30 September 2012

You're irreplaceable...

Hey all!

No seriously this is irreplaceable...it's another one of the polishes Essence decided to get rid of. Now I love the brand (cheap and great quality) but their team behind which polish stays and goes are as thick!  Anyway on to the swatches....

Essence Irreplaceable is obviously in the old style bottle that contains 5 ml of polish. I prefer these bottles but I like the fact that the new ones use the same brush as Catrice polish. Not great for ladies and gents with thinner nails but I have man hands so they're grand for me.
Now for those thinking that I'm an awful bitch for showing a polish ye can't get well I have good news for ye! China Glaze Fast Track and Irreplaceable are fairly similar. From swatches I think Fast track is more golden but it's always hard to discern these facts because the camera could be playing tricks altogether. Both have the same golden shimmer running through them which catches the light beautifully  I think this would look amazing on slighter more tanned/darker skin tones.

These next two pictures were taken on the Hill of Tara in Co Meath. It's an awful important archaeological site and part of our history (although the stupid government still thought it was a great idea to put a road through it. Corruption is a bitch!). I thought I might as well take a few swatch pictures while I was down there and make this post a little but more special :P

Back to the polish! This is 2 coats of Essence Irreplaceable with a coat of seche vite on top. I actually had Barry M mushroom picked out for this week but it chipped after a few hours and I had to take it off :( Irreplaceable lasted beautifully though and there was no sign of tip wear or chips after 6 days! These pictures were taken on day 6. It applied perfectly too as is common with most Essence polishes. Now this is fairly subtle on the nails so don't expect to be blinded shimmery goodness when you put it on!  It looks a bit off on me in real life because I am fairly pale but it's still a great polish. Huge thanks to Chiro from Nail of this week for giving it to me! This was on my wishlist for ages and I thought it was long gone but apparently Germany keeps hold of their polish for ages :)

What do think of Essence irreplaceable? I think this would make an amazing base for a french manicure twist.

If you could get any polish in the world right now, what would it be?


28 September 2012

Stop mickey-ing a fool outta me

Hey all!

Thank feck it's Friday!! This week was pure mental. I cannot wait for the weekend to catch up on work and to get some sleep.I haven't posted any nail art this week so I thought I'd pop one up for ye :) I did this a while ago so my nails are a teeny bit longer.
Here are my mickey and minnie mouse nails. They didn't turn out as well as I wanted but I think my nails were too long at the time. It was really hard to get the symmetry right :P These were just done spur of them moment before college started back. I hadn't planned on doing nail art but when I did the french manicure with the red and white I instantly thought of Minnie mouse so I couldn't not give it a go!  I free-handed it all so excuse the dodgy looking french twist. I base the lines on my nail line so sometimes they don't look perfect.  In fairness I took it off after taking pictures so it wasn't a bother like :P
I used my acrylic paints for Mickey and Minnie's faces. For the bow and the red tips I used Nail the bytch lick or ish bytch. The white tip and the dots in the bow are done using my Kiss nail polish striper in white (duh!) The pink base is Catrice Miss piggy reloaded.  It's fairly sheer so I needed 3 coats to cover the yellow of my nails.Fairly simple and you only need a couple of colours so it's easy to re-create if ye feel the need to do so. I really like the french manicure twist. I think pink, white and red are perfect for each other and they'd suit everyone. Sure even if they don't suit you, wear them if you like them :) Don't mind what other people think.

I had a bit of a blackout there yesterday. I heard Tommy Tiernan (Irish comedian) was doing a gig and I convinced myself it was on Saturday and I was gutted I couldn't go until my friend pointed out it's actually on next month :P So at least I might have something to look forward to next month :D I'll leave ye with a clip of his show to end your week on a high ;)


26 September 2012

You belong to me!

Hey all,

 Essence you belong to me. Another discontinued polish by Essence and of course it's one of the polishes everyone loves! Makes sense to discontinue it right? Yeh that confuses me too :P
I was lucky enough to get a really friendly polish lover on another forum to pick one up for me (it was half price too which made it even better)
As you can see I'm still on shorties. I honestly cannot deal with long nails at the moment so I think they are staying like this for a few more weeks at least. They are a fair bit harder to polish though! that bugs the hell out of me but what can you do :) Also please excuse the little black mark on the side of my ring finger. Pen ink stains nail polish so badly!
 Here I have on 2 coats ( I think) of Essence you belong to me. I had to put on seche vite because I was up way to late and I knew they would smudge if I didn't :P  It's such a light and delicate blue. There is some blue shimmer in it which gives it a nice change in certain lighting.

Now I know yer going to be thinking "Sure what's the point of seeing a polish I can't buy?" Well this is the famous China Glaze for Audrey dupe! Is it worth the hype? It's a gorgeous colour for sure but I think I would prefer it as a plain creme. I just prefer that kind of finish.  It was easy to apply though and it lasted the full week without chips.

The new essence polishes have been pretty crap so far :( It's really annoyed a lot of people (mainly bloggers obviously haha) that they discontinued some amazing dupes. I am hoping they are working on some even  better dupes of even better and dearer polishes :P I have faith in you Essence! don't let me down for the love of God!!!

What do ye think of this dupe? do ye prefer to buy the real deal or is a dupe just as good?


24 September 2012

Wanna play footsy?

Hey all!

September is always the busiest month for me. My legs and feet always  take a proper battering so I was delighted to try out The Body shops Peppermint cooling foot lotion and spray. Don't worry there won't be any yucky foot pictures :P By the way the red and white stripey things are my socks :D I'm trying to take more interesting pictures but I think it's a fail so far :P

I have used both of these after some really long walking tours ie field trips so I feel fairly happy reviewing them now . First up is the Peppermint cooling foot lotion...

 I haven't really tried foot lotions before. I normally just throw on whatever body lotion I have an leave it at that. The Body Shop Pepper cooling foot lotion smells gorgeous! It has peppermint oil in it which smells really fresh and invigorating making it perfect for using on your tooties after a long day. It really does cool you down and leaves your feet feeling nice and fresh even after tramping through mud and other lovely things you might find in fields.

A little goes a long way as you can tell from the little swatch above. It's not overly thick which I like. I use it before I go to be bed so it has enough time to sink in. You can definitely smell the peppermint but it's nice and sweet and not at all overwhelming.  Plus the 250ml bottle goes a long way.

Next up is The Body Shop peppermint cooling foot spray. The peppermint smell is just as strong as the lotion. This little 100ml bottle is slim and easy to keep in your back to freshen up during the day. This is more of an instant refresh  than the lotion because it's a spray. It is soooo incredibly soothing. I am a huge fan of this I have to say. It's almost icy cold when it goes on. It leaves a tingly feeling on your skin but that goes away after a minute. Highly recommend this one!

The Body shop peppermint cooling foot lotion retails for around €13.95 while the foot spray retails for around €8.95. The Body Shop is cruelty free which is added incentive to pop in and have a gander at all their products. Plus if you are lucky enough to live in the UK their website often has amazing deals going on.

Do you bother with foot products? I know some people cannot stand feet but they get such a beating every single day it's really in your best interest to look after them :) You have to rely on them to keep you going for the rest of your life.

**Products were provided for review**

21 September 2012

Currently Craving 21/September/2012

Hey all!

I just finished typing up some lecture notes for my lecturer and I copped on that I hadn't scheduled a post. I just sitting here watching "Baggage". It's a dating show (don't judge!) hosted by Gok Wan. He is such a nice person. I also forgot to number these :/  Anyway, here are the things I am currently craving...
Currently Craving 21 September 2012
This is limited edition and I'm pretty sure we won't be getting it :( It's a gorgeous nudey pink though. 
It's in the same family as Essie Fiji. Very pretty and really easy to wear with my skintone (casper looks like a star off The only way is essex)

I only want this because Sharon from Behind Green eyes swatched it. She is brutal for making me want nail polish...and lipbalm....

I need a nice light perfume but all of the ones in boots would knock a horse. I've heard good things about the body shop ones so I hope to pick one up soon. 

A gorgeous red/orange colour. It has more of a jelly formula though which bugs me but now I have short nails it shouldn't be too bad.

Love body butter, love pixy, need this! 

I like yankee candle but they don't really last that long. Apparently these last for ages and they smell 
nice and fresh. They are way to expensive to stock up on though.

What are ye craving this week? This post took me ages to type up! Seriously cannot get enough of baggage. Definitely one to watch. Excited to see what next week has in store.


19 September 2012

Crocodile-hop on Safari

Hey all!

I mentioned last week that I had a really special indie polish coming up and today is the big reveal! This was actually a surprise sent to me by the Never Naked nails. She was asking bloggers on twitter if they wanted to review her new cuticle oil (review coming soon by the way!) and she included this in the package!

This came in the post on the Wednesday (I think? maybe Thursday) while I was wearing China Glaze Exotic Encounters. It's from Cool Waves Lacquer and it is called Crocodile-Hop. This is from the Lush Lizard collection.

 I love Exotic Encounters so I didn't want to take it off but I had a bit of tip wear that I was a bit put off with. Seeing as Crocodile-Hop is a clear based glitter I just put it on over Exotic Encounters. Match made in nail polish HEAVEN!

 I fricking love this combination.  Crocodile-Hop is a gorgeous mix of various shades of green glitter and also had a mix of holographic glitter. This is a brilliant topper. I only have on one coat and you can see how far it goes. The green in this really looked amazing with exotic encounters. I'm sure this would look stunning over a black creme. I really wish I had a good black creme now :P Also click on the pictures to really see the gorgeous glitter effect.

I think toppers are a brilliant way of spicing up an older manicure. I know half way though the week I am often bored sugarless with a manicure so I try to add a topper, even as an accent nail, to keep myself amused :P

Crocodile-hop should be appearing up for sale before the end of the year. You can keep an eye on updates on Facebook and twitter too just so ye don't miss out.  I hear the Halloween collection should be popping up soon ;)

I was told that I should keep Crocodile-hop for Exotic Encounters only :P Apparently they really liked the combination too!

What do ye think of Crocodile-Hop?

Side note: I am also not loving my nubbins anymore :( I just need them a teeny bit longer. Bleeding nail beds are a nightmare to work with! I swear some of them are shorter than the others. Is that even possible? I have no idea!  Do ye prefer long of short nails?


17 September 2012


Hey all!

I found my memory stick! it was in my pencil case of all places. No idea how it got there but I'm happy out that I have it back. I only bought 2 polishes from the recent China Glaze on Safari collection. I know everyone is infatuated with the glitters but to be honest they are nothing special. I decided to go for the more unusual polishes that would really make a difference to my stash. First up is China Glaze Exotic Encounters...

This is actually the manicure I wore the week before last for my first week back at college. It was a disaster by the way but I am in love with this polish! This polish actually makes me want to buy loads more China Glazes polishes! I only have one other teal polish in my stash and that's more of a foil so I really wanted to get a creme. Love creme polish, it's so easy to work with and it just looks so clean and gorgeous to me. Exotic encounters is a dusty teal. It's a bit darker than I thought it would be but to be honest I'm really glad it is! it looks so pretty and I really did not want to take it off after a week. I really like it on my short nails too. I'm not sure what it would be like on super long nails. I think short nails just make the colour look more intense.
I only needed to do 2 coats for full coverage. The formula on Exotic encounters was flawless. It basically applied itself! So smooth and easy to control. I was able to get a neat enough curve around my cuticle's with the brush. I like how thin the brush it because you can work with it to get a nice shape. It dried quickly so no fear of denting or smudging your manicure. It's a unique enough colour as it's not just pure teal. The dustiness really gives it a lovely look. I got a load of compliments on this polish which has not happened for quite a while let me tell you!

 I'd say this is the best polish from the China Glaze On Safari collection. It's pretty perfect in my eyes! It's super glossy on it's own but definitely use a topcoat. I had a bit of tip wear on day two and it bugged the hell out of me.

What manicure are ye wearing at the moment? I always love seeing what colours people choose to wear. I honestly couldn't wear the same colour for more than a week. When you change your manicure it feels like you are getting rid of all the bad things that happened during the week too. It always makes me feel better when I get to change mine after a bad week anyway :)


15 September 2012

Zorange you unusual

Hey all!

I lost my memory stick with all my blog pictures on it. I am getting ridiculously forgetful it's actually shocking. Thankfully I have a few picture posts already drafted since my internet is about reliable as my memory at the moment. You wouldn't mind but I have a really special indie polish to show ye but the pictures are on my memory stick (typical!)
Here's a manicure I had on while testing out the nouvella nail wraps that I blogged about here.  I bought Zoya Paz a while back so it was time to get some wear out of it! Zoya are actually fairly dear so I don't really go for them unless the colours are really  eye-catching. I was a little disappointed with how sheer it was. It's more of a jelly neon orange. It always seems to show a bit of my nail even with 3 coats. I still think it's a pretty gorgeous neon orange though I am a tad disappointed. I'll definitely get some wear out of it though. Oh and my skin is all dry around my cuticles because of the Essence Cuticle remover. I've stopped using it now though :) Also the picture below was taken before clean up! Seriously don't know why I didn't get more pictures? I think these were taken at night.

I have on two coats of Nails inc Atomic because I didn't think this would ever become opaque :P  Then I added on 2 coats of Zoya Paz. It took forever to dry! like I managed to dent it a lot the next day. You could see the dents from far away! For such an expensive polish I though the drying time would be great. I will definitely use a fast drying topcoat the next time even though it will take away the matte topcoat which I actually really like but oh well. Nothing I can really do about that.

Paz is a fairly neon orange. You can see how pale my skin looks (a bit more than usual haha) Always a sign of a good neon. I added on an accent nail just to see how the two would work with each other. I liked the way this looked in real life but it looks a bit odd in pictures for some reason :/ I probably would do this combination again though. The nail wraps are a pain to put on and I actually really like orange nail polish so I'd sooner wear it on its own.

Are ye orange polish fans? People seem to really dislike it. I think it's pretty and so eye-catching. I hope ye had a good week :) 


13 September 2012

Wrap it up

Hey all! 

I've had the Zeb-wraps nail wraps from Nouvella nails for a while now but I took soooo many pictures that it took ages to get around to editing them :P I have a little tutorial too because they are a bit hard to get right.

First up you have to pick the nail wrap that matches the size of your nails. The only wrap that fit my nail perfectly was the pinky finger. I had to cut the rest to get them to suit around the cuticle and sides of my nails perfectly.

So I got a piece of paper ( I used an old receipt because the paper is fairly flexible and it's eco-friendly to re-use them instead of throwing them in the fire) I wrapped it around my nail and used a ball point pen to trace around my nail to get an idea of the shape. I cut out the tracing and double checked it with my actual nail. It's always fairly accurate so you should get a decent result at the end :)

All you have to do then is stick your tracing onto the nail wrap with a bit of scotch tape. I try to keep it as close to the curve as possible so it sits really smoothly against the cuticle. When you are happy with it just cut the shape out with a scissors. 

Now the weird part! You have to heat up the nail wrap with your hairdryer first and then fairly quickly place it on your nail and smooth it on. Don't worry if it creases because you can lift it up again, re-heat it with the hairdryer and then smooth it down again :) Be carful with the heat setting though. Only leave it on for a couple of seconds. That sucker will burn your cuticles!!

Then all you have to do it file off the excess wrap with a nail file! Do this in a downward motion so you get a nice clean, crisp line and it doesn't look like you have tip wear already. That's it! Now for the review ;)

Nouvella nail wraps are actually the first wraps that I have ever tried out. Unfortunatly I couldn't pick the design to review. I hate this design. It looks ok in the pictures but it's not something I would choose to wear. I haven't done a few accent nails using the wraps that were too big for my nails so I'l be posting them up soon enough.  The process of applying them is fairly long I have to say. It took me well over an hour to do one hand. It's a pain but it does guarantee a fairly clean looking manicure. I'm also lucky I did these when my nails were fairly short. Far easier to control the nail wrap when you are working with your non-dominant hand ;) Also ignore the weird angle of my middle nail. The design makes the nail look wonky.

Now wear time varied greatly. I used these for 3 accent nail manicures and they lasted well. They stayed on until I decided to change my manicure which is great. They did however feel a bit sharp towards the tips. I smoothed them down with a file and used a topcoat but the same thing happened again. I think this is the nail wrap version of tip wear :P It's annoying because if you are a picker, you will dig and scratch and pull at sharp bits until the whole wrap has come off. Making that hour you spent putting them on a complete waste. I didn't use a topcoat on this manicure and had to go for a shower. Bad idea! one attatched itself to my hair and it hurt a lot! The others fell off one by one in the time it took for me to get out of the shower and grab a towel.

All in all I wasn't really thirlled with the Nouvella nail wraps. I didn't like the design at all and the longevity of the wraps without a topcoat is a big disappointment. Would my opinion change if I had tried a different design? I doubt it unless the formula was different on it. These wraps are on sale at the moment so if you want to check them out here is the link Nouvella Nails website

Let me know what ye think! The sally hansen lace it up nail strips are in Penny's at the moment so I might pick  one up....


11 September 2012

Summer in Autumn

Hey all,

I seriously cannot pick a polish to post so I decided to throw some old pictures at ye :) These were taken a while ago for my Smitten polish review and I completely forgot about them. My nails are a fair bit longer in these pictures. 

This is Nails inc Summer place. This is actually a mini bottle in case ye think I have shovels for hands :P I love ple yellow polish even though it's probably not the best colour for pale skin.  I think it's so subtle and pretty like a nide but the colour adds a bit of excitement to the manicure. Plus if you get bored of it mid-week ( I leave polish on for a week when I'm at college) you can always throw on a bit of glitter or a snazzy topcoat to give it a bit more life without it looking too overdone and a bit of an eye-sore.
Hmm I'm starting to get the idea that I think about nail polish a bit too much! Seriously though you do not want to have a manicure that bores you.  There's no fun in that at all and you'll be dying to take it off.

The formula on Nails inc polish is always a little bit tricky. You really have to take your time and have a steady-ish hand just to avoid major clean up at the end. I needed three coats and I still wasn't happy with the coverage at the end. The only reason I stopped there is because I knew the topper polish would cover any flaws and streaks so it was grand. I covered this with Smitten Polish Pink Lemonade in this post in case ye missed it. I love summer place but the formula is a bit awkward for me. Probably wouldn't buy the full sized bottle if I ran out. It's really hard to find a good pale yellow anyway.

Overall it's an OK polish. Nice colour but streaky and difficult to apply. Any recommendations for a good pale yellow creme? The full size Summer place polish costs £11 on the Nails Inc website. Personally I would not recommend spending that amount on this polish. It's not worth it with the formula it has.


09 September 2012

Currently Craving 09/September/2012

Currently Craving 09/September/2012

1) Catrice Oh My Goldness nail polish
This is the most stunning gold polish I have ever seen. In person this polish will blow your socks off.
This is one of their new releases and it's part of the permanent line. So in love with this polish!
Penny's €2.79

2) Eos alice in wonderland limited edition set
I love my EOS lipbalms. Sharon from http://miss-greeneyes.blogspot.ie/ pointed this set out to me on twitter and now I need it. The three scents are blueberry potion,sweet vanilla nonsense and watermelon wonderland. It's a limited edition set though so that's a major let down :(
Around $26 not including shipping on Amazon

3)OPI every month is Oktoberfest nail polish
I think this is the only polish I really want from the OPI Germany collection. Not a huge fan of purple but this polish is amazing. Swatches seem pretty consistent too.

4)Essie Fiji nail polish
I'm not Essie's biggest fan in fairness but I think this colour is beautiful and I'd get  a fair bit of wear out of it. It's nice and simple and it would be great in nail art too.
Around €14 in boots

5) Models Own Emerald Black nail polish
Again I'm not the biggest models own fan just because they are a bit too dear for me but Emerald Black is a pretty gorgeous polish. It's a mixture of Black and emerald green polish Seriously check out the swatches for this because it's so pretty. Black is always a good polish to have in your stash too ;)
€7.11 on Asos

Not the biggest list week but I have been really wanting all 5 items. I was going to buy emerald black on Asos but I decided to check my local Boots first (to use my boots points) but they don't sell this shade :( 
I'm struggling to pick a polish to where at the moment. I had a gorgeous manicure on last week and it's going to be hard to beat it!!

What have ye been craving?  


07 September 2012

"Hang on to your diapies babies, we're going in!"

Hey all!

Today I have some nail art for you! I know it's been a while since I had some proper nail art but I really haven't been inspired to do anything serious so I decided to just keep my nails plain for a while. I really enjoy plain nails now. Before the summer I would always get so bored with them. Kind of pointless buying nail polish to just cover it up with nail art all of the time!

I really don't know why I went for the Rugrats! They are adorable though. I watched the original show when I was younger.
I had such a hard time picking the characters. Originally I was going to do Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Angelica until I realized one of their heads would  have to be tiny to fit on my pinky finger :P I knew Tommy would have to appear so I just winged it and added in the characters as I went along.
From left to right: Chuckie, Tommy, Lil and the ball from Tommy's playpen.
This is the nail art based on the Baby blues manicure! Which probably explains why it's called Baby Blues ;)

For the base I have one Barry m blueberry icecream on my index, middle and pinky finger. Barry m pink flamingo is on my ring finger but like I said in the Baby Blues post the colour was completely covered by nail art in the end. Not intentionally by the way! Angelica was supposed to go  on that nail but I think Lil is far more adorable and baby like :)

All of the details are done in acrylic paint . I sealed it with Seche Vite topcoat because it was really late when I finished and I knew it would smudge or come off when I showered so a topcoat was vital! Seche dries quickly too so it's handy to pop on in these situations.

 I hope ye liked this manicure! I can't believe it's been so long but I have one or two more bits of nail art to pop up in the coming weeks.

Who is your favourite rugrat? Mine was Tommy. Such a dote!


05 September 2012

Trist-am shout...

Hey all!

(Say the title like this )This week has been so crazy! So many ups and downs but I am making the most of it all I think! I'm really making an effort to do as much work as I can this year so I really hope it pays off.  I have a day off tomorrow so I'm going to get the nail art that I mentioned in the Baby Blues post all edited.

I wan't sure what polish to show ye today. I have China Glaze exotic Encounters on at the moment but these pictures were easier to get hold off :P This is A-England Tristam. I bought this a few weeks ago during the Mythical 5 day sale event. I wasn't in the mood to wear it but we got a gorgeous sunny day which I thought would really show off the polish so I quickly put it on.This is my first A-England polish so I was really excited to final get to try them out. Everyone has heard of A-England in the polish world so I was expecting great things!  A-England polish costs £9 with free shipping and you get a 13ml bottle. 
 I have on a base coat because even though I knew this wouldn't be on my nails for long, It's a dark blue and blues stain like a bitch. I have on 2 coats of Tristam which covered beautifully! Really easy to apply and the thin brush makes getting a curve around your cuticle so quick and eacy to do without a single problem. So impressed with the formula on Tristam if you haven't already noticed haha. If you struggle with applying nail polish neatly ( even the best of addicts can have problems so no shame in it!) Tristam will be a go-to polish for you. Guaranteed perfect manicure every time! Oh and my middle nail looks far longer than the rest of my nails. It's not. It's just the way I was holding my hand to get the picture :P
Now Tristam sides more with purple than blue. A huge let down for me. I'm not a huge purple fan and swatches always show Tristam as a deep blue. Disappointed. The holographic particles are more scattered than I thought. The camera really picked up on them which is great but in real life they are not a defined and obvious. A few people commented saying that they didn't like this polish and the holo just wasn't noticeable at all. I was really upset by that because I thought it would be a really eye-catching and making a talking point but it turned out to be a a bit of a dud for me. I'm glad I didn't pay the full price for this one. I am still interested in getting St George and Dragon but I am really wary of them now so I might hold off on them for another while.

I've seen a lot of people apologise when they write a negative post about a polish and I really don't understand it. Everyone is entitled to their own view and you might save someone the hassle of wasting their money on something that will not live up to their expectations.

 Have you ever bought a polish that was really hyped up and ended up really disappointed by it?


03 September 2012

Why I love my postman part 3! (nail polish haul)

Hey all,

I got a fair bit of polish in the last while but I think it's better to just post them all in one post. This is a collective haul now- I didn't go mental one day and just decided to buy every polish that came to mind! :P
From left to right: Holo que tal?, Return of the space cowboys, Have an ice day and Godfather of Pearl
The first thing I got was a package from the lovely Chiro . I mentioned on twitter that we didn't get the Catrice Million Styles collection here and she offered to pick me up one alongside Catrice Sold out forever (original) which is discontinued. I was so shocked to open the package to find 4 of the million styles polishes AND Essence Irreplaceable (also discontinued!) I cannot thank Chiro enough for this. I was gutted when I missed out on irreplaceable. It's even better in real life. It's also a dupe of China Glaze Fast track. Catrice Sold out forever (original) is a dupe of Chanel Jade.

Catrice Sold out forever (original) and Essence Irreplaceable (both discontinued)
From left to right: Barry m retro pink, retro coral, retro purple, Silvery lilac and cyan blue
These were sent to me by Barry m.I have only swatches these on one nail but they all seem pretty nice! I know a lot of people love Cyan blue so I can't wait to wear that one as a full manicure.
China Glaze glittering Garland and Snow Globe
I cannot tell you all how much I love Glittering Garland. I planned on buying these last year but they were far too dear for me so I had to leave them. The beauty emporium had these in the sale section a few weeks back for around €5 each with free shipping. Bargain!!  
A-England Tristam
I bought Tristam during the A-England sale. I have swatched this and i have to say I am not thrilled with it. No one I spoke to liked it either so I am really disappointed with this :(

Essence You belong to me
I mentioned this in my last Currently Craving post. Another amazing polish that has been discontinued by Essence. One of the amazing girls on a nail polish forum I follow picked up one and sent it to me. Cannot thank her enough! I love the colour. This is the Essence dupe for China Glaze For Audrey. 

China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard
You probably all know Sharon's blog  by now. She is one of my best blogging friends. She was so amazing and picked this up for me in one of her (many) polish hauls from America. China Glaze I'm with the lifeguard is a gorgeous neon lime green. It's fairly similar to Cult nails Deal with it but CG is more opaque :)

China Glaze Exotic encounters and Kalahari kiss
Last but not least, my most recent arrival!  The beauty Emporium had another free shipping day so I picked up 2 of the China Glaze on safari polishes. I don't have anything like these in my collection and they seriously apply like butter! Adore both of these. Delighted I picked them up. Exotic encounters is bit darker on the nail than some swatches show but it's gorgeous none the less. Kalahari kiss is such a unique colour! It really stands out with my pale skin.

So that's it! I picked up a fair lot. I'm most excited with the discontinued polishes I have to say. I never thought I would get my hands on them.

What goodies have ye picked up?



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