21 December 2012

Who let the dorks out?

Hey all,

Sephora by OPI is another brand that I came across recently all thanks to Lindsey. I couldn't wait to try this out. The bottle is so fricking amazing. It looks incredibly expensive and it feels good and heavy (I love quality nail polish bottles) This swatch was requested by the one and only Nurse Fancy Pants . Another fabulous Irish blogger who of course deserves a little mention. As always check out her blog! Her nail polish combination made me run out and buy Essence English Rose.
I just reorganised my stash and I have a tonne of blue nail polish so I knew this would be one of the first ones to go on my nails :)

 I have on three coats of Sephora by OPI Who let the dorks out. Weird name. not my favourite :P Seems very half-arsed on their part. Application was pretty much perfect and it dried super quick. The brush is a little thin for my liking but it's workable like there is no problem with it. It'd be awful handy for girls or lads with narrow nails. Who let the dorks out goes on a little bit sheer. It has a gorgeous blue shimmer though it doesn't look garish on the nail. Nice and light.
I thought this would be a dupe of the Essence Choose me polish that was discontinued a while ago. They look incredibly similar in the bottle but this doesn't have a pick on Choose me on the nail. It lacks the gold shimmer that runs through Essence Choose Me and the blue is far lighter on who let the dorks out. On the plus side Who let the dorks out is far better at covering any visible nail line you might have.

Tomorrow I have comparison of my favourite gold polish ;)



  1. Choose Me was 1 if my first Essence polishes and I love it so much I nabbed a back up. It's not readily available to me but there is thankfully 1 store up north here that does sell a limited selection xo

    1. I like it but I rarely use it which is a shame. It looks phenomenal with a matte topcoat though!!

  2. Pretty color! I've never bought choose me. although I always liked the colour. I just don't like Essence that mutch.xx

    1. I love Essence but choose me was pretty much an impulse buy :P Not that fond of it

  3. Replies
    1. It's far nicer in real life! Really lovely polish


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