22 November 2012

My go-to lipbalm review!

Hey all,

Winter is the worst time for your lips.  Mine are pretty much in bits all year long but the minute we hit November they just peel constantly.

Carmex has been an essential product for me for about three years now. I have gone through 2 or three of them and I am halfway through my current tub! I think the American version of this calls it a cold-sore cream. I think they are the same thing to be honest.
I tend to use this at night more so than during the day. It's quite a glossy lipbalm and it is so noticeable when you have it on even if you use it sparingly. If you like the glossy look then it's perfect for use throughout the day! It smells kind of like toffee but it's not really noticeable when you have it on so don't worry if that's not your kind of scent. You can actually get them  in different scents like mint and cherry which are equally as nice. Now one thing I think is a bit cheeky is the tub contains 7.5g while the tube contains 10g but they are both the same price! How annoying is that?!

 You can find Carmex in a load of places including Dunnes, Topshop and boots. They cost around €3.49 depending on where you go. The tub lasts ages so they are well worth the money. My lips have healed up a fair bit since I started using this along with a few other products so I can highly recommend giving it a go.



  1. Strangely I never buy Carmex I must!

    1. It's well worth a try! I swear by it :)

  2. Carmex has been on my nightstand for as long as I can remember. I smear it alllll over my lips every night before bed! It's definitely one of my "desert island" beauty products!

    1. I think it works best at night! I love the tingly feeling. Means it is really working!


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