24 November 2012

The lazy 15 Day eight- Dessert

Hey all,
I'm a bit behind with the challenge but I am catching up slowly but surely. I'm all out of acrylic paint so I'm stuck with nail polish for the last couple of challenges :(  Anywho this is my dessert manicure!

 So I thought I would do one of my favourite desserts ever- Rice crispy cake! It's so easy and it tastes amazing. We usually make a plate of it and top it off with angel delight.  Best.dessert.ever.

I started off with a basecoat of NYC Park ave. Then I got Barry m Mushroom and dotted it around. No real pattern to it! Pretty much throw them on where ever you feel like putting them.
For the 'angel delight' topping I used China Glaze flip flop fantasy and free-handed on the tips.

The tips are a bit dodgy if I'm honest. I really need to practice them a bit more. I honestly don't know how Fingers Polish Mania does it so perfectly each time. Mine always look so uneven. I chipped the nail on my ring finger so it's shorter than the rest which really didn't help with getting the tips right.

I topped it off with a coat of Essence quick dry topcoat to blend it all together. Overall I was fairly happy with the way this turned out. If I could do the tips a bit better I'd definitely give it another go :P The colour combination is really up my street :)



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