11 August 2012

Montage Mud pac

Hey all!

My skin has decided to really test out these face masks and decided the only was to do so was to break out! Not fun.I have been super stressed out lately too so that probably doesn't help much :P  This is my second face mask from the brand Montagne Jeunesse. I heard recently that they are changing their name because people cannot remember what it is? I like the name!

The dead sea mud pack smells exactly like a spa! It is so fresh and clean and has a lovely blue colour (a lot brighter than what you see on my finger swatch)The mud pac has a thick consistency which is really handy. You can easily spread a good even layer on your face without any troubles what so ever.

This particular one is suitable for combination, oily and normal skin which is handy. I have combination skin and I always forget to check the packet before I buy them :P I got 2 uses out of this packet which is pretty normal for me.

I didn't like this as much as the other face masks from this brand. I helped my pores a bit but it just wasn't as nticeable as the Fudge Sauna face mask. I think the fact that it was self heating really helped the process a bit more.

I won't buy this particular mask again. I really liked the smell but I think the end result was a bit of a let down. For €1.49 I think that it is really worth a go. This one is recommended for weekly use and you will get at least 2 uses out of it so it is well worth a try :)



  1. I'm not a big fan of the mud masks. I love the peel off ones! They make my face feel so clean! :)

    1. I just bought one of the peel off ones but I haven't tried it yet! Excited though x

  2. I agree with A Girl and Her Polish. I much prefer the peel off ones, I always feel like my skin benefits better from them. My skin always feels so much cleaner and fresher.

    1. I know what you mean. They are harder to find but I can't wait to try the one I have now :)


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