30 June 2012

Disappearing nail polish tag!

Hey all!

So I was tagged by the lovely Mollie to do this tag on May 29th! I actually had it all prepared and what not but picture taking took forever because of bad weather.

Description from Mollies blog: "So here is the situation, you wake up one morning to find out that your entire nail polish collection has disappeared! Now, after you run around panicking and cursing whoever the monstrosity was that did this to you, you need to figure out which fifteen polishes you must instantly repurchase."

Here are my choices:

(1) Catrice Rusty but Sexy 
(2) Catrice Sing: Hey dirty lilah 
(3) Catrice Meet me at coral island

(4) Catrice Raspberry fields forever
(5) Stargazer 105 
(6) Catrice Jade is not my name

(7) Barry M Pink Flamingo
(8) Miss Sporty Red tango 
(9) China Glaze Riveting

 (10) Essence Studio nails 24/7 basecoat
 (11) Essence Sparkling Water lily 
(12) Essence Special effects topper in Hello Holo
 (13) Essence Quick Dry topcoat.

(14) Models Own Hedonist 
(15) Models Own  Dream Stream

I kept it pretty simple with cheap enough polish. Most of these are my favourites anyway but if my whole stash just vanished then I'd start cheap and work my way up again (pretty much how I started my stash anyway!)

I hope ye give this challenge a go! I'd love to see what polish you would buy straight away :) 


29 June 2012

Currently Craving 29/june/2012

Currently Craving 29/june/2012

This was supposed to be quite a bit smaller but I'll tell you about that in a minute :(

1) China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
I actually had this ordered along side 2 other China Glaze polish but the company let me down with their customer service and the next day when I went to re-order the polish they were after putting up the price by another 10 cent making it €9 a bottle! Needless to say I didn't order from them.

2)Glass nail file
My nails are pretty resilient but I think these are the way to go for nail care. Plus just this morning I broke a nail right down to the skin so I'm really looking into these now. This one is from Cult Nails.

3)Zoya Paz
I love neon polish and this one is just so bright in the swatches I have seen. Dear enough at €9.90 a bottle.

4)Zoya Phoebe
I found out about this on twitter! Zoya posted a picture of one of their employee's wearing it and I fell in love!

5)EOS lipbalm in Summer fruits
I really like these lipbalms but we can't get this one in Ireland and everyone and their cousin seem to praise this one in particular.

Lads this week has just been brutal :( First off I passed my exams which I was delighted about! I decided to finally get China glaze flip flop fantasy, Turned up turquoise and four leaf clover on Beauty Bay when that order fell through. My card wouldn't work so I asked them if I could use another one and I waited 3 hours for a reply! So I was getting so pissed off that I tweeted them ( their twitter person is lovely though). They took so damn long that in the end the excitement of getting the polish wore off and I just didn't bother making a new order. I only really wanted flip flop anyway but still it just really ruined yesterday and today for me.

Now I managed to order Zoya Paz off the beauty emporium ( my go to site) on Wednesday. So usually she ships the next day and I get it the day after so I got up all excited this morning and...no post for me! Gutted!

Then to make things even worse my nail broke! It was in  no way salvageable so it had to be cut down and it hurts :( it hurts a lot. Even trying to file it into a decent shape was painful.

And just to round off the day, my dog ate my EOS Lemon lipbalm about 10 minutes ago while I was painting. Those things cost €5.95 here which is soo dear and the price is increasing to €6.30 on Monday and her free irish shipping ends too so it would be €8.30 ( €2 shipping). Far to much to spend on lipbalm. I know I have other ones but I'm still really upset about it. Loads of other stuff went badly but I realy don't want to bore you all any more.

So yeh this was such a fun week! So looking forward to next week *sarcastic voice*
I hope ye have all had a better week!


Day 24 in the Summer challenge house- Snoopy nail art

Hey all!

Challenge 24- Underneath the stars

Today's challenge was inspired by the lovely Marianne aka Rainbowify me! She mentioned on my Scooby doo post that her favourite cartoon as a young'un was Snoopy. As I was doing a bit of googling the last day I thought I might as well google snoopy! It's been years since I've seen him.

  What's this got to do with the challenge?  Well here is the picture that inspired me:
from Blingee
and Here are my nails!:

 Now this explains the mani for challenge 23! :D I had just started on this when I copped on that the colour scheme would work for both.

Again if you follow me on twitter you'll know I wanted to keep this on for longer. But I changed them to Illamasqua Monogamous. Right after I had taken snoopy off I copped on that I could have kept him on as an accent nail :( You live and you learn!

This took a bit longer just because the yellow I have on Woodstock (the birdy) would not show up! In the end I just mixed it with a bit of white and that seemed to make it work a bit better :)
 For this mani I have my Stargszer 114 basecoat, 2 coats of Stargazer 105 (metallic blue) and a coat of Catrice Run Forest Run on the tips. All of the other details are free handed using acrylic paint.

My stars are kind of crap but I couldn't get them as thin as I wanted with the brush I was using.

I was afraid that the stargazer blue would be too dark for the details to show up but I think it's the perfect night's sky colour.

I have a load of mani's to prepare! I was so sack last weekend but hopefully I can get some serious work done this weekend :P


28 June 2012

Review: Tweezerman Satin etched Zebra Clipper set

Hey all!

With the tweezerman kit they also gave us a list with a brief description of each item n  it so I’ll do my posts in the same order just to make it handier for ye J

The satin etched zebra clipper set (stainless steel):
Description: “Transform untidy, tattered or shabby nails into a perfectly pampered, loveingly trimmed look. 100% sanitize able”

First off, I really like the design of the clippers. They are not overly girly and the design is kept minimal, only appearing in one section of both clippers. I think this is a far better idea as it is more suited to both sexes rather than being specifically designed with women in mind.  I love the lack of colour on the clippers mainly because it would eventually chip and look really tatty. The clippers are identical with the only obvious difference being in the size. One for manicures and one for pedicures. Again I like the idea of getting them as a set because to be honest I wouldn’t be bothered going around looking for a big and a small one separately. I’d just get the small one and multi task ;)

Although I knew they were going to be made from stainless steel I still didn’t expect the weight of them.  They are not heavy by any means but compared to my previous clippers you can terll straight away that these are of a better quality metal.  I would recommend that you store them somewhere because they are made of stainless steel. If they get really scratched they won’t look very pretty. I know this may not bother ye at all but they look so much better scratch free :P

I found them a bit fiddly to use at first. Mainly because I am so accustom to my old tools.  You do get the grasp of these fairly quickly though. They are straight cut instead of curved which again I’m not used to. It can be tricky to get them onto the nail to cut but I am sure I’ll get past that soon enough. It is important to use straight cut clippers to prevent ingrown toenails. Both clippers are a good size and fit nicely in your hand.

Now the important stuff! I noticed that with my previous manicure clipper my nails always split when I cut them. This led me to cutting off tiny bits and spending hours…no word of a lie….trying to file down the rest. These have not split my nails when I used them. I used them to cut a lot off of my nails for my gardening manicure HERE and they flew through it. They are sharp but not excessively so. Both the big and small clippers leave a straight clean line that is smooth. No jagged bits of nail are left.

This set costs $15 on the tweezerman website.

Overall: I think these are great clippers! The design is nice but in fairness it’s not a deal breaker for me. They are not something I’m going to be flaunting about the place but it’s a nice touch. As I got them in the kit I wasn’t sure if they could come in a little bag or something if you buy them from the website. 


Mini haul

Hey all!

I picked up a couple of polishes like a week ago now on an impromptu trip to town. Nothing major but I have been dying to get them! Like I would google them every night to see them on other peoples nail (Weird? yes! Do I do it often? All the time! Am I doing it now?...maybe...)

From left to right: Essence Studio nails 24/7 basecoat, Essence special effects topper in Night in vegas, models own Dream Stream and Models Own Hedonist.

I actually wan't planning on getting these for another while but I grab any chance I can to go to town. I also had to pick up some polish for a swap I'm doing with Theodora (I won't say what they are though ;) )so I took the opportunity to get a new base coat seeing as my Stargazer 114 is on the way out :(

I love essence so I thought I would try out their base coat! It's a cheap but reliable brand. I don't see the point in wearing a really dear basecoat if you can get a cheap one that works! sure you don't even see them on your nails anyway.

This was €2.29 for 8ml.

This was more of a "I don't need it but I'll want it when I get home" polish. I am brutal for talking myself out of buying polish and then kicking myself when I get home (example- Pirates of the carribbean collection) . I like flakies, especially universal ones that you can use over any colour that takes your fancy.

Again I love Essence so I didn't really have to worry about the quality when buying this.

This was €2.29 for 8ml.

 Now onto the polish I was dying to get! I'm obviously not the biggest models own fan out there! I really do think they are way to dear for me to really go mad buying them. But I love Hedonist!. I'm, really into neon polish and this is frickin' NEON!!

You all know that I am a huge fan of coral polish so a coral neon was obviously going to catch my attention. After seeing swatches of Hedonist on Emma's blog I knew I would get it. This is where my impromptu trip became a blessing in disguise. As I wandered around looking at polish I glanced over and noticed a teeny sign saying "Buy one get one half price" on the Models own stand!

This was €7.65 for 14ml
 Another polish that I was dying to get! Dream stream is a gorgeous blue. It has a metallic finish and it just looked stunning in swatches I have seen.

Am i converted to models own?No. I wouldn't say I'll go out and buy a load of their polish now. None of their others polish colours really appeal to me yet but if another one comes out like these two then I'd definitely look into it!

This was €7.65 but down to €3.83 with the offer.

While I was paying for all the polish (including swap items) I got a little voucher for money off of the brand No7. The girl at the till goes "You know you can get more polish with that"! ha!


27 June 2012

Honeymoon Guest post!

Hey all!

Another guest post from yours truly today! This time I am over at Megan's blog,  Painting Rainbows ,while she is off on her honeymoon.

Here's the picture I based my nail art art on:
Image from Bigskyline.com
Head on over and let me know what you think!


Day 23 in the Summer Challenge house

Hey all,

Challenge 23: Blue+ Aqua+Green mani

I skipped the Wimbledon challenge. I had plans to do it but loads of stuff came up. I don't have an aqua polish so my mani is just blue and green :)

pretty simple! All I needed was a layer of Stargazer 114 as a basecoat, 2 coats of Stargazer 105 and I free handed the tips with Catrice run forest run.

Stargazer 105 is one of the first polishes that I bought. I've had this for about 4-5 years now and it's still going strong. It's gotten a bit thick but not so much that I can't work with it easily enough.

Catrice run forest run is the perfect grass green. Easy to work with and opaque in one coat!Great polish on it's own and for nail art. I've been reaching for this quite a lot recently.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking "jeez that's a bit of a half arsed attempt for this challenge". Don't you worry this is actually just the lead up to Friday's challenge!! I figured since I was using these colours anyway that they could serve as the blue and green challenge post too.


26 June 2012

ET phone home...

Hey all!

I'm in a fierce slump lately. Didn't even do my workout :( I was planning on going to town to buy more nail polish but because I didn't really make an effort with my fitness thingy I cancelled it :(  Although nail mail really cheered me up :D More on that soon ;) Today I thought I would show you the manicure I have on right now.
The minute I put Illamasqua Monogamous on my nails I fell head of heals for it. The is more of a flesh toned polish than a nude. Several times I have reached for something and though my fingers were after getting longer like E.T's! I swear to god I had a mini heart attack each time.

If you follow me on twitter ( @Cuti-CLUE-les ) you'll know that I put this on after some nail art so please excuse the blue tinges around my nails. I drowned by fingers with acetone nail polish remover and still it won't budge! That nail art was inspired by one of you too so keep an eye out for that on Friday! I'm so excited about it!!!

I have on my usual Stargazer 114 basecoat (I bet your all praying for that to feck off and dry up by now haha). I have on two coats of Illamasqua Monogamous and that's it!

I love Monogamous! Like seriously love it! The finish is just stunning. So unique and just plain beautiful. My close up here really does not do this polish any justice. It's a complete bitch to capture accurately I'm afraid but colour wise these are grand!
Without a shadow of a doubt, one of my favourite polishes ever. I'm so grateful to Claire at GiveMePolish for giving this to me as I would never had experienced it overwise.

One problem and it's a biggie. My right hand. It was grand at first, not as smooth as my left but it was grand. Then I got cocky and threw on a topciat thinking it'll enhance the polish even more. Awful idea! A topcoat completely ruins the look of this polish. It also highlights each and every flaw. Even the teeny tiny ones, and magnifies them! So when I got my nail mail I painted over it :D Now I have ET fingers on my left and a rainbow on my right.

Oh and did you see their so-called "great deal"? "Free international shipping!" and then when you open the email "on orders over £75". Seriously for an order like that I would expect free shipping!!

On a happier note, Does anyone watch Diners, drive ins and dives? I am in love with Guy Fieri. There was an episode on there and he was at an Irish pub, His pronunciation of the place was woeful but it was hilarious!
And I just found him on twitter. Commencing mission "make him my husband".


25 June 2012

A Crumpet Style Celebration

Hey all!

Just a quickie to let you know that I'm guest posting on Debbie aka The Crumpet's blog today!! Please head on over and check it out :) I forgot how long my nails were too :O

Here's a taster of the post:

But you'll have to go to her blog to see the other one ;)


Pimp my shrimp

Hey all!

All of a sudden I have decided I need to wear a coral nail polish :P This has been sitting in my stash for a few weeks now so I decided that this was the one to go for.

Catrice Pimp my Shrimp is a coral polish that shifts more towards orange than pink. I am loving orange polish at the moment so I love this particular polish. Coral is one of my go to polish colours throughout the year. I love it! So versatile and bright.  Pimp my Shrimp is verging on neon. Really bright and eye-catching. Taking a quote from the lovely Wig Wam this is definitely a secretary polish ;) I am constantly looking at my nails while I type.
Now the application is not what I expect from Catrice. It's not awful by any means. It's Thicker than normal and it want every where. On my thumbs it went really streaky too which bugged me a lot. I think it might be down to the fact I put the polish in the freezer for a few minutes before using it! This is supposed to stop it bubbling.....It didn't :(

In the pictures I have my usual Stargazer 114 basecoat, 3 coats of Catrice pimp my Shrimp and a coat of Essence Quick Dry topcoat  I was too lazy to put on a topcoat.  It's fairly glossy on it's own and better still it lasted 5 days with no chips and minimal tip wear.

It's a bitch to capture accurately but I think these are almost perfect. Love the colour but hate the formula.

For €2.79 you get 10ml of polish, an amazing colour and a cute name :P

I am so tired right now! Starting a fitness regime thingy tomorrow :(  That's going to go well *insert sarcastic tone here*


24 June 2012

A perry-lous manicure

Hey all!

You can pretty much tell by now that I really like Catrice Nail polish! I picked this up a while ago after seeing a few really nice swatches online.  Plus I think the name is pretty cute :)
Khaki perry is actually a bit weird. On my nails it doesn't really show off any great tinges of green. It's more of a dirty light silver colour. It looks matte in some of the pictures but that's only because I didn't bother with a top coat. It's more of a metallic finish.

The colour vaires widely depending on the lighting of the room you are in. People told me this was a lovely green so I think the Khaki side comes in more in shaded areas.
 Application was smooth and easy. 2 coats over a basecoat of Stargazer 114. I have looked at other swatches online and some look really streaky. I didn't have a problem with streaking whatsoever so don't let that put you off.
Like all Catrice polish this dried really quickly.

I'm not in love with this polish but it did the job! I was just looking to wear a polish and I hadn't worn this yet. I'm not sure if I would wear this again on it's own. It might need some jazzing up with glitter and whatnot.

Cute name and the quality is great. Not overwhelming but still nice to have and it might be a nice choice as a break between a series of bright or dark polish mani's.

Oh and I made my first purchase from the BornPretty store last night. I had like €1.18 left on a voucher and I hate to waste them so I bought my first nail wheel :) Nothing Major but it'll make swatching and practicing nail art far easier.


23 June 2012

Day 21 in the Summer Challenge house

Hey all!

Challenge 21: Picnic

Yeh I forgot today was challenge day so I didn't have the pictures ready to go. My bad! I wasn't really feeling the picnic theme until afterwards when I thought of a way better mani but don't fret! I'll keep it for Theodora and Kaki's Summer challenge :D Problem solved.

Can you tell I wasn't in the mood for this manicure? :P  I was after doing the Ice cream sundae challenge and decided to add in so extra's to make it look like a picnic blanket.

That striping tape is an awful pain the arse I'm not going to lie. It sticks to everything but the damn nail. Then it goes on wonky and if the nail isn't fully dry and you try to move it, it pulls off some of the polish. Nightmare.

Pretty simple manicure.2 coats of Barry M Berry ice cream, a single stripe of white nail polish and 2 rows of purple striping tape. I topped it off with Essence Quick dry topcoat just to fix any smudges (especially on my ring finger).

Even after all the hassle I really liked this mani! It looks so much sweeter in real life.
Would I do it again? I probably will :P But only for certain occasions. Definitely not a go-to mani for me even though it's pretty.

 By the way, am I the only person that thinks the new OPI black spotted polish looks like crap? It's just another version of crackle polish! Really don't get the hype.

Let me know if ye are doing the Thekaki (Theodora and Kaki's new name) summer challenge! It's really well put together and it'll be fun :)


22 June 2012

Currently Craving 22/June/2012

Hey all!

One of the new features of my blog is Currently Craving! Basically it's going to be all of the things that I have been craving during the week :) So let's get it going...

Currently Craving 22/June/2012

1) Bath & Body works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
I used to be really into using hand gel all of the time but I've really gotten out of the habit of it. These are quite small but like the OPI they would be handy to have in my bag and they are supposed to smell phenomenal.

Price: On ebay a pack of 5 is around €15

2)Barry M Teal nail polish
I love this colour but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere :(

Price: Normally around €4.59 in Boots

3) OPI Avojuice mini pack of 6
I've seen these floating around on a couple of blogs and they sound so amazing! They are fairly dear though and quite small but they would be great to have in my bag during the college year. Plus I am brutal for not moisturizing my hands.

Price: on Ebay for around €14 for the 6 pack.

4) Seuss nail polish -Whimsical ideas by Pam
I have had my eye on this for a while now but she doesn't offer international shipping :( It's just so beautiful!

Price: $10 on her facebook page

5) ELF concealer brush
I'm am tying to get a decent brush to do clean up with and I seen this mentioned on Noelie's blog  and her clean up is immaculate!

Price: €6.60 (including shipping) on the ELF website

6) Lipton Vanilla Caramel truffle black tea
This may seem random but after Alexis mentioned this on twitter I swear to god I have stalked the internet trying to find it. It sounds amazing!

Price: on ebay it's €8 for one pack of 20 teabags. Ridiculous.

Have any of ye tried these? Let me know what you think and if they are worth getting!
What have ye been craving this week?


Day 20 in the Summer Challenge House- Jungle Book nail art

Hey all,

Challenge 20:  Jungle Mani or parrots 

I am so excited for today's mani!

The Jungle Book is one of the films that I always picture when I think of the jungle so naturally I had to do a Jungle book nail art manicure for this challenge. This is fairly picture heavy just to warn ye!
 I.Love.It. I am seriously getting through Disney film manicures way to quickly. They are so much fun to do though!

From left to right I have Baloo, Mowgli, Bagheera and kaa.

Myself and Kaa had a little falling out when I tried to paint him on so I cut off half of his head. That'll teach him not to mess with me :P

As with all my nail art I have on my Stargazer 114 base coat. I never know how long I'll be keeping my nail art on so stain prevention is a necessary step. All of the details, including the background, are done in acrylic paint.

This didn't take that long. I started of with Baloo because he's my favourite :) I did Mowgli last because I knew there would be problems with getting his face to look human :P I think he came out grand though.

Baloo Nail art

Bagheera nail art
Mowgli nail art

Kaa nail art
A made a tiny boo boo on Bagheera's face when I used dark blue instead of black around his mouth. It wasn't noticeable until I uploaded the pictures. No harm! I'm still really pleased with this. If I ever do a Jungle Book nail art theme again I'll probably change Kaa for the baby elephant :P

What's your favourite Disney film? :)


21 June 2012

Review: Essence Quick Dry Topcoat

Hey all!
Essence Quick Dry topcoat review

Just a quick little review on the Essence Quick Dry topcoat. I picked this up becuase it is so hard to find a good topcoat here! The last one I had was by Miss sporty and it always dragged my nail art.

Claims: "Extremely fast drying topcoat. Protects your nail polish against chipping"

I really like this topcoat I have to say. It is touch dry after a minte or two but it stays soft for a while after. I have often painted my nails an hour before going to bed and woken up with sheet marks which drives me mental. Especially when I have no time to fix them before leaving.

It does prevent your nail polish from chipping though. When I'm in college I only have time to paint my nails once a week and they last perfectly for at least 7-8 days!

This leaves a lovely glossy finish on nail polish. One coat is all you need even on glitter BUT! you need at least two when doing nail art with acrylic paint to achieve the same glossy result. Not A huge deal for most people but still important to take into account.

Overall I would but this again. I love Essence products. The quality always surpasses my expectations even now. I love how neat and simple they keep their packaging. I bought this on March 9th and it's still going strong. It's only €2.09 for 8ml (0.27 fl oz) so it's well worth picking up.


Give me polish surprise haul!

Hey all!

When the lovely Claire from Give me polish tweeted me a while back saying that she was sending me a little parcel with Illamasqua monogamous and Barry M denim in it I couldn't believe it. I've been dying to get Illamasqua for ages but they don't have them here :( So I stalked the postman for a week and imagine my surprise to see a huge box for two little polish bottles.

I actually thought I got the wrong package! how amazing is that! I was speechless and kept staring at it like an eejit for ages haha.

 First up is Illamasqua Monogamous. This is my first ever Illamasqua polish! I love the colour and finish and it's been on my wishlist from the moment the first swatches came to light. Love it!

 Next up is Barry M Denim. This is one of the latest Barry M polishes to hit the shelves. It's unbelievable! It's such a gorgeous glittery blue and it dries matte.

Now on to the surprises!!

 I had no idea what this was in the bubble wrap. Nails inc Old Park lane is gorgeous on. I thought it wasn't really that nice on first appearances but on the nail it looks stunning! It's an antique rose kind of colour.

 I didn't even know Nails inc had mini polish bottle but here they are! This is the iconic collection. Very bright and amazing for summer!From left to right: Regents park, york street, summer place, Warwick avenue and Westbourne mews. My favourite is york street.

 Last but not least these are some of her own Nail polish rings. I am in love with rings! Favourite things in the world after nail polish so  having the 2 in 1 is a dream for me! she actually sells them on her etsy store HERE so definitely check that out! Huge thanks again to Claire!

Is there anything that you would like to see swatched first? Let me know below! And Check out Claire's page http://givemepolish.blogspot.ie/  She recently gave her blog a makeover and it looks great!



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