20 December 2012

Back to the Fushia!

Hey all,

 Sally Hansen Back to the Fushia was requested by the delightful Robyn Morton  who is also an Irish blogger. I'd highly recommend having a gander at her blog so please head on over and check it out. Don't worry I'll wait........Back? Great! Here come the swatches :)

Sally Hansen Back to the Fushia was given to me by Lindsey from Nails4Dummies. I just came across a Sally Hansen in tesco today! I never knew they sold Sally Hansen goods. They have them priced at €8.95 which seems a bit steep but from ones I have tried out so far, it seems that the Sally Hansen formula is really reliable.  They also have the nail strips but only the boring ones so they didn't catch my attention at all. I am glad Sally Hansen are expanding a bit more in Ireland but we only have a small selection of the Salon manicure collection which is a teeny tiny bit frustrating.  I think Sally Hansen are giving other brands a run for their money with their polish names. Back to the fushia had me in absolute stitches. Such a fun name for a gorgeous polish.

Back to the Fushia is a gorgeous almost hot pink polish. It is a bit sheer but easily build-able. I have on three coats and that provided perfect coverage for me. I really like the long handled brush. It's pretty much the same as the new Catrice and Essence brushes. They give far better coverage in one swipe and you can get really close to your cuticles.
Back to the Fushia is the perfect pink in my opinion. It has a gorgeous purple/blue shimmer running through it. It's not a strong shimmer but it adds a really nice sheen to the nail. I am not a huge fan of the colour pink but I love the way this polish looks on my nails. A surprise favourite for me this year!  I am delighted that Lindsey sent this to me. I am becoming a huge fan of Sally Hansen nail polish. Now if only they stocked a larger variety in town...... ;)

What is your favourite Sally Hansen nail polish?



  1. I love Fushia, it's probably an obsession I have a fushia coat, handbag and many polishes! Your nails look so healthy! Great post :D

  2. It looks great! I'm with you on not being a big fan of pink, but some of them are really so lovely, like this one.
    And I think this nail length looks really good on you. :)

    1. Thank you!! I keep switching between long and short nails but I think these are my favourite length :)

  3. You can't beat a good pink nail varnish!!

    1. That's true! Everyone needs at least one

  4. Very nice, I have to say you have great nails

  5. Replies
    1. The name is one of my favourite things ever :P


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