25 December 2012

Stranger danger!

Hey all!

Today I have some Christmas tree nail art on my right hand for once. I went to a gig last week which wasn't very festive so I thought my right hand could take over and keep in with the season. The nails on my right hand look so weird and crappy :( I think it has something to do with it being the hand that I write with? I honestly haven't a notion but it bugs me a fair bit.
I'm just sitting here drinking white hot chocolate (best drink ever!) and watching youtube videos. This is how wild I am haha.  I still have a tonne of work to do but I'm really proud of how these came out and it's the perfect day to post them up! I saw these on google but they originally came from tumblr and were created by  B-witched. I could not find a design I liked and these just jumped out at me. Love it!
 On my fingers I'm wearing China Glaze Glittering  Garland. One of the best green shimmer polishes. I'm so delighted I picked this up. I  missed out on the Let it Snow collection when it first came out so it took a fair while to get it when I finally came into the world of nail polish. On my thumb I have OPI The spy who loved me. The colours I used are: Gosh Silver, Barry m Blueberry Ice cream, Sally Hansen Gilded lily (Gold) and China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. The black details on the baubles are done using my nail art striper. I used my dotting tools to do the tinsel and the polka dot design on my thumb. Considering I rarely do nail art on my right hand anymore I was pretty pleased with the way this turned out. I had to touch up some bits with my nail art brush but overall it was fairly easy.

 I hope ye like it! I still haven't gotten around to doing my nails :P I was baking earlier and then I completely lost track of time and now it's 12.30am so I'm thinking I'll have to do them asap in the morning. No harm! I cut my nails short again so it shouldn't take too long to do them.



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