23 August 2012

My name is Cuti-CLUE-les and I'm an affiliate

Hey all!

I'm sure ye have noticed the new additions to the blog layout but I had no time to fill you in on them until now. I was recently made an affiliate for Sigma which is pretty huge for me! I know I mention it the odd time on the blog but I am a huge fan of companies that have cruelty-free products. It's important to me that I use cruelty-free products when ever I can.

I'm not one for hiding things and I always let ye know when I am reviewing products sent to me and things like that so I thought I'd let ye know a bit more about the sigma affiliate program. Basically you sign up and they review your blog to see if you are suitable for the program. When you are accepted they send your own unique code.  So if you click the banners on the side of this post and you buy something from Sigma I will receive a 10% commission from that buy. Now before ye start thinking I'm raking in the money and going out buying Mulberry handbags and Dior nail polish, I'm not. It's not all about the money (for me anyway) I like to be able to promote a brand that I like and whose ethics I like. If I wouldn't to try and  use the product in the first place then I am not going to write about. Simple as that.

I will from time to time post about new products that are coming out or include them in my currently craving if I actually really want the product or if I think it is interesting. If not then you won't hear about it. Sure it won't be fun for me to write about something I could care less about and it definitely wouldn't be fair to lead ye on thinking I love the product when I do not.

I have banners and discounts on the blog and I'll swap them around from time to time. If ye ever want to buy from Sigma and would like to use my link, here it is: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=319693 I would really appreciate it. If not, then that's grand with me ! There won't be any hard feelings :)

I just wanted to give ye a heads up on what was going on.



  1. This is so awesome!! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! That is very exciting indeed! I have heard a lot of great things about Sigma, but still have not tried any of their products. If I place an order I will certainly use your link and thanks for the 10% of coupon code!

    1. That's brilliant :) Thank you! I'm really excited about being a part of their affiliate team x

  3. Congrats missus! If I every buy I will definitely use your link x


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