22 December 2012

OPI Golden Eye VS Sally Hansen Gilded Lily

Hey all,

Sally Hansen Gilded lily is probably my favourite nail polish at the moment. It's such a stunning gold that really catches the light beautifully. I was chatting with Sharon on Twitter and mentioned that it was apparently a dupe for OPI Golden Eye. She is amazing and sent me her mini version of OPI Golden Eye to do a comparison (she loves the polish and has the bigger version) So how do they both compare?..

So at one coat it's clear that Sally Hansen Gilded lily covers a bit better.  The gold seems to be a bit darker but it's actually the same. You cannot tell the difference at all when you even it out. On the right you can see both the OPI and Sally Hansen are opaque in 3 coats. Now I have a little tip for ye ;) Don't paint on the polish like you would a normal nail polish. You have to do a coat and then dab at the bald spots so you get a far better level of coverage without having a really thick layer of polish at the end.

 So they are dupes in terms of appearance.Price wise the OPI sells for the bones of €13. Sally Hansen is normally €8.95 but I got it for €6.95. Application is a tiny bit different too. As mentioned Gilded lily gives a bit more coverage in one coat compared to Golden eye. You can get them both opaque at around 3 coats if you are careful though :) I would suggest using a gold nail polish base just as an added precaution. That's how I roll anyway.
Drying time is different again. OPI Golden Eye dries a bit quicker. If you are using a quick dry top coat then I wouldn't worry about this in fairness. Finally the bottle size. OPI Golden Eye comes in a 15ml bottle and the Sally Hansen comes in a 14.7ml bottle. Not a huge difference!!

My verdict: I prefer Sally Hansen Gilded Lily over OPI Golden Eye. I know they are the exact same in appearance but the price is a huge factor for a lot of people and I feel you are wasting your money if you go for the dearest polish when you can get a spot on dupe for almost half the price. Removal on both is a pain in the arse but that means wear time is pretty amazing!



  1. They are both pretty. I haven't tried any Sally Hansen nail polish yet.

    1. It's a great brand! I love their brushes. Very easy to control :)

  2. I have golden eye and like it but it was such a nightmare to get off that I'm reluctant to use it again! Really great idea for a post :) xx

    1. Yeh even with the foil method both are a bit of a pain in the arse :( It's well worth it though :) Thanks :D


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