06 December 2012

November Favourites 2012

Hey all!

It's been a busy 2 weeks but I have my November Favourites ready to go today. I had a decent month and found a good few new products that I think are worthy of a mention.

I actually didn't think the Kim Kardashian was any cop for ages but it's a lovely subtle scent. I get sick very quickly if a perfume is too overpowering so a subtle perfume is an essential product for me. It doesn't last very long on the skin but it does the job.

I love this Cuticura cucumber and garnden mint hand gel. It smells like watermelon!! I bought the big 200ml bottle and I just squirted some into my old Body Shop Sweet lemon 60ml bottle. I tried to restock on the Body shop ones but my store only had empty bottles for some strange reason. This smells heavenly to me and it was less than €4! Bargain.

I raved about the Lady Gaga Fame shower set a few posts back. The body lotion really stood out for me. I love the scent and it really lasts on the skin. I was hard pressed to choose between this and the shower gel but I love a good body lotion :P

 I finally finished the EOS lemon drop lipbalm! It was a momentous occasion ;) I had the strawberry one  opened already so I decided this was next on the list. It's gorgeous. Lovely and smooth and it smells just like strawberries. It's great for my lips too!

Of course there had to be a polish! GOSH silver. This is the perfect silver foil polish. Application is perfect and it just looks so pretty on. Really loving GOSH nail polish lately. You do have to be careful as some are fairly sheer and watery but I love this.

 Finally I have the OPI Avojuice Cran & Berry hand cream  I used a tonne of this throughout November. I am going to switch over to a winter one for December. There's only like half a bottle of this left but it's a really nice scent and more suited to Spring/Summer months.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm really glad you like them :)

  2. Ooh I have that OPI lotion and love it! Great picks!

  3. Great picks! The EOS lip balm is my absolute favourite, nothing keeps my lips in better shape! :)

    1. brilliant lipbalm!! Glad you like it too


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