21 September 2012

Currently Craving 21/September/2012

Hey all!

I just finished typing up some lecture notes for my lecturer and I copped on that I hadn't scheduled a post. I just sitting here watching "Baggage". It's a dating show (don't judge!) hosted by Gok Wan. He is such a nice person. I also forgot to number these :/  Anyway, here are the things I am currently craving...
Currently Craving 21 September 2012
This is limited edition and I'm pretty sure we won't be getting it :( It's a gorgeous nudey pink though. 
It's in the same family as Essie Fiji. Very pretty and really easy to wear with my skintone (casper looks like a star off The only way is essex)

I only want this because Sharon from Behind Green eyes swatched it. She is brutal for making me want nail polish...and lipbalm....

I need a nice light perfume but all of the ones in boots would knock a horse. I've heard good things about the body shop ones so I hope to pick one up soon. 

A gorgeous red/orange colour. It has more of a jelly formula though which bugs me but now I have short nails it shouldn't be too bad.

Love body butter, love pixy, need this! 

I like yankee candle but they don't really last that long. Apparently these last for ages and they smell 
nice and fresh. They are way to expensive to stock up on though.

What are ye craving this week? This post took me ages to type up! Seriously cannot get enough of baggage. Definitely one to watch. Excited to see what next week has in store.



  1. I cant say enough good things about catrice nail polishes, thanks for sharing your story!

    1. I love Catrice! I wish they gave every store the limited edition stuff though :)

  2. Man I wish Catrice polishes were available in the US. They are one of my favorites!

    1. I know what you mean :( but Essence is their sister brand so you can usually pick up a couple of similar polishes from them ;)


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