31 December 2012

I love Juicy!

Hey all,

Leighton Denny Colour & go Manicure pen in I love Juicy

After posting a load of dark polishes I thought it would be nice to brighten it up with a nail polish from Leighton Denny! I don't think we can get the normal Leighton Denny polishes around here never mind in the colour & go manicure pen form! I have only ever seen the Essence manicure pen hanging about so I was really interested to see how they actually work out when you put them to use...

Even with the unconventional shape the manicure pen is actually grand to use and easy to control. The brush is thin and long making is suitable for those with narrow and wide nails. The pen comes with a 4ml top/base coat and 4ml of colour on the opposite end. In this case the colour is I love Juicy which is a gorgeous bright pinky coral. The formula was a little thick and pooled around the cuticles but if you take your time you can avoid all of that.

I love the vibrant colour and it has a lovely glossy finish on its own but the topcoat does smooth things out. This did chip a bit sooner than I am accustom to. I'll use my normal base coat in the future to avoid this from happening. This definitely gets a big thumbs up!

You can find the manicure pen by Leighton Denny on QVC where they have a whole range of colours and packages for a very reasonable price. Definitely worth checking out.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Beautiful color. I wish you a Happy New Year :)

  2. Fab colour, great idea for them to package it like that too just a pity about the chipping. Happy new Year!

    1. I completely agree. I'm sure with a good base coat it will last a lot longer. Happy New Year to you too!!x


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