03 September 2012

Why I love my postman part 3! (nail polish haul)

Hey all,

I got a fair bit of polish in the last while but I think it's better to just post them all in one post. This is a collective haul now- I didn't go mental one day and just decided to buy every polish that came to mind! :P
From left to right: Holo que tal?, Return of the space cowboys, Have an ice day and Godfather of Pearl
The first thing I got was a package from the lovely Chiro . I mentioned on twitter that we didn't get the Catrice Million Styles collection here and she offered to pick me up one alongside Catrice Sold out forever (original) which is discontinued. I was so shocked to open the package to find 4 of the million styles polishes AND Essence Irreplaceable (also discontinued!) I cannot thank Chiro enough for this. I was gutted when I missed out on irreplaceable. It's even better in real life. It's also a dupe of China Glaze Fast track. Catrice Sold out forever (original) is a dupe of Chanel Jade.

Catrice Sold out forever (original) and Essence Irreplaceable (both discontinued)
From left to right: Barry m retro pink, retro coral, retro purple, Silvery lilac and cyan blue
These were sent to me by Barry m.I have only swatches these on one nail but they all seem pretty nice! I know a lot of people love Cyan blue so I can't wait to wear that one as a full manicure.
China Glaze glittering Garland and Snow Globe
I cannot tell you all how much I love Glittering Garland. I planned on buying these last year but they were far too dear for me so I had to leave them. The beauty emporium had these in the sale section a few weeks back for around €5 each with free shipping. Bargain!!  
A-England Tristam
I bought Tristam during the A-England sale. I have swatched this and i have to say I am not thrilled with it. No one I spoke to liked it either so I am really disappointed with this :(

Essence You belong to me
I mentioned this in my last Currently Craving post. Another amazing polish that has been discontinued by Essence. One of the amazing girls on a nail polish forum I follow picked up one and sent it to me. Cannot thank her enough! I love the colour. This is the Essence dupe for China Glaze For Audrey. 

China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard
You probably all know Sharon's blog  by now. She is one of my best blogging friends. She was so amazing and picked this up for me in one of her (many) polish hauls from America. China Glaze I'm with the lifeguard is a gorgeous neon lime green. It's fairly similar to Cult nails Deal with it but CG is more opaque :)

China Glaze Exotic encounters and Kalahari kiss
Last but not least, my most recent arrival!  The beauty Emporium had another free shipping day so I picked up 2 of the China Glaze on safari polishes. I don't have anything like these in my collection and they seriously apply like butter! Adore both of these. Delighted I picked them up. Exotic encounters is bit darker on the nail than some swatches show but it's gorgeous none the less. Kalahari kiss is such a unique colour! It really stands out with my pale skin.

So that's it! I picked up a fair lot. I'm most excited with the discontinued polishes I have to say. I never thought I would get my hands on them.

What goodies have ye picked up?



  1. Yay, CG I'm With The Lifeguard! <3 x

    1. I love it! I wore it as a pedicure the last day. So gorgeous!

  2. amazing haul CG Snow Globe is pretty

    1. It's really a night polish. You don't see the effects as strongly during the day. Still lovely though ;)

  3. Oi! Many hauls! You'd swear I had a problem..... *cough* Delighted you got Irreplaceable & You Belong To Me, both gorgeous polishes. I actually haven't worn Tristam properly yet, must do it today (nekkid nails, eek!) xxx

    1. haha it had to be plural :P I love them! So glad I got them. Went into penny's today and they only have the new stuff in and they are mank altogether :(

  4. Awesome polishes you got! And I'm so happy you got the discontinued Essence ones, I was looking for them too for you, but I didn't find them :P

    1. They were so hard to find :( I'm still annoyed that Essence have discontinued so many of them x

    2. Yea me too! And they always discontinue the most beautiful shades in their collection :(


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