01 October 2012

September favourite's 2012

Hey all,

Yup it's time for a monthly favourites post again. I love doing these but sometimes it's hard to remember what you really used for the whole month and loved. I think a few of these appeared in my last monthly favourites too so it goes to show how much I really love them :P
I love this body butter. The combination of Brazil nut and vanilla is just so good. I used this for the majority of the month  It smells so good and it's easy to apply. I wish the scent stayed on the skin for longer but it keeps my skin nice and moisturised so I can't complain!

Tea is a staple in every Irish person's diet so naturally I was on the lookout for Barry's Irish breakfast ever since I heard it existed. This is the best tea to drink after a long day, especially with the cold weather coming in. It's so soothing and really makes you feel good inside.
50 bags for €3 in Dunnes

I don't really straighten or blow dry my hair so I try to find products that leave it soft and shiney without weighing it down. The Hask argan oil healing shine treatment was released really around the time that Moroccan oil hit the market. It's amazing! Pointless spending a fortune on the other stuff when you can pick up a little tube of this. It lasts ages too! I just finished this one after nearly 7 months of use. It smells like oranges too :)
€2.50 in Penny's

You really have to keep handcream on you at all times in Ireland because the weather is so messed up. I keep the OPI Avojuice in mango in my bag and it is amazing. It smells delectable and it leaves my hands so soft. I like the small bottle because it doesn't take up much room but you still get a fair bit of product.

 Love the Aquoline Pink Sugar perfume. I had this on every day this month and I still love it! The scent lasts the entire day and you can even smell it on your jumper the next day!! Such a great value perfume. I will definitely repurchase this in a bigger bottle.
30ml was around €23 on Cheapsmells

I actually won the Sure for women linen dry spray and roll on deodorants is a giveaway on What Larry loves last week. I like to use long-wear deodorant just in case you are ever cut short so the 48 hour one is perfect for me! It really lasts the whole day and smells lovely and fresh. I normally use nivea but I think I'll buy one of these when I run out again.

 By far my favourite nail polish this month. The Cool Waves lacquer Crocodile-hop glitter topper is amazing. It gives a gorgeous sparkle to your manicure and the formula is amazing. Great coverage in one coat so even a little bottle will last ages.
This one is a bit conflicting. I wouldn't recommend buying the Seche Vite topcoat because of the chemicals and the weird way it sticks to your skin but I used it on every manicure I wore this month. It's quick and easy and it dries quickly when I paint my nails before I go to bed. I might do a review on this soon. 

 Yankee Candle Spiced Orange. I love candles so much. This is from last year but I only got around to using it now. It has lasted me ages and there is still a load left in the jar! It smells divine and it really gives off a Christmas feel. Quite dear but some of them are well worth it.
Large jar around €27

What is your favourite yankee candle scent?



  1. Replies
    1. I only got to try them during the summer. I love their scents! omg they are just incredible :)

  2. Agree that deo is actually really good!

    1. Isn't it? actually on offer in penny's at the mo, 2 for €4.


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