18 December 2012

Live and Let die

Hey all,

OPI live and let die comes from the recent OPI Skyfall collection. Thanks to the lovely Sharon I have 4 of them to show you all. Today I have OPI Live and Let die which was requested by Purple-Rain! I made the pictures a bit bigger for these. The Gold flecks are really visible in this polish anyway but it always helps to have them up close. You can click the pictures to make them bigger again if you'd like.  I have the mini version of Live and Let die so I'm using my Sally Hansen Vitasurge cuticle gel in the pictures in case ye were wondering :P It's a brilliant gel but I'll do a proper review on it later I'd say.  The OPI minis are so adorable but they are a nightmare for pictures :P I feel like I have shovel hands trying to hold one!
Live and let die is a gorgeous pine green polish that is laden with gold flecks. I didn't think the gold would be that prominent but it really is!! You'd notice it a mile off. Absolutely love this polish. I love how it looks on my nails.
Here I have on 2 coats which gives perfect coverage. No topcoat either which is awful handy. Live and let die is super glossy on its own. I'm not sure about staying power though because I only briefly swatched this. Maybe throw on a topcoat just in case :) Live and Let die dries super quick. It's a dream to apply and the little brush is quiet nice and easy to control. I had to eat my words with this one. I didn't like the swatches but in real life this polish is gorgeous. The gold flecks really make this unique.
Extra pictures just because I took a load and it's a pretty polish :P If you haven't seen the film Skyfall yet I'd highly recommend it! I'm not a huge Bond fan but from the middle of the film to the end I was absolutely blown away. The new Q is such a dote!
The mini set costs around €13 depending on where you buy it but that's the average price. You can also get a whole range of different sets of OPI on QVC which has a fair few discounts and offers going on.The bottles in the Bondettes set are 3.75ml which is grand to be honest. It's a great way to test them out and sure how often do you actually finish up a bottle of polish?! It'd be a nice Christmas/ Birthday present too. You have a far better chance of them liking at least one of the colours!

Let me know what ye think below :)



  1. Gorge on you. Would you believe I have never ever seen an entire James Bond film, the little man wants to see this so will hopefully have a goo when it comes out on DVD! x

    1. Oh god you have to watch this one! Lovely ending on it. I'm not fond of yer man Craig but Skyfall is very good xx

  2. Oh yay, per my request; I feel awfully important, lol.
    It's gorgeous, GORGEOUS, I tell you! :D I love the fact that the gold flecks really are visible from afar, too.
    Would you believe I don't have an OPI polish yet?? This should be just the perfect one for my very first of this brand (I find them quite pricey, even more so in our drugstores - 13€!)
    And would love to hear more on the cuticle gel, looking forward to it.

    1. haha well you deserve your own post :P Yeh I agree the full size bottles are really expensive. I only have these mini's although I do have a few I hope to get. I would say to check ebay sellers like beautyzon2007. Her prices are far better than the shops :)


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