30 October 2012

Halloween Spider webs

Hey all,

So I tried to do some Halloween nail art but it was all pretty much a fail. I managed to get some decent ones though....

This didn't really turn out well but it was grand for a first attempt! The pink polish I used for the web was a bit too watery so it just went everywhere. Yeh I know "A bad carpenter always blames his tools" but I swear it was actually really hard to work with.  By the time I got to the third nail I gave up. It couldn't be salvaged :P

I have on a basecoat of Stargazer 129.I needed 2 coats with this polish. It's just a normal black creme. I've had it for years though so it's gone a bit gloopy now.  They don't sell them here anymore but they cost €3.50 in New look many moons ago.  It's a great brand though so if you can get your hands on them definitely pick up a few! The pink was done using a nail art pen by Nail Candy in pink (it doesn't have a proper name) This was given to me by the amazing Audrey from The Nail Affair who hasn't posted in a while but she is currently doing up her blog and has azquired some amazing nail polishes to show ye :)

Next time I would probably do the design with a nail art brush or a striping brush. It's just easier to get a straight line compared to using a nail art pen. I'm used to brushes though so always try out both techniques to find one that suits you personally. It is an easy design if you have the right tools though so give it a go. Sure what's the worst that could happen? ;)



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