10 October 2012

Mango madness

Hey all!

Aside from nail polish (obviously) lip-balm is my next obsession! You can wear it where ever, whenever and however you want.  I have woeful lips pretty much all year round so I have to have lip-balm in my bag or else they are cracked and peeling which leads to picking  (yup I'm a picker, You should see the skin around my nails. I'm surprised there isn't some bone showing yet it's that bad )
Anything with mango in it catches my eye so I was delighted to be able to try out this lipbalm by Maganda.
I love the little tub it comes in, I rarely use up a lip-balm (maybe 2 so far?) so it's nice to be able to get small pots to test them out. Plus is means you don't get sick of the scent.

The lip-balm goes on smoothly and stays on for a good amount of time. The mango smell is really pleasant! I love fruity scented lip-balms  I've used it a fair bit so you can see a huge dent has gone from the jar. The one flaw with this lip-balm is if you rub your finger onto your pants/t shirt/jumper afterwards to get rid of the excess  balm it leaves an oily sheen to your clothes. It washes off but just keep it in mind if you are going out in your Sunday best :P

You can but a set of 3 small tubs for £3 on the Maganda website. They have a fair lot of unusual flavours so definitely check them out if you are bored of the same old lip-balms flavours :)


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Replies
    1. Quite a nice lipbalm. Love the scent :)

  2. Maganda means 'beautiful' in Tagalog (Filipino dialect)!

    1. Really! I had no idea. Thanks for mentioning that :)


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