that wasn't there in the first place. Imagine it was something bigger like your product arriving broken or never arriving at all. Wouldn't you like to know that the customer team set up by a company would actually reply to your queries and sort it out as opposed to just ignoring you.

I'm still in two minds as to if I will buy from Barry M again. I delighted I finally got some feedback but it took a damn long time to get this far. If that polish was limited edition I would have no hope of getting it now. But I do love their polish. It's getting harder to find cruelty free nail polish brands around here and I can't rely on ebay for brands that aren't available around here. Either way I thought I would let ye know what has happend since the post was published.I believe there should  be proper email address available on the site so you could email your complaints to them directly. I am glad I finally got an answer and that the person I dealt with was incredibly helpful. I think dealing with Caroline has made me feel a fair bit better about continuing on as a Barry M customer but we will see :)

Now just to lighten the mood:

From  banniedragonfly.wordpress.com


  1. Snape! My crush is reawakened every time I watch HP. Fair play to Caroline, it's nice to know someone cares. Although it's not so nice to know that you have to go and write a blogpost in order for a company to pay attention to a customer query.... I had similar issues with Debenhams and it completely put me off them forevermore. Glad you finally got a response! x

    1. Ah ya can't have a bad post and not include a bit of sparkle at the end!

      That's it like! It's not knowing that kills me. I'd feel like an awful fool if I went back and it happened again. It's just annoying that it happened with one brand that i really liked and that makes great quality polish. x

  2. I'm really sad that you had such an ordeal in trying to get through to Barry M :( I absolutely adore the brand, and while I too have had problems communicating by email I decided that I love the principles of the brand and here in the UK it is cheaper so for the quality it is hard to resist.
    I think that whoever is in control of the email address for Barry M is clearly struggling to respond to queries for whatever reason - I can understand missing tweets due to volume and maybe the emails go straight to junk, which is why I always contact them via Facebook, but it creates a bad impression of the brand as a whole, which I can totally understand where you're coming from.
    I'm glad they finally took you seriously though, which is the element of Barry M that I love :) xx

    1. I know what you mean but I'm sure there are a few people dealing with emails and they clearly see the unimportant ones.

      I'm happy they actually made the effort to contact me to sort it out. It shows that there are decent people working in there too :)

  3. Well, it's good to know there are still some people out there, that care and try to help. I hope you won't have any bad experiences with them anymore :) And that Snape pic just made my day =)))))

    1. That's it, I really hope they appreciate people like Caroline who actually work hard to sort out any problems.

      It took me ages to find that one :D


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