31 July 2012

Day 43 in the Summer Challenge house

Hey all!

I know I haven't done one of these in a while. I actually drafted this post a while ago so I though I might as well pop it up here instead of deleting it :)

Challenge forty three: Olympic medals 

Today I kept things fairly simple. I didn't want anything extreme incase people think I'm after losing my mind going around with medals on my nails :P

So I decided to paint on the Olympic medal colours instead with an accent nail representing the torch :)

All pictures have a basecoat of Stargazer 114 and are without a topcoat.
From left to right:

Essence GoldRush 2 coats

Esssence Rich and Pretty 2 coats

Catrice Goldfinger with stargazer 103 half moons, both 2 coats

Catrice In the bronx 2 coats

I really like Rich and Pretty and In the Bronx. All polish have a shimmer finish which I didn't expect. I think it makes them more uniform.

I prefer Goldfinger to Goldrush now that I see them side by side. Goldfinger is far brighter and the shimmer is way more noticeable.

I didn't think In the bronx would look that good on the nail but I think it turned out quite nicely!

I find Olympic inspired manisure's really hard to do because it's just not something that I find interesting! Just not my kind of thing I'm afraid.

That's pretty much it for today. Not my most inspiring post but I think it looks nice :)


30 July 2012

Lick-or-ish Bytch

Hey all!

Today I have a review of the indie brand Nail the B.y.t.c.h! I have recently fallen back in love with red and I have been on the lookout for a proper retro/pin up style red nail polish.

This polish is called Lick-or-ish B.y.t.c.h and it is a bright red creme. I thought this would be identical to Miss Sporty Red Tango but I think this one is a bit brighter. I'll have to do a side by side comparison though.

Application was great. Three coats with no streaking or dragging. You You could still see the nail line in certain lighting but otherwise it was perfect. Keep in mind that my nails are long enough so it is always harder to stop the tips from showing through the polish.

Lick-or-ish is actually fairly glossy on its own but I would recommend adding on a topcoat!

I do have one complaint,and it is a big one in my books. The packaging was not great at all! It did come in a padded envelope ,which is good, but there was no other packing around it. There is a fair bit of distance between Ireland and the US so this worries me. They might not have had any problems with this method but personally I would prefer a bit of bubble wrap around the polish just in case.

Other than that, I love this polish! I got a good few compliments whilst wearing it too which is always a bonus :D

 You can find more Nail The B.y.t.c.h polish on their site HERE. They go for $6 dollars each which is a great price in my book! They are all 3-free too and each bottle being 15ml in size.

If they wrapped the polish in bubble wrap or something else to protect it I would feel far better about the distance :)

Also, I have this stuck in my head now:


Tweezerman nail file review x3

Hey all! 

My last tweezerman review is a collective one including all of the files from the kit. They don’t really need their own separate posts. They’re just files sure :P 

First up is the Premium emory board (5 pack) 

Description “Pack of 5 thin wood files. Durable” 

Even after that poetic description I was still excited to give these a go.

On the back of the packet it says these are 150/220. I’m guessing that has something to do with the the grit strength of amount. I’m not a file connoisseur haha. These are good files that require very little pressure and quickly take off any lumps and bumps on the nail. They are a nice lilac colour with the tweezerman logo in black. I find it difficult to get a good curve on my nails with these but they are good enough for basic filing and smoothing out.

These Cost $5 for a pack of 5

If these are handy for you to get then go for it! They are good and last a while. I like the fact that there are 5 in a pack so you don’t have to constantly worry about picking up a new one after a short while. They do last a while and my first one is still going strong even after cutting my nails twice and some major filing. If you can’t get these easily and other files are available then I would just go for them. Nothing special.

Next is the Eco friendly file :


Description: “For medium sanding on acrylic nails and for filing edge on natural nails. 100% biodegradable”
I really like the fact that these are biodegradable. With the amount of files I would go through in a lifetime I feel better knowing that these won’t ruin the environment when I am finished with them.

Not as abrasive as the premium emery boards. They have a nice zebra design on them so these might be nice to carry around with you.

These go for $2.50 each

Again this is a nice file. Handy to have around. I like the softer texture compared to the premium file. These are grit 100/180. The main reason I would go out of my way to get this file is down to the eco-friendly approach. Aside from that again these files aren’t in any way superior in terms of quality to ones that I have had before. They might be just a tad more long lasting.

Finally we have the Sansation nail file.

Description: “Reinforced centre for durability and strength. Durable , washable and sanitizable”
Quiet a weird shaped file! No idea what that’s all about. It has the same 100/180 grit as the previous file. Seems like a decent file like the previous one. Probably better for those that do manicures for others as it is washable and sanitizable. I don’t think white is the best colour choice but that’s just personal preference. Nothing remarkable again but the added reinforcement and ability to clean the file might be huge bonus points for others. If you have thick nails this is actually great for thinning them out.

Price on the tweezerman website: $4.00 each

I would have preferred if they had included a metal file In place of these files. They could have combined to both the textures and saved room for other items. They are easier to clean and they last far longer. I’d sooner buy a metal file and know that it’s going to last than buy a load of thin wood files and have them thrown out every so often. Again it’s down to personal preference.


29 July 2012

Whimsical nail polish by Pam- Seuss!

Hey all!

Oh yes believe your eyes! That is indeed Seuss, a whimsical nail polish by Pam! What's that you say? She doesn't ship internationally? No she does not! But the amazing Stephanie from BeadsInk offered to order it and then ship it to me. So obviously the no-buy went straight out of the window :D She even sent me one of her Seuss rings (in my favourite setting might I add!)!! I sent her some polish as a thank you so keep an eye on her shop for some new pretties :D

Blue is apparently one of my favourite colours! I've been buying blue polish like a madwoman recently but this is definitely a special one.[Rant] It really frustrates me that indie makers don't even try to ship internationally! I've seen some that ship to the UK but not Ireland? It makes so sense![/Rant]

Seuss is a sea blue jelly with red white and blue glitter of different sizes mixed into it. There is also a bit of shimmer tucked in there which is lovely!

I have on a base of Essence 24/7 studio nail base, 3 coats of Seuss and a top coat of Seche vite. Now from swatches I have seen, the colour does differ a bit as expected with handmade polish. Some swatches have a lighter blue base with other being far darker. Mine is a bit in between.

I had a bit of a problem with the glitter sticking t the side of the bottle. I tried pushing it around with the brush but to no avail so that might explain the lack of glitter on my nails :)

Application was pretty good! It spread around fairly easily and dried really quickly! I only got to wear this for a day so I haven't a notion about wear time yet.

I love the bottle! The brush is a good length and easy to use. It is definitely a quality polish. If they were readily available here I would not hesitate in buying more. It's clear that Pam puts a good bit of thought and effort into the creation of the polish.

I love the ring so much. It really captures the beauty of the polish with the perfect mixture of the glitters and shimmer in it. Again it is in the 16mm gunmetal filligree setting which I adore! Seriously it is perfect, buy it and thank me later :D

Keep in mind that the 20% off deal on all of the items on the BeadsInk page ends soon (the end of this month I believe). I love having a matching ring. It means I can admire the polish without using it up on my nails too quickly ;)

All in all I am a very happy blogger! I am forever thankful to Stephanie for helping me out so much and for the gorgeous ring! I love having such unique pieces to wear both on my fingers and my nails ;)

Now I did break my no-buy for a second time but again it was so worth it :P I'll post that up soon enough :)

Have ye bought any nail polish recently?


27 July 2012

Tweezerman Mastertech ingrown toenail file and cleaner

Hey all!

My second last post on the tweezerman kit is on the Master tech ingrown toenail file and cleaner. Not the most alluring of tools but it’s important none the less :P 

Description “Features an ingrown file to help relieve the pressure of ingrown nails and a thin, curved end to clean under and around the nail” 

If you saw this in the shop you would assume it was some short of torture device used by the dentist! That’s the reaction I get every time someone sees it. In fairness it doesn’t look very user friendly but
never judge a book by its cover.

The file is long and thin and has rubber bits to ensure you can keep a firm grip on the file. The file is small and thin and works incredibly effectively. The file is grand. The little curve really does make a difference. I like the fact they combined the two into one handy tool. Makes it far easier to bring with you and you don’t need much space to store it. 

I am glad they didn’t bother with any decoration on the tool, like the pushy. The zebra print wouldn’t really look right on it at all and seeing as it’s for ingrown nails I really doubt people are going to go looking for “pretty” ones :P Especially seeing as most people are embarrassed by it in the first place. 

I would tell ye to take it handy when you are using the cleaner. The toe will be fairly sensitive and probably be inflamed and I really doubt ye want to aggravate it more ;) 

On the tweezerman website the ingrown nail file costs: $14 

Overall: Probably not something you really need unless you regularly wear shoes that are too tight like heels (tight shoes are the main cause of ingrown toenails) but it is really handy to have all the same. If you suffer from ingrown toe nails then this product is a lifesaver! It relieves the pressure instantly and helps keep the pain away.


26 July 2012

Tweezerman Pushy review

Hey all, 

Today I have the stainless steel Pushy cuticle pusher up for review. 

Description: Our stainless steel pushy has thin, hand buffed edges for pushing back cuticles and cleaning under and around the nail without scratching” 

Again the pushy is made from stainless steel which makes it look a bit like a screwdriver but at least it will be durable! It’s lightweight and easy to store. It has a textured body that is nice and decorative but also provides you which a good grip of the tool when in use. The tweezerman logo is found on the curved end with its origins on the back.

The pushy is double ended which I think is such a good idea. It has both a squared end and a curved end. You use the end that is most suited to you. I use the curved end because I have semi circle shaped cuticles J I know it might seem like a waste to have a 2 in 1 product when you will only use one side but the other side might suit your toes or if you give others manicures you won’t have to bring 2 different tools as it’s all in one piece which gives you more space and less crap to remember:D

I would say you are better off softening your cuticles with a gel or something before using a cuticle pusher of any kind. It just makes it so much easier and puts less stain and damage on your cuticles. It has a curved shape allowing you to easily push back your cuticle. It only takes a few seconds for each nail.

The exact one I have is not on the website but a similar one including a cleaner is $17

Overall another piece that is not vital to have. I think it’s important to have one if you want to take care of your nails as cuticles can be unsightly if unattended too.  I previously used a rubber tipped pusher and it has no place beside the pushy. The pushy is far better in terms of quality and results it gives. It'll last a lifetime and your nails will look so much better from using it.

That's if you remember to use it all the time unlike a certain blogger.....cough cough....


**product was provided for review**

25 July 2012

Blue-ming lovely

Hey all!

Hope yer all keeping well! Today I have a barry m polish to show ye :) I needed a nice sky blue polish for nail art and this was the closet polish that I could find!

 Barry m Blueberry ice cream is a nice light sky blue polish. I could never find this in my local boots so in the end I had to order it online.

I'm surprised that I didn't have a light blue polish in my stash before I bought this  :/  Light blue is a gorgeous colour so I'm pretty excited to finally have one now :)

I used this as part of my Birthday nail art and a fair few other manicures over the past week or two.
 Application was perfect. 2 coats and you are good to go. I would recommend giving the first coat time to dry as it dragged a tiny bit on one nail. Other than that it is a lovely polish!

It's a lovely colour for spring and summer but in fairness I just wear polishes depending on the humour I'm in.  I'll probably be wearing neons during christmas...

Probably not the most unique colour in the world but the formula is very good on it so that gives it bonus points :P

Barry m go for €4.57 in boots for 10ml of polish. A pretty decent amount and a great quality polish. Although I am no longer a fan of the company, I would recommend the polish if you don't have a colour like this already :)


Why I love my postman part 1...

Hey all!

So with the ban on nail polish still intact (kind of) I decided to stock up on skincare products before heading back to college. I am a huge fan of cruelty free and natural brands and Pixy is pretty much my go-to brand now.
If you think this is bad, I started off with around 10 things! But being practical I knew they wouldn't be used for months so I'm waiting until stuff starts running out to buy the rest :P

First thing in the basket was the Lime Body scrubber cubes. After trying the vanilla ones I am obsessed with body scrubs! They just leave your skin feeling so smooth and clean.

Next up is the Rose Cleansing mud. My skin is decent at the moment but the minute I start back at college it looks disgusting! Being in a stuffy room with 400 people really does not help!  I'm really excited to try this out I have to say :)

 The almond milk face scrub is the last thing I bought. This stuff smells exactly like almonds. Another one I'm excited to try out.

Pixy also popped in 2 of their bath bombs which I am in love with. If ye want to try out a bath bomb go for the lime light one. Oh my god it smells so good! I have it on the desk beside me. If it makes my bath smell this good then I'll be buying it for definite. I think I got the strawberry one in my last box too (They didn't have labels) and it was gorgeous.

 Have ye tried any pixy products yet?


24 July 2012

TheKaki Summer challenge: Seashell

Hey all!

This has been sitting on my usb for about a week now! I finally found my nail art brush (twitter followers will understand- I lost all my nail art brushes, then found them all abar the detail one! Only found it last night so no new nail art for the last week)

 *Shudder* this is not what I had in mind! Patrick is pretty decent but spongebob was such a pain in the tóin (oh yes believe your eyes that's an Irish word right there) It actually started really well and looked great until I started adding in the details :P

This is the picture I based the manicure on! I kept it fairly close to the original though I changed their faces a fair but to make it easier. I love having short nails but they are brutal for nail art.

For the blue base I used Barry M Blueberry Ice cream. Then I freehanded the tips using Catrice Sand Francisco. The rest is done using acrylic paints :) I sealed it all with a coat of Essence Quick Dry topcoat.

The took so long to do it was beginning to get on my nerves! Every time it started to look ok I somehow managed to feck it up with the next brush stroke :(

Oh well you win some you lose some. I'm glad I got my brush back though! Hopefully I'll be able to get some more nail art done at the weekend :) I was waiting for the postman for ages today and it drove me up the wall! I placed another order with Pixy last week and I am so excited to try out the stuff I bought :D The box is beside me on the desk and the smell is just gorgeous!


Tweezerman pedro callus stone review

Hey all! 

Today I have the Pedro callus stone review. 

Description: “Superior quality two-sided ceramic stone with a rough side for reducing calluses and a fine side for smoothing skin. Strong, sturdy handle for optimum control. Washable”  

Unlike the other tools in this kit, the pedro callus stone contains no metal. Instead the body is made of a hard plastic with a rough stone on the front and a smoothing stone on the back. Although this has weight in it, it’s very easy to work with. 

Smooth side
The callus stone is curved giving you more control over its movements so you can easily focus on the roughest area of your foot. Although the rougher side may appear to be rough, it deals with the rough spots effectively so you don’t have to spend that much time on it. It is pain free and actually feels really pleasant. After getting rid of the rough bits you just go over it with the opposite side to leave your feet smooth. 

Rough side

There is also a handy little loop in the body of the pedro so you can hang it up in the shower or wherever takes your fancy. 

The main thing I would say is that it is a little too bulky to carry around with you if you regularly travel. Not a huge deal but something to keep in mind. 

The pedro Callus stone costs $20 on the tweezerman website. 100% worth it!

Overall I think this is definitely one to have around the house. It’s probably the best one I have ever tried which I honestly didn’t think I would be saying but it is amazing. 


**Product was provided for review**

23 July 2012

TheKaki Summer Challenge: Tropical Drinks

Hey all!
....So I am in a bit of a creative blah at the moment so I had to skip the summer memory challenge or else I'd never get this posted !...
 I went for something a teeny bit abstract! I love the look of the multi-coloured drinks so I used striping tape to create a layered look. When I took off the tape I went over the line again with my Kiss nail art brush in silver glitter.

I did an accent nail using the cling film (saran wrap) method. I wanted it to look like when you mix a drink up really quickly using a straw :P

I think I should have only used the bright colours for the accent nail but I'm still happy out with it!

Red- Miss Sporty Red Tango
Orange- Nails Inc Atomic
Yellow- Catrice Birdy Reloaded
Green- Catrice Acid/dc
Blue- Catrice Blue Cara ciao
White- No7 White tips.
The striping tape is the cheapest one I found on ebay :P

The striping tape gets a bit easier to work with but I would suggest cutting it a bit longer so you can easily grab if before the polish dries if you aren't planning on keeping it as part of the manicure :)

The cling film method is easy so I think I'll be doing a few more manicure's using it. 

I'm happy out with this! I'm really glad I am finally getting the hang of the striping tape and how to use it. It's fairly handy to have.

What's your favourite drink? I love Dr Pepper! And Tango but we can't get that anymore.


21 July 2012

Currently Craving! 21/07/2012

Hey all!
Currently Craving! 21/07/2012

Left: Cult Nails Deal with it
Right: A-England St George

Not much of a craving this week with some pretty amazing nail mail. I bought a fair bit this week too so that helped stem the cravings! These two have been on my radar a lot this week. In still in two minds about Deal with it. It's a gorgeous colour but some say you still have visible nail line after 3 coats even on shortish nails? That would suck for me!!!
A-England St George has always been a polish that caught my eye but I forgot about it until I came across swatches on Emma's blog . I will get this when my no buy is over because I am madly in love with the colour :)

The no buy is going pretty well so far! I bought one polish BUT it was so worth it :D I'll show ye the minute it gets here (stupid post man is so slow!) Oh and I have a swap package to show ye and my birthday present to myself which is pretty special ;)

What would ye like to see first? Swap of special?

Also let me know what ye are craving this week! It's always fun to see what catches peoples eye :D


Feelin' (not so) Hot hot hot

Hey all!

I have a skincare post today :) I don't post these often but my favourite thing to buy, after nail polish, is skincare products! I don't wear makeup so I try my best to keep my skin as clear and as decent looking as possible :)

Recently I have been really into face masks. I went for Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Sauna in hot vanilla. I love vanilla so that sold it to me :P Plus on the top it says self heating. I was so dubious of this and just thought it was a weird marketing ploy but I threw it in the trolley anyway :P

Hot vanilla is a creamy nude coloured mask. It actually has a fudge texture and I was tempted to taste it I kid you not! I think the company guessed this would happen though...

"Warning: Natural ingredients may vary in colour. Like all toiletries, these masques are best kept out of reach of children. Avoid eyes. Test for irritancy before use. For external use only. Do not eat."

All you do is wet your face, rub on the mask and leave it there for around 15 minutes. Now the warming effect lasts about 3 seconds which was a major disappointment. I was expecting it to last the whole 15 minutes which would have been really soothing and would have added to the experience.

Even with that disappointment, I loved this mask! My pores were reduced so much it was unbelievable. My pores only became really noticeable within the last year or two. I didn't think this would make much of a difference because I tried out a fair lot of products for reducing pore's and none of them worked. And it smells so good! 

I think these cost around €1.49 here. You can get 2 masks out of each pack and they say to only use it once a week so it's a pretty good price. Especially with the results that the hot vanilla one gives :)

Oh and don't eat it...It doesn't taste nice.


20 July 2012

Birthday nail art

Hey all!

It was my birthday about a week ago now I think and I spent forever trying to think up some nail art to do for it! You have no idea how hard it was. I didn't want the really obvious birthday cake and candles etc.. because It's not really a big day for me. I think only three of my friends remembered so that was really disheartening.  Oh well! I'm just annoyed I put so much effort into their birthdays..

This is how it started off..

... And the finished result!
I went for a Harry Potter theme after I haunted Kaki from Glitter Obsession with Snape Gifs on twitter :P I was inspired by the house crests. I planned on doing the actual crest itself with the writing but I only finished these at 3 in the morning so I didn't have time.  I'll do them one day though because they look so fricking amazing!

From left to right: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.
Hufflepuff: Catrice birdy reloaded (Yellow) Kiss black nail art brush (black)
Slytherin: Barry M Teal (greenish) Kiss White nail art brush (white)
Ravenclaw: Essence Grumpy (Royal blue) Barry M Blueberry ice cream (sky blue)
Gryffindor: Barry M Raspberry (redish) Catrice Birdy reloaded (yellow)

I just combined the basecolours of all four houses on my thumb
Top left: Barry M Raspberry
Top Right: Essence Grumpy
Bottom Left: Barry M Teal
Bottom Right: Catrice Birdy Reloaded

I used my gold striping tape to hide the lines and to make it look neater :)

Full hand shot. I actually did the same design on my right hand too. I hardly ever repeat the same design on both hands but it's Harry potter people!! You have to!!

My favourite colour combination is Essence Grumpy with Barry m Blueberry ice cream. I love the colours and the design itself. Definitely one to repeat again on it's own. Gryffindor was the hardest nail by far! It drove me demented. I actually had to redo it after a really stupid mistake which you can see below:

Yup I forgot that striping tape covers some of the nail so I didn't use a basecoat :P Rookie mistake!! I love the way it turned out though! not as messy as the end result but a bit more wonky :D

I got some nice compliments on this manicure too which was really nice!

That's pretty much it :)


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