21 October 2012

Who's a happy blogger? I am, I am!

Hey all!

Just a mini little haul post for ye today. I haven't been buying much polish lately but I have been dying to get these for AGES so I decided I needed them now ;)

From left to Right: China Glaze Holly Day, Essence Nail art protecting base coat, Essence Black is Back, Essence English Rose and Catrice Genius in a bottle.

China Glaze holly day is a dark green creme. It's from their Let it Snow colllection. I have been after this polish for ages but I always put it off. After doing a presentation the last day I thought I might as well buy it to celebrate :P Yep, that is how I justify buying nail polish :D Ebay €5.20

My basecoat is almost gone and the fomula has gone to shit to be honest. I still don't want to waste a load of money on a basecoat that won't last long so I picked  up another Essence one. I hope this is decent! €2.49 in penny's.
I have a stargaer black polish but it is sooooo gloopy now. I know I'll need black polish for Halloween so I went for Essence Black is Back. Nice and cheap but 100% reliable. Penny's €1.79

Another blogger made me go out and buy this because of her combination. NurseFancyPants I hope you are ashamed of yourself :P Essence English Rose is actually gorgeous on it's own. A bit darker on the nail than in the picture (a good thing trust me)  Again from Penny's for €1.79

Last but not least is Catrice Genius in a bottle. I know everyone wants it because it's another Chanel Peridot dupe. I could care less to be honest. It's a gorgeous polish in it's own right. Really classy and more grown up than a lot of the polish I wear. I really like this one :) Penny's for €2.79

Do ye own any of these polishes? Let me know what ye think of them.



  1. I just ordered Holly Days yesterday! I've read too many good reviews to pass it up :)

    1. You will love it! I waited ages too and then I missed out on it during a sale. I was kicking myself for ages. Delighted I got it so cheap too :)

  2. Lovely haul :) I especially like the CG Holly Day, probably my fave colour, polish-wise (besides purple).
    As for the base coat, I too am using one from Essence, it's from the "better than gel nails" line, works pretty well.

    1. I noticed the gel one in the shop. Honestly picked this one because it was slightly cheaper :P If this is crap though I'll have to give the gel one a go

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I'm so happy with all of them


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