06 October 2012

What a pucker

Hey all!

Pixy Mint lipbalm
Is the weather messing with anyone else's lips? Mine are in absolute shreds at the moment.  I've been playing around with a few new lipbalms lately so I thought I would show ye the Pixy lip balms that I've been using this week :)

 The lipbalms come in five different flavours with each one having it's own description which is a sweet idea:
Chocolate: For chocoholics, delicious and scrummy!
Strawberry: For fruity fanatics, happy and zesty!
Coconut: For tropical sensations, sassy and zingy!
Honey: For honeycomb lovers, soft and sweety!
Mint: For cool and collected, clean and yummy!
Pretty good variety in flavours which is great . I get awful sick of having the one scent all of the time. They come in a little tin with the Pixy logo on the top. The tin is really sturdy and keeps the lipbalm fresh and clean. It looks great sitting on your desk too!

Pixy strawberry lipbalm
I thought the chocolate one might be a bit much but I have become addicted to the scent! It smells just like cadburys drinking chocolate I kid you not. I had people smell it all week to prove it :P The smell lingers for a little while on your lips but the scents aren't overpowering. A little really goes a long way so you will get a lot of use out of each tin. My lips are like the Burren at the moment and these have really helped prevent any further cracking and splitting and they have smoothed out so much after only 4 days. That is Probably due to all the goodies that are packed into each lipbalm including a mixture of Shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil.  Beeswax is used to lock in moisture so the lipbalm lasts a fair while on your lips so no need to reapply every 5 minutes.

Pixy Chocolate lipbalm
 On the pixy website each lipbalm costs €3.99 for 20g which is more than double the size of most lipbalms. oh and lads don't worry about having super glossy lips with these, you'd barely even notice you had lipbalm on! If ye are having trouble with dry lips or just want to keep them in tip top shape for.....smiling..... ;) then I'd really recommend giving the pixy lipblams a go


**Products were provided for review**


  1. They sound so good! And I think I would love the chocolate and mint one :D Thanks for the review ;)

    1. I am addicted to the chocolate one. I have a dent made in the middle of the tub already :P


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