18 November 2012

October Favourites 2012

Hey all,

October favourites at last! I thought october would never end. November is flying by (hence why this post is so late!) but I only had a handful of favourites from last month to show you all so here they are.....

The biggest favourite I had for the month of October was lipbalm. I love lipbalm anyway because I have awful dry lips but this month I discovered a way of keeping them soft all the time!  I use the Eos lipbalm the most. It's now so far down that I have to pucker up to get it on ( i think I scare people when I do it) The pixy ones were brilliant for using in the morning especially. They aren't as glossy as carmex so you can pile them on without looking look your lips were infected or something. Carmex is for night-time use only :P

For the last while my hair has been woeful. It feels horrible and looks even worse! I find that even a little amount of this leaves it incredibly smooth and glossy.This is a healing shine treatment and let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. I have a load of back ups but I awful pop one in my basket when I buy nail polish in penny's. It's incredible.

Like my hair my skin has been suffering big time. No matter what I try I still get break outs, it's oily and dfeels awful by mid-morning. I can't find a moisturiser that suits me at all! Both the Pixy Rose cleansing mud and the almond milk scrub work well for me. They leave my skin feeling really soft and clean. This was used a lot last month. Brilliant purchase. 

A product that surprised me the most this month was the Myleene Klass nails in the leopard print design. I loved how quick and easy these were to apply. They lasted ages on my nails and I just loved the colour combination. I have another pack of these in a lacy design but I'm keeping them for a special occasion.

By far one of my favourite polishes ever! Essence Grumpy from the Snow White collection is probably one of the best colours I have even seen.It's the perfect royal blue creme. Application was perfect and the colour just blew me away. I'd definitely consider getting Nails inc Baker street or any other similar colour after trying this.  It's just perfect.

A while ago I got my eye-brows threaded at the Body Shop. Recently I just haven't had the money to go and get them re-done so I have been using the Tweezerman tweezers to keep them in shape. They do a great job and my brows are still in reasonable condition so I'm pretty delighted with this! Plus it's small enough to keep in my bag in case I ever go away.

Werther's original Caramelts. If you can find them buy them immediately! You will love them! I only managed to find one bag when they were released here and let me tell you it was difficult to contain myself and not eat them all in one go. They are so fecking smooth and just gorgeous. I love them! even more than the original Werther's hard sweets.

That's all the favourites I have for the month of October! A lot of the products come up time and time again but they are really stand out products. Definitely give them a go if you can get them.

Have you got any stand out products that you would recommend?



  1. Some great products! Interesting you loved the Myleene Klass nails as I noticed some from the range in Boots this week that were so adorable - like a Christmas jumper type design! I'll definitely make sure I invest in them now...

    1. I haven't found them in my boots yet! as long as you file them down right you'll get a good bit of wear out of them. Very handy :)


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