19 September 2012

Crocodile-hop on Safari

Hey all!

I mentioned last week that I had a really special indie polish coming up and today is the big reveal! This was actually a surprise sent to me by the Never Naked nails. She was asking bloggers on twitter if they wanted to review her new cuticle oil (review coming soon by the way!) and she included this in the package!

This came in the post on the Wednesday (I think? maybe Thursday) while I was wearing China Glaze Exotic Encounters. It's from Cool Waves Lacquer and it is called Crocodile-Hop. This is from the Lush Lizard collection.

 I love Exotic Encounters so I didn't want to take it off but I had a bit of tip wear that I was a bit put off with. Seeing as Crocodile-Hop is a clear based glitter I just put it on over Exotic Encounters. Match made in nail polish HEAVEN!

 I fricking love this combination.  Crocodile-Hop is a gorgeous mix of various shades of green glitter and also had a mix of holographic glitter. This is a brilliant topper. I only have on one coat and you can see how far it goes. The green in this really looked amazing with exotic encounters. I'm sure this would look stunning over a black creme. I really wish I had a good black creme now :P Also click on the pictures to really see the gorgeous glitter effect.

I think toppers are a brilliant way of spicing up an older manicure. I know half way though the week I am often bored sugarless with a manicure so I try to add a topper, even as an accent nail, to keep myself amused :P

Crocodile-hop should be appearing up for sale before the end of the year. You can keep an eye on updates on Facebook and twitter too just so ye don't miss out.  I hear the Halloween collection should be popping up soon ;)

I was told that I should keep Crocodile-hop for Exotic Encounters only :P Apparently they really liked the combination too!

What do ye think of Crocodile-Hop?

Side note: I am also not loving my nubbins anymore :( I just need them a teeny bit longer. Bleeding nail beds are a nightmare to work with! I swear some of them are shorter than the others. Is that even possible? I have no idea!  Do ye prefer long of short nails?



  1. I like it! I love the whole safari collection. I prefer the feel of having short nails but I like the look of long nails. I have to be careful though because I have a 2 month old baby and nails can be dangerous! :o

    1. Oh I know what you mean! I love having long nails but I always end up tearing my face or arms by accident.

  2. This is a gorgeous colour combination! I like having semi long nails, but they always break at work so I'm normally left with shorties/midlength lol

    1. Thank you! Ha I can sympathize :P I always ended up breaking them at some point too.

  3. I love long nails but not a hope of keeping them, so I waver between nubbins and mid-length. I love this combo x

    1. I have mine a little bit longer now but they are in the ugly stage where they look a bit off and misshapen for no reason :( who knew nails could be so damn difficult! :P x


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