30 August 2012

Summer essentials...

Hey all!

If ye are big on watching youtube videos or even beauty blogs you'll have been seeing a load of "most used/worn items of this summer" posts. I think there is room for a nail polish related one so here it is!

1)...Base Coat:
Definitely Essence 24/7 studio nails base coat. My Stargazer 127 completely ran out at the beginning of the summer. I have to say I love the Essence one a lot more as a base coat. It dries matte but whitens your nails at the same time. Brilliant! Only €2.49 too


Now this one is a fair bit harder. I rarely wear a polish twice because I am trying to empty up my untried section (which is looking a lot smaller now) I have been using Barry M blueberry icecream a fair bit for nail art so I think this definitely qualifies.


 I actually didn't use a topcoat that much this Summer. I only really use it during college to make sure my manicure lasts the week without chipping :P Essence quick dry topcoat would be my most used. It's always sitting on my desk so it's handy to pop on before I go anywhere :)

4)..Cuticle cream / oil

This one is fairly easy. Pixy natural skincare Aloe rescue gel. One of the best products I have ever used on my cuticles and it smells so fresh. Re-hydrates my cuticles the minute I rub it on and it dries in within a few seconds. Sally hansen Vita surge cuticle gel is a close second! I just haven't had it as long as the gel :P

5)...hand cream

The OPI avojuice skin quencher hand and body lotion in mango (jaysus that's some name!) It smells just like mango frubes (yogurts) and it just sinks into the skin leaving my hands so soft! I carry this everywhere with me. I like to match them to the perfume I use and my hand sanitizeer gel (that's not weird right?)

6)...Hand sanitizer
I'm a huge fan of hand sanitizer/hand gel. I never leave the house without a little bottle in my bag with me. The Body shop sweet lemon hand cleanse gel got an awful beating this summer. It smells gorgeous and you don't get that horrific alcohol scent wafting around you for 10 minutes after. It really leaves your hands feeling clean.

7)...Cuticle remover
I was a big fan of cutting my cuticles but to be honest I haven't been  bothered with it for a while. I reach for the Essence Cuticle Gel remover far more often now. It's quick and easy to use and keeps my cuticles looking nice and neat.

8)...Nail Art tool
I spent the majority of this summer doing freehand nail art but I think striping tape was my go-to nail art product. I only used my dotting tools a couple of times.

9)...Nail polish remover

Normally I use Boots acetone free remover.It smells nice and it works well enough. It's cheap too. I'm not going to spend €7-8 on something that barely lasts 2-3 weeks. This summer I was stuck using a shop own brand remover laden with acetone. Destroyed my skin and cuticles but it worked far better on glitter than the boots one!

10)...Design or tutorial

I'm not a big gradient person. It just doesn't float my boat enough to do it as often as some bloggers do. I went through some blog posts and the french manicure twist actually appears  far more that I thought!

What were your summer essentials? I hope some of ye give this tag a go :) It would be really interesting to see what your go-to summer essentials were.



  1. I use Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream in sooo many manicures!

    1. It's brilliant! Opaque in one coat and dries so quickly

  2. This is an awesome post. I love it. I may have to do this if I can sit down and write it this weekend! And no, that's not weird that you match your lotion to your perfume and sanitizer. *coughweirdocough* =P I should try carrying a small lotion with me to use throughout the day, maybe then my cuticles wouldn't rebel like they've been doing!

    1. haha it's not weird! it's practical :P

      I'm putting a bottle in my bag now. I know they are going to be in awful shape the minute I start back at college. Especially in the Autumn/ Winter months.

  3. I love this post! I may try to do this on my blog, too :) I have not tried any of the products in your post, but we don't have a great essence selection here in the US. I definitely want to check out the OPI hand lotion, though!

    1. Awh I'm delighted! Highly recommend the hand creams. They smell divine and really soften your hands.


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