11 September 2012

Summer in Autumn

Hey all,

I seriously cannot pick a polish to post so I decided to throw some old pictures at ye :) These were taken a while ago for my Smitten polish review and I completely forgot about them. My nails are a fair bit longer in these pictures. 

This is Nails inc Summer place. This is actually a mini bottle in case ye think I have shovels for hands :P I love ple yellow polish even though it's probably not the best colour for pale skin.  I think it's so subtle and pretty like a nide but the colour adds a bit of excitement to the manicure. Plus if you get bored of it mid-week ( I leave polish on for a week when I'm at college) you can always throw on a bit of glitter or a snazzy topcoat to give it a bit more life without it looking too overdone and a bit of an eye-sore.
Hmm I'm starting to get the idea that I think about nail polish a bit too much! Seriously though you do not want to have a manicure that bores you.  There's no fun in that at all and you'll be dying to take it off.

The formula on Nails inc polish is always a little bit tricky. You really have to take your time and have a steady-ish hand just to avoid major clean up at the end. I needed three coats and I still wasn't happy with the coverage at the end. The only reason I stopped there is because I knew the topper polish would cover any flaws and streaks so it was grand. I covered this with Smitten Polish Pink Lemonade in this post in case ye missed it. I love summer place but the formula is a bit awkward for me. Probably wouldn't buy the full sized bottle if I ran out. It's really hard to find a good pale yellow anyway.

Overall it's an OK polish. Nice colour but streaky and difficult to apply. Any recommendations for a good pale yellow creme? The full size Summer place polish costs £11 on the Nails Inc website. Personally I would not recommend spending that amount on this polish. It's not worth it with the formula it has.



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