25 November 2012

The lazy 15 day nine- Disney movies/ characters

Hey all,

Another catch-up post. This is the disney themed challenge! I went for a simple one, did it, photographed it and then copped on that Lindsey from Nails4Dummies did the exact same one. Feck! Her one is far better but we both have a different colour scheme so it's not cheating :P

For the Mickey mouse logo I started off with a base of Essence Black is back. I did 2 coats and it was perfectly opaque. It's a brilliant black polish if you are looking for one :) Then I got my biggest dotting tool and randomly dotted on Catrice Goldfinger. Then I used my second largest dotting tool and added on mickey's ears. Goldfiner really popped over the black! I think it looks great. I have to remember to do this colour combination more often.  I reversed the look on my thumb and used Essence Black is back for the mickey mouse logo on a base of Catrice Goldfinger. Full hand pictures are so hard to take by the way!!! nearly broke me hand trying to create a decent looking position. I really am pleased with the finish look. I wish I had proper brushes to do some more nail art with but what can ya do like :) I sealed it all together with Essence Quick dry topcoat.



  1. Lol this reminds me of how Fitzy and I had reeally similar manis for 2 days in a row :D

    I love yours and I still think that, despite the same idea, your nails and Lindsey's are quite different!

    1. awh thank you! I'm really pleased you like them :)
      I think with so many people doing this challenge we are bound to have similar ideas at some point :P

  2. Aww, cute! And the colours work so well together.

  3. So gorgeous! I love it, love the colour combo :) x

    1. Thank you! It was a pure fluke to be fair but I'm delighted with the way they worked together x

  4. This is cute! Even though you copied my cop-out I still really love this! :)


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