15 December 2012

Happy Holly-Day

Hey all!

Sticking with the  Christmas theme I decided it was the perfect time to wear China Glaze Holly Day. Excuse the nubbin on my ring finger. I can't remember how that happened and it was only 2 weeks ago! I think I got a bit happy with the file :P It's back to normal now though so I think this is the only picture with a nubbin (don't take my word for it though)
China Glaze Holly Day came out as part of the Christmas 2011 collection entitled Let it Snow. There are a few beauts from this collection including Holly Day, Blue years eve and Glittering Garland that I'd highly recommend ye check out. I have featured them all in upcoming nail art posts so keep an eye out for them ;)
Holly Day is the perfect green creme. I love dark green polish and I was kicking myself for not picking it up when it first came out. Lucky enough I got it cheaper on ebay a few weeks ago so I snapped this sucker up! I used 2 coats over my usual Essence Nail art protecting base coat. I should have ued 3 because I rushed it and it streaked a bit. Nothing noticeable from afar but it bugged me up close :)
I topped it off with a coat of Seche vite.
I kept this on for a week without chipping. It has a great formula and the quality is amazing. I love the long china glaze brush too. It means you can get a fairly decent curve around your cuticles even if you are in a hurry. Holly Day is a pain in the arse to capture accurately though. These are the only accurate shots I got from about 50!

There is a huge difference in the price of china glaze polish. I paid around €5 for this 14ml bottle and that's pretty much a bargain over here! Even at full price this is definitely worth picking up. Even for the name alone :P It's so adorable!



  1. Ha, I'm about to paint my nails with similar polish; a bit darker green, though, which is more to my liking - American Apparel, "Hunter". I love these shades! (and no, not because of the christmas-y feel, I just simply adore it)
    And wow, what a bargain you got, 5€ for this beauty, well done :D

    1. Dark green is just the perfect colour!! Plus it makes an amazing base for nail art :)

  2. I LOVE Holly Day! I wear it all the time when I need that medium colored green!

  3. Replies
    1. It's beautiful. Perfect for christmas!


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