05 August 2012

July Favourites 2012

Hey all! 

I had a fair few favourite products throughout the month of July so I thought I'd share them with ye! More detailed reviews will be posted soon if ye would like to see them, let me know! I'll start off with skincare

 Boots ingredients Coconut and almond intensive hair mask.This is my favourite hair mask ever! It leaves my hair so soft and smooth. This is my third tub and it's nearly gone too. Stocking up the next time I go into boots. Highly recommend this! €3
Up next is the Pixy natural Rose cleansing mud. I've never tried a mud cleanser before but this is just amazing. My skin has not been in great form lately and this is really helping to get it back in decent shape. €9.50
 Another Pixy product. The mango bliss soap block is brilliant. I love the smell, it lasts ages and it leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. Definitively going to re-purchase this. I'm going to try the tough love soap slice next! €4
 The Body shop Sweet lemon hand cleanse gel. I am always worried about my hands being clean, especially when I'm in college so hand gel is a must have product! I have another lemon scented gel but this is fair superior! the smell is gorgeous but not overpowering. It soaks in quickly without and leaeves my hands feeling fresh. €4.50
 I really like pixy products :P The aloe rescue gel is one of their latest additions and it is the business! I use this on my hands before doing any swatching and every night before bed  and it works wonders! My skin is in far better condition since using the gel and  my cuticles have never looked better. love this. €10.99
 EOS lipbalm in lemon drop with spf 15. I've been using this since I got it at the end of June and it's perfect for me. I get really dry lips and this keeps them smooth and supple. Mine looks a bit dodgy though! My dog thought it was a ball and had a great time throwing it around the house before I caught it. I still have at least another month of use left in this. €6.25
 Now my nail polish favourites might come as a surprise to some of you!

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. The formula on this is as dodgy as a door to door salesman but the colour is just phenomanal! I have never seen a polish as gorgeous and eye-catching as this. It's a neon pinky/coral.

I have a review of this coming up! I won this in a giveaway here but China Glaze retail for around €7.50

Essence studio nails 24/7 nail base is the best base coat that I have ever had. It dries matte and really brightens up the nail hiding any yellowing you might have. I'm buying a back up of this as soon as possible. I've heard great things about the better than gel nails topcoat so I might pick that up too. Love this brand! €2.49

 I've already have a couple of things to add to next months list! I think these posts are a great way of finding out about new products so I hope ye enjoyed it :)

Let me know what your favourite products were for July!


**Some items in this post were provided for review**


  1. Lol "As dodgy as a door to door salesman" I love they way you write. I love this post idea! I want a review of the hair mask! You already know I love hair and hair stuff so I definitely want to know all about that! I wonder if we can get it here in the US?

    1. Thanks :D I'll definitely pop one up soon. It's amazing. Hmm I'm actually not sure if you can!

    2. Send me tubs and tubs of it. Also chocolate.

    3. haha well that's your Christmas present sorted :P

  2. I need to try that hair mask, I've heard good things but have never picked it up. I want to try the hand gel too, though I haven't seen them in my body shop, must go have a look xx

    1. I always have a hard time finding it in my store. Plus they keep moving everything around and it is so confusing :( The hand gel is a new release so it should be around now :)

  3. I am definitely going to get that hair mask, I love anything that smells of coconut! Hahaha poor Flip Flop Fantasy, what a comparison :) I don't really have any favourites this month, I'm too fickle to use one thing long enough to love it!

    1. You'll love the mask! Better than those high end ones. ha the formula is just awful but the colour is amazing! x

  4. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous! I'd still be wearing it if it was easier to put on :P

  5. That Essence base looks great! I wish Essence was more readily available here in the states. Hopefully one day it will be!

  6. i know what you mean! We get a great load of the permanent features but not the limited edition collections. It's weird!


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