31 August 2012

I wear my sunglasses at night

Hey all!

Believe it or not the only polish I ever wore before I really got into nail polish was black. I loved it so much! I wore it religiously. It was always Stargazer 129. Love the brand so much but then they stopped selling their polish in the only shop that I could get it in for no reason :( So I'm on the lookout for a new black!

Catrice I wear my sunglasses at night is a black polish that is jam packed with glitter. I know a lot of people were disappointed with this because the glitter doesn't translate well onto the nail. This doesn't really bother me in fairness. You get enough glitter for it to sparkle when you are in decent lighting.

I think this has now been discontinued but you can find it fairly easily in most places.

Application wasn't too bad. It went on easily in 2 coats but it can be a bit thick so take it hady when you are putting it on.

Catrice have a great formula and I can easily get a week without chips and minimal tip wear. I mainly use this for nail art because it is really opaque. I actually used this in a my San Diego nail art guest post for Painting Rainbows.

 What is your favourite black polish? I've had my stargazer one for about 4 years now and it's gone gloopy :( I still use it though :P Just very very slowly :D Also I now have nubbins for nails! I cut them right down to the skin so they'll grow all nice and healthy again. It's so weird having really short nails. I have boyish hands now! My nails grow quickly but it's nice to dry a new shape and size every once in a while.


30 August 2012

Summer essentials...

Hey all!

If ye are big on watching youtube videos or even beauty blogs you'll have been seeing a load of "most used/worn items of this summer" posts. I think there is room for a nail polish related one so here it is!

1)...Base Coat:
Definitely Essence 24/7 studio nails base coat. My Stargazer 127 completely ran out at the beginning of the summer. I have to say I love the Essence one a lot more as a base coat. It dries matte but whitens your nails at the same time. Brilliant! Only €2.49 too


Now this one is a fair bit harder. I rarely wear a polish twice because I am trying to empty up my untried section (which is looking a lot smaller now) I have been using Barry M blueberry icecream a fair bit for nail art so I think this definitely qualifies.


 I actually didn't use a topcoat that much this Summer. I only really use it during college to make sure my manicure lasts the week without chipping :P Essence quick dry topcoat would be my most used. It's always sitting on my desk so it's handy to pop on before I go anywhere :)

4)..Cuticle cream / oil

This one is fairly easy. Pixy natural skincare Aloe rescue gel. One of the best products I have ever used on my cuticles and it smells so fresh. Re-hydrates my cuticles the minute I rub it on and it dries in within a few seconds. Sally hansen Vita surge cuticle gel is a close second! I just haven't had it as long as the gel :P

5)...hand cream

The OPI avojuice skin quencher hand and body lotion in mango (jaysus that's some name!) It smells just like mango frubes (yogurts) and it just sinks into the skin leaving my hands so soft! I carry this everywhere with me. I like to match them to the perfume I use and my hand sanitizeer gel (that's not weird right?)

6)...Hand sanitizer
I'm a huge fan of hand sanitizer/hand gel. I never leave the house without a little bottle in my bag with me. The Body shop sweet lemon hand cleanse gel got an awful beating this summer. It smells gorgeous and you don't get that horrific alcohol scent wafting around you for 10 minutes after. It really leaves your hands feeling clean.

7)...Cuticle remover
I was a big fan of cutting my cuticles but to be honest I haven't been  bothered with it for a while. I reach for the Essence Cuticle Gel remover far more often now. It's quick and easy to use and keeps my cuticles looking nice and neat.

8)...Nail Art tool
I spent the majority of this summer doing freehand nail art but I think striping tape was my go-to nail art product. I only used my dotting tools a couple of times.

9)...Nail polish remover

Normally I use Boots acetone free remover.It smells nice and it works well enough. It's cheap too. I'm not going to spend €7-8 on something that barely lasts 2-3 weeks. This summer I was stuck using a shop own brand remover laden with acetone. Destroyed my skin and cuticles but it worked far better on glitter than the boots one!

10)...Design or tutorial

I'm not a big gradient person. It just doesn't float my boat enough to do it as often as some bloggers do. I went through some blog posts and the french manicure twist actually appears  far more that I thought!

What were your summer essentials? I hope some of ye give this tag a go :) It would be really interesting to see what your go-to summer essentials were.


27 August 2012

This is dopey, he don't talk none

Hey all,

Super stressed out lately so not in the best of form. I have a million and one things to sort out but they can't be done until I sort out other things. It's just a weird and annoying process that seems never ending :( It probably won't end until next August either so I have a whole year of worry ahead of me...Woo.

I have another polish from the Essence Snow White limited Edition collection. This time it's my favourite character- Dopey!

This was sent to me by the lovely and amazing Sharon who creates some gorgeous manicures over on her blog HERE. Love her, lover her blog, check her out :)

Dopey is a light lavender with silver glitter mixed inbetween. The colour is the spit of Dopey's hat which is so sweet. The polish made me think of him automatically and I really liked that!

Dopey is a little bit sheer but it builds up perfectly in 3 coats. You get a gorgeous layer of glitter on each nail. It's not patchy at all.

Dopey dries a bit gritty. You wouldn't really feel it to be honest but a thin layer of topcoat eliminates the gritty texture perfectly so it's nothing to worry about.

I have on a thin layer of Essence quick dry topcoat in the last picture. You can see how smooth it is now. Dopey looks far better with a topcoat in my opinion. Really glossy and such a delicate colour. The glitter was a lovely touch.

 All of the dwarves in the Essence collection cost €1.99. Totally worth it in my opinion! This polish is unique and will suit everyone. I can't wait to wear this one again.

What polish are ye loving at the moment?


25 August 2012

Currently Craving 25/August/2012

Hey all!

I have a fairly long list today!
Currently Craving 25/August/2012

1) Pixy Vanilla Mud scrubs
I just finished my first pack of these the last day and I love them! I was about to buy more last night along with the other Pixy bits mentioned but I have to buy more college folders and books so I had to restrain
 myself :( I still have a few of the limes ones left to keep me going

2) Witch skin clearing primer
My skin has decided that the week before college is always the best time to break out.
I think this would be great to use in the morning and hopefully it would keep me shine free all day.
Can't find a place to buy it though :/

3)Essence Wanna say hello?
This is the old bottle but they have released this shade in the new ugly bottles. I will definitely pick this one up. It's a gorgeous deep brown polish. Not excrement brown like China Glaze Mahogany Magic. Sophisticated brown :P

4) Pixy Magnolia and Jasmine bath oil
I like the fact that this moisturizes your skin. I love their bath bombs as they leave my skin so soft afterwards so I have high hopes for this! Plus the bottle would last for ages.

5) Essence Can't Cheat on me
Gutted my shop didn't have this in stock before they discontinued it. It's stunning! Check it out on google images :)

6) Essence you belong to me
Again another discontinued polish. Essence are making a huge mistake by getting rid of their dupes. This is the spit of China Glaze For Audrey which I'm keen on but not €10 keen on :P

7) Witch Blemish stick
This one would be a lifesaver for my bag! It's a handy little tube that you can throw in your bag without taking up much space. I've heard rave reviews about it too but my skin is fickle ;) (btw love the word fickle thanks to Harry Potter)
Boots £2.89

8)Pixy Tough love soap block
I already know Pixy soap is amazing. I love my mango one but it's nearly gone now. I think this one has the nicest ingredients and I like the sound of it :)

Yeh it's a long list but I can't get hold of half the stuff so it's not too bad :P They are all pretty basic items though. I'm going to get the blemish stick when I'm in boots next (love boots points!!)  but the don't sell the primer which is an awful shame :(

What have ye been craving this week?


23 August 2012

What's black, white and red all over?

Hey all!

So tired writing this post so I hope it makes sense :P I just starting thinking about college again today and and how I have to think of a nice manicure to wear on my first week back so I have something to keep me occupied. I like college and learning (nerd) but my class stick with their own group of people so it can get a bit boring.

Here's a blast from the past ie about 6 months ago before I started the blog. I remember doing the mani like it was yesterday because it took AGES. I had to wear this for 8 days so I knew I wanted something that would look interesting.

The red is miss sporty red tango, the black is Catrice I wear my sunglasses at night and the white is a kiss striper. I freehand the half moons because I cannot find those hole reinforcement stickers anywhere.

This lasted the whole 8 days without tip wear or chips!

 I really love these nails but they would look woeful on the little short nails I have now :P I wasted hours looking for manicures on google that included red, black and white before I decided to just do it this way. Considering my knowledge of nail art back then I am damn proud of this manicure!

What is your favourite colour combination?


My name is Cuti-CLUE-les and I'm an affiliate

Hey all!

I'm sure ye have noticed the new additions to the blog layout but I had no time to fill you in on them until now. I was recently made an affiliate for Sigma which is pretty huge for me! I know I mention it the odd time on the blog but I am a huge fan of companies that have cruelty-free products. It's important to me that I use cruelty-free products when ever I can.

I'm not one for hiding things and I always let ye know when I am reviewing products sent to me and things like that so I thought I'd let ye know a bit more about the sigma affiliate program. Basically you sign up and they review your blog to see if you are suitable for the program. When you are accepted they send your own unique code.  So if you click the banners on the side of this post and you buy something from Sigma I will receive a 10% commission from that buy. Now before ye start thinking I'm raking in the money and going out buying Mulberry handbags and Dior nail polish, I'm not. It's not all about the money (for me anyway) I like to be able to promote a brand that I like and whose ethics I like. If I wouldn't to try and  use the product in the first place then I am not going to write about. Simple as that.

I will from time to time post about new products that are coming out or include them in my currently craving if I actually really want the product or if I think it is interesting. If not then you won't hear about it. Sure it won't be fun for me to write about something I could care less about and it definitely wouldn't be fair to lead ye on thinking I love the product when I do not.

I have banners and discounts on the blog and I'll swap them around from time to time. If ye ever want to buy from Sigma and would like to use my link, here it is: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=319693 I would really appreciate it. If not, then that's grand with me ! There won't be any hard feelings :)

I just wanted to give ye a heads up on what was going on.


22 August 2012

Oh Sweet child O' mine

Hey all!

You all know I am pretty much in love with skincare products right now but I never really bothered with body butters. The tubs are always so small and they are fairly dear for something you might not like at all.  I was recently sent the sweet lemon body butter from The Body Shop to try out so it was the perfect chance to finally try them out.

 My skin is fairly normal. I don't really suffer from dry skin anywhere apart from around my ankles and my elbows so I check those areas when ever I body products to see if they are any good.

First up I like the packaging. It's a lovely sunny yellow  with a giant lemon on the top.Nice and simple but eye-catching. The body butter itself is a paler yellow but is equally as eye-catching. I suppose as with any one that has a love for nail polish knows, the packing of a products is always the first thing you notice :P
I love the smell of this butter. It smells just like lemons, not artificial lemons, pure lemon!It's so uplifting and fresh on the skin.I thought you would need a load to cover your entire body but a little really goes a long way. I skim my finger across the top twice and that gives me plenty to cover me. This one has a lovely buttery consistency. I know yez are like "duh!it's a body BUTTER" but I have tried out the Shea butter and found it to be a fair bit thicker.The body butter claims to give 24h hydration to dry skin and it does live up to that promise. My skin is still lovely and smooth the next day.

I have to say I am a huge fan! I love the consistency and the smell of the body butters. They leave my skin soft and smooth for the duration of the day. Now they are dear. €18.95 for a 200ml tub. I won't be running out to buy one because it is more than I can afford BUT the Body Shop is known for its sales and offers so the minute I hear of one on these I am going to stock up.  Highly recommend the Sweet lemon body butter . I'll be awful sad when I finish it to be honest.

Have ye tried the Body Shop body butters? Which is your favourite?


**Product was provided for review**

21 August 2012

Barry M: what happened next...

Hey all!

I have a little update for you in regards to the Barry m debacle mentioned here. Not  long after publishing that post I was contacted by the Barry m customer service team. I don't know how they found my post but I'm pleased they finally got in touch with me although it did take a fairly lengthy blog post to get this far.
I was contacted by Caroline who is a credit to the brand and actually seemed to take an interest in to why my queries went unanswered.

Caroline said that the team work hard at trying to reply to all queries both on twitter and through email but sometimes they get lost. I knew that might have missed one but I still don't think that this is a fair excuse to give. The twitter team rarely reply with answers to queries- they mainly retweet useless tweets of people bragging about their stash of barry m polish as I said before.   I did appreciate the fact that Caroline had taken the time to actually read the post and clearly understood my frustration with the lack on contact. Caroline was kind enough to send out some nail polish as further apology. I appreciated this but to be honest I was happier with the fact that I finally got some answers. I know some people would sooner just forget about it but why should you? Isn't it easy to just email the company and ask about the product? You could save yourself and other people from wasting their time looking for something that wasn't there in the first place. Imagine it was something bigger like your product arriving broken or never arriving at all. Wouldn't you like to know that the customer team set up by a company would actually reply to your queries and sort it out as opposed to just ignoring you.

I'm still in two minds as to if I will buy from Barry M again. I delighted I finally got some feedback but it took a damn long time to get this far. If that polish was limited edition I would have no hope of getting it now. But I do love their polish. It's getting harder to find cruelty free nail polish brands around here and I can't rely on ebay for brands that aren't available around here. Either way I thought I would let ye know what has happend since the post was published.I believe there should  be proper email address available on the site so you could email your complaints to them directly. I am glad I finally got an answer and that the person I dealt with was incredibly helpful. I think dealing with Caroline has made me feel a fair bit better about continuing on as a Barry M customer but we will see :)

Now just to lighten the mood:

From  banniedragonfly.wordpress.com

A striping success!

Hey all!

I found these swatches this morning! They were supposed to be for a guest post but I changed my mind at the last minute and went for a different design :P I've been playing around with striping tape for a while so I thought I'd pop these up. Plus I really miss my long nails :( My nubbins never look good with nail art.

 I was after swatching P2 color victim in  artful (which I love by the way!) and I really wanted to keep it on for another day so I thought it was a great opportunity to break out the striping tape. I really wanted to try a pattern that I see on stamping plates so the criss-cross design seemed perfect for a first go.

I did change it about a bit on each nail just to see which angle would work best. I actually really like the fact that each nail has the same pattern but with different sized diamonds.

I just use the cheap old striping tape off of ebay that I posted HERE. It really doesn't matter. Just pull it off the second you paint on the polish and you will get a clean like. I use a cuticle nipper to pull the tape off and it works far better. Even a tweezers would do the job.

I added on Catrice Acid/Dc as the second colour. I think the colour combination works really well. Plus I am in love with accent nails at the moment. Lately I've been keeping my thumb as my accent nail just to switch it up a bit.

I love playing around with striping tape but it always leaves such a mess afterwards. The tape sticks to everything!!

What nail do you normally use as an accent nail?


20 August 2012

You are getting sleepy....very sleepy...

Hey all!

The recent Essence Snow white collection was a massive hit! Everyone went mental for it over here and internationally. I was fond of a few of the polishes but by the time I got around to buying them the stand was pretty much gone. Thankfully I received all the ones I wanted bar one in swaps :D Today I have Essence Sleepy.

Sleepy is a light blue creme with blue shimmer running through it. The shimmer is actually more noticeable in real life. I was having a bad camera day :P

Sleepy was part of my swap with Theodora and I am delighted to have him. I was actually in town looking for him before my swap package arrived and he wasn't there! The shimmer really makes this polish stand out. I loved wearing Sleepy. the shimmer really transformed it from being a nice but slightly average blue to looking like the water when the moon shines down on it. So pretty!

Click on the pictures to really see the gorgeous shimmer.

Application was awful weird though! It reminded me of the new Opi black spotted polish. When I put the first coat on it split and had the exact same effect as spotted! I wore this without a basecoat and used slighter thicker coats. 3 coats gave a nice opaque and even appearance. I wouldn't be put off by the formula. It's easy to build up the polish and the end result is well worth it.

 I didn't use a topcoat but to be fair look how glossy it is on it's own! Essence polish lasts for ages and I often go a week or more without chips. They have since changed their bottles so I'm not sure if the formula of their polish has changed too. I really hope not! The new bottles look tacky in the promo pictures.
 The Essence Snow White collection was a Limited edition so sleepy cost's €1.99 instead of the usual €1.20. I think the new bottles go for €1.79 for 8ml rather than 5ml which is a far jump like! Not to sure about that yet.I have yet to use up a 5ml bottle so I don't see why they had to change it :(  Sleepy is a great little polish though :D

Who was your favourite dwarf from the Snow white film?


19 August 2012

EOS is the balm!

Hey all!

See what I did there with the title? Because they are amazing and they sell lipbalm? Comedy genius right here! :P

I'm finally getting around to writing up my EOS lipbalm review! I've been using the same one for over 2 months now so I think I can give a half decent review on it :)
 So here is my beat up lipbalm. I mentioned in my July Favourites post that my dog ate it so do not worry! Your balm will not turn out like this after a couple of weeks :P  I tried out the Lemon Drop lipbalm first mainly becuase it has SPF 15 in it. It has a bright yellow packaging (way brighter than my picture) with "EOS" inscribed on the top and bottom. I like the fact that you have to twist the lid to open it up. I find those pull off plastic lids always crack in half or slide off in my bag.  It clicks in place when you close it. When I'm bored I spend ages just clicking the lid shut which drives people mental but it's so addicting!
The lipbalm itself is a pale yellow and smells just gorgeous! It has a fresh lemon scent. Sweet but not overpowering in any way. The smell only sticks on your lips for a few minutes so it shouldn't put you off buying it. I find a little goes a long way . I have really dry lips that crack constantly but it keeps my lips so moisturized and smooth. They aren't the stickiest of lipbalms which I like. My hair always got stuck in my carmex lipbalm and it drove me demented altogether!

Overall verdict? I love them! The last for ages and they smell so fresh and lovely. They are really moisturizing They don't leave your lips really glossy like carmex so men and women can use them without feeling self-conscious about the shine. I still have a good month of use left in mine so they really do last a while. One big negative for me is the price! They are only available on the Beauty Emporium for an eye-watering €6.25 + shipping which is a bit ridiculous for a lipbalm. I really wanted the summer fruits and passion fruit ones but no luck getting them so far.

Have you tried EOS lipbalms? Which is your favourite?


Are you hed-ing my way?

Hey all!

For some strange reason I was in such a summery mood today! In the frickin' Autumn!   I'm really happy summer is over (love the winter so much!) but I know people are going to start wearing dark polish constantly. Don't get me wrong I love dark nail polish but I'll still be wearing my neon nails.

I finally got around to wearing Models Own Hedonist when I went to The Body Shop pampering treatment the last day. We were having such lovely wearing and I was debating wearing this or China Glaze Flip flop Fantasy. I settled on this just because I hadn't worn it as a manicure yet.

Hedonist is a bright coral/red creme nail polish although in certain lights it does side with orange more than red. This is part of the Hed Kandi collection that was released a while back now. Only 3 of the polishes in that collection really caught my eye but Hedonist was the one that stood out the most.

Here I have 2 coats of Hedonist. I didn't find this to be particularly neon, more a very bright polish. I like the rubbery matte finish that this polish has so I didn't bother with a topcoat. Usually adding on a topcoat just highlights the flaws in the polish anyway :P

I like the polish but I was a little let down that it wasn't as neon as China Glaze Flip flop fantasy. I remember wearing this as a pedicure a while back and it seemed to come across far brighter on the toes than the fingers. Maybe I'm imagining it :P Either way I think this is a brilliant pedicure polish :) The polish does smell a fair bit though. Maybe crack open a window before you start painting.

Models own cost around €7.57 in boots for 14ml. Boots always have a few deals on models own polish though. I bought Hedonist and Dream Stream when the buy 2 get 1 half price offer was going on. Way better value I think.

Have ye started reaching for the Darker shades yet? Don't do it! I'm serious, back away from the dark shades people!!


18 August 2012

Currently Craving 18/August/2012

Hey all!

Currently Craving 18/August/2012

Major cravings this week! Since college is starting up again soon I now have no money to spend on any treats :(

I love graffiti and tattoo styles and these are just perfect for me! I personally wouldn't wear nail strips as full manicures but they would make the best accent nails!

I have been  dying to buy this since the Pampering treatment. I love the colours and the shimmer. It's just the perfect starter (mini) palette for me! Especially since the are cruelty free.

Well you can't put on make-up without brushes :P These are dear but they are suitable for vegans which is a major bonus point. Plus everyone raves about the quality so they will last me forever. I like the colours too :D Also comes in a travel size but I *need* the full size.

I'm still on the fence about this one. There was a tiny little sample in Glamour magazine the last day and I loved it. I tried to get a sample vial but I can't find them anywhere. It's a gorgeous perfume but I didn't find it long lasting which is a pain.

I haven't had the best of luck with China Glaze formula but they do have some gorgeous colours. I'm not overly keen on the rest of this collection but Kalahari kiss is such a unique colour.

What have ye been craving recently?  I know it's only August but jeez I'm dreading Christmas! Hate not having money to get presents for people :(


WingDustCollections Jazzberry Pie review

Hey all!

This is the last polish I have for reiew from WingDustCollections and it a beauty! Purple or not this one is a bleeding knockout altogether.

 Jazzberry pie is sheer,light pinky/purple polish laden with holographic glitter and dotted with blue hexes.

On its on Jazzberry Pie isn't much to write home about.The colour builds up enough with 2 coats to cover the nail but this isn't my favourite way to wear this polish.

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

4 coats is ideal if you just want to wear Jazzberry pie on its own. Trust me, you will want to layer it though!

Here you can see Jazzberry pie layered:

I think glitters like Jazzberry pie always look better and more prominent over darker colours. I teamed Jazzberry Pie with 2 coats of  Barry M denim.

I really really really recommend clicking on the pictures to make them bigger. You are really missing out on the sparkle if you don't.  Jazzberry pie is a polish that looks kind of tame and unappealing in the bottle but it explodes when it is layered over a darker polish! I cannot wait to use this polish again. It's perfect!

You can find WingDustCollections on Etsy and Facebook. Each polish costs $9.

So, out of all 5 polishes, which is your favourite? I have to say based on formula and the end result Jazzberry pie has bowled me over. Stunning!


**Polish was provided for review**

17 August 2012

WingDustCollections Under the Sea review

Hey all!

Ok so the big storm that was supposed to hit us was apparently made up by some fella trying to make his news story more lively. What a twat! Anyway,  I have the second last polish from WingDustCollections today.
Under the sea is a gorgeous mix of holo, blue and black hex glitter with finer blue glitter set in a clear base. This is definitely intended as a topper and it was the polish that I was the most excited about! Toppers are a brilliant way of spicing up an older manicure and are great fr hiding little chips when you don't have time to re-do your nails.Here I just have one coat of Under the Sea on each nail.It'll never be opaque people :P

Even with the amount of polish I have in my stash I couldn't for the life of me think of any colours aside from coral and blue to team this with.  I went for Barry m Blueberry ice cream just to keep on with the blue/ sea theme.

This is 2 coats of Blueberry ice cream with just the one coat of Under the sea.  Now I love this topper, the colours and glitter are just amazing and really suited to me. The problem with theis polish, and it's a big'un!, is the curling. Pretty much all of the big hexes curled on my nails.You can see it fairly clearly on my ring finger  The black hex is the worst and most obvious curler but the blue hexes curled up a fair bit too.

I think it looks bad on the nail and I wouldn't be able to pick picking at the curled glitter until it cam off! The great news is Stephanie from WingDustCollections is taking this from the site and it going to work on fixing it so the curling stops. If she manages to so this, I think everyone should pick up a bottle. It's still one of my favourite toppers ever.

Click on the pictures to see the sparkle :) I kind of wish I had paired it with a coral polish now :P

You can find WingDustCollections on Etsy and Facebook. Each polish costs $9 :)


**Polish was provided for review**

16 August 2012

WingDustCollections Grape Crush review

Hey all!

Part three of this five part review. On a side note- If ye can get Twinings tea in yer area, keep an eye out for Original English Breakfast. It is one of the best teas that I have ever tasted! And I like tea. A lot!

 Grape crush is definitely a polish that stands out. It's really is a grape coloured polish with a mixture of small plain and holographic glitter.  This sparkles like mad on the nail, even in bad lighting. It's easy to build up and is opaque in 3 coats. Click on the pictures to see the sparkle!!

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

3-4 coats would be ideal. Definitely worth it though.

I thought about layering this over a completely different colour but the base of Grape Crush is fairly pigmented so the purple would definitely cover it up.

Even though grape crush is sheer with one coat, I thought it really needed to be layered over a similar polish so I used 2 coats of Catrice Plum Play with me and 1 coat of Grape crush.

Application was beautiful. It went on smoothly and you get a lovely even coat of glitter. This combination makes me think of Galaxy nails! This is the easiest way to achieve the galaxy nail look :)

This polish would be amazing for a night out. It's so sparkly and eye-catching. I got a lot of compliments on this one. I added in a few more pictures of Grape Crush because I really think it deserves the attention.

 While I was waiting for the pictures to upload a few minutes ago I decided to layer Grape Crush over a dark navy blue and a black nail polish. It gave them both a slightly purple tinge but it looked amazing. I'm not a fan of purple but I will wear it layered over the navy blue again.

 Everyone needs this polish. I wish it was a blue (I'd wear it way more often!) or even better a clear based polish!!! but either way it's still stunning. I cannot recommend this one enough.

You can find WingDustCollections on Etsy and Facebook. They cost $9 each.


 **Polish was provided for review**


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