06 November 2012

I'm a glamour model

Hey all!

Glamour magazine (UK) has four different nail polishes from Nails Inc included with their magazine this month. I bought three of them so I thought I'd share a quick swatch with ye.
From left to Right- Nails Inc Glamour glitter (for the magazine), Motcomb Street and St James

St James is a gorgeous cherry red. Opaque in 2 coats! Applied smoothly (I briefly swatched it on my own nails) I wasn't going to pick this up but in the end I was persuaded. Delighted I did because it's gorgeous.
Motcomb street is by far my favourite. It's actually a really dark blue. I adore this polish. Opaque in 2 coats again and application was a dream. This has a beautiful shine too.
Lastly is Glamour glitter. From my swatch on the nail wheel (one coat by the way) you might be inclined to leave this but trust me this will be perfect for your stash. My picture does not do it justice! It's a lovely delicate gold glitter. Great for those who aren't really fond of blindingly bright and flashy glitter polish. I know people will hate me but I don't care...this will be fecking amazing for Christmas! This adds a lovely touch to St James but really shines on Motcomb street (someone described it as the stars in the sky to me which is just a magical description :P )

you can pick these up in any local newsagent but be warned!!! Glamour Glitter is selling out fairly rapid. I had to go to 4 different shops to find one.

Let me know if ye managed to pick them up! There is a pink one too but it is far too sheer for my liking. Each magazine costs around €2.95-3.05 depending on your shop. Also a bit of a random find but Easons have started to stock the US version of a load of magazines including Glamour......Yeh I don't know why either :P



  1. You crack me up! Also, you know darn well I like my glitter to be tacky and blinding, how dare u? ;)

    1. haha thanks :P oh I was addressing the other "crazy" people....ahem.... :D x

  2. Damn.. I kinda want all of them now!

    1. In fairness they are cheap and gorgeous and worth €2.95!

  3. Replies
    1. It's really beautiful in real life!

    2. Ah, how did I miss Glamour this month! I love picking up the Nails Inc freebies with them. Must hunt some copies down tomorrow! :D

    3. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find them still! I found one shop with about 30 copies scattered around the place :P


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