30 November 2012

The Lazy 15 Day Thirteen- Inspired by your guilty pleasure

Hey all,

 The Lazy 15 challenge- Your guilty pleasure
Another weird challenge :P Honestly I was like "Wtf am I supposed to do with this?" I don't really feel guilt over buying anything, watching trashy t.v or reading weird sci-fi books. I like them so I don't feel guilty about it :) The only thing that really makes me go "uh-oh" when people come around is my lip-balm collection. I hate running low on it so I bulk up just in case it runs out and I don't have time to buy another one or I lose one. The horror!! :P
My favourites lipbalms come from the brands EOS, Pixy and Carmex. You can probably tell from my monthly Favourites post because these pop up time and time again. I kept this manicure basic because that's pretty much how they come packaged! I haven't found one product that works completely for me which is annoying but if I combine two of these (one for day and one for night) they work perfectly.

 I have on 3 coats of Nails Inc Regents Park on my index finger, 3 coats of Gosh silver on my middle finger, 3 coats of Birdy reloaded on my ring finger and 4-5 coats of Smitten Polish Mint Chip on my pinky finger. The black detailing is done using Kiss Nail Art Black. The red strip on the carmex is Nail the Bytch Lick-or-ish bytch.
Pretty quick and easy :) Gosh silver is perfect for Christmas. I only bought this last week but I am in love with it already. You definitely need to use thicker coats when putting on Smitten Polish Mint chip. I started off with 2 thin coats so I need a fair few to build it up.
I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out :)


The Lazy 15 Day twelve: Fairy tale

Hey all,

The Lazy 15 challenge Day twelve: Fairy Tale

Beauty and the beast nail art
This is my second attempt at this challenge. I tried a different fairy tale last night and it just went bottom up :P I changed it about and based it on Beauty and the Beast instead. I'm  glad the other one didn't work out now. I'm pretty pleased with the way this came out.
I based the design on Belle's blue dress, the staircase in beasts mansion, Beasts suit and the rose from the film. I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite. I really love the gloss but when this bottle is empty I think I'll try the Sally Hansen Insta-dri. It probably won't be as glossy but I need something that dries in a few seconds. Any suggestions?  I used a fair lot of polish for this manicure so I'm going to list them all below. I used striping tape on my pinky finger to mark off the stripes :)

Beauty and the beast Belle, Staircase, beast and Rose

Index Finger: Catrice Blue cara ciao
Kiss Nail Art white
Kiss Nail art Black
Catrice Plum Play with me (purple)
Essence  Nude it (beige)
Middle Finger: Catrice Goldfinger (gold)
Catrice Plum Play with me (purple)
Nail the Bytch Lick-or-ish bytch (red)
Ring finger: Essence Gumpy (blue)
Kiss Nail art white
Kiss Nail art black
Sally Hansen Gilded lily (gold)
Nyc Prk ave (brown)
Pinky finger: Essence Grumpy (royal blue)
Catrice Blue cara ciao (light blue)
Nail the Bytch Lick-or-ish bytch (red)
Kiss Nail art Black
Thumb: Sally Hansen Gilded lily

Beauty and the Beast nail art with accent thumb

 Let me know what ye think! Full hand pictures are a nightmare too.


29 November 2012

Gaga has it going on

Hey all,

Lady Gaga Fame perfume set
Lady Gaga's new scent had just as much hype surrounding it as that meat dress. I came home on Wednesday and found a gorgeous black and gold bag at my desk.This was a complete surprise so I was baffled to say the least! Inside I found the Lady Gaga Fame black fluid body lotion, shower gel and black soap. I practically threw myself into the shower to try these out.

Lady gaga Fame perfumed shower gel and body lotion
First up is the shower gel.  I love the packaging. It's incredibly elegant and would really add a touch of class to any bathroom. Not something I would generally expect from Lady Gaga but there you go.
The shower gel smells amazing! It's not something I would normally pick out but it leaves such a gorgeous scent on your skin.  It's fairly thick but it lathers up really well and a little goes a long way. It's one of my favourite shower gels ever.

Lady Gaga Fame packaging
Afterwards I popped on the body lotion. Again this comes out black. It's a thick lotion but it's easy to spread around and it sinks into your skin in seconds. It doesn't leave my skin as incredibly moisturized as my body butters but the smell lasts for hours after. It's a nice subtle scent and I swear to God it's just like the Yankee Candle in Soft Blanket. Seriously it's the spit of it.  I got a load of compliments on the scent which is unusual.

Lady Gaga Fame black soap Front and back
The black soap smells just like the body lotion. It's gorgeous! I love the shape. Apparently its based on some outfit she wore or an award? I honestly have no idea. It's a great shape for keeping a hold of though so it's grand with me.

I found the perfume itself to be a bit too strong for me but these are perfect. It's a really fresh scent and the presentation is incredible. It's really well put together and the products compliment each other perfectly.

Have ye tried out the Fame perfume yet?


**Product was provided for review**

28 November 2012

Glitter Fever!

Hey all,

After a few days of wearing Catrice Genius in a bottle I decided to perk it up a bit with a heap of glitter! I've gone mental with glitter polish lately. I don't even mind the removal process to be honest. Some glitters are worse than others and if you have a normal base-colour on I think it makes it a little bit easier :)
After wearing genius in a bottle for a few days I did start to like it but not as much as I had hoped from seeing the swatches before hand. It's good though because it meant I got to use some other polishes that I rarely, if ever, use.  This manicure is a huge favourite of mine now. It was so sparkly and eye-catching.  I think with a different base-colour this would be lovely for New Years eve!Yeh that's a fair bit away and I'll probably be sitting at home but still! I love holographic glitter so much!!

On top of the 2 coats of Catrice Genius in a bottle I added on one coat of Essence Gold Fever, Catrice Have an ice day from the million styles collection and Essence Hello holo.  The pictures don't even show the insanely sparkly goodness that is Essence Hello Holo. I love that glitter so much. I've used up a quarter of a bottle in such a short amount of time. It's a gorgeous polish on it's own too. You'd need 3-4 coats depending on your nail length. It's so worth it.
All of the polishes in this manicure cost less than €3 each. I never really thought about the price of a manicure before but I thought it would be interesting to work it out. Really puts the price you pay for a salon manicure into perspective.

 Let me know what your favourite holographic polish is! I really need a few more of them :P


27 November 2012

All I want for Christmas.....Part 2

Hey all!

Another edition of the Christmas list. This time I'll focus on Pixy stocking fillers! All of these items cost less than €10 so really get some amazing items for your money. Pixy

The Pixy bath bomb set comes beautifully packaged. They smell amazing and leave your skin so soft and smooth. I really love these bath bombs and they are massive! I usually break mine in half so you get twice the amount :) I think the smell alone will delight whoever you choose to give them too. You get 4 in each pack for the bargain price of €9.95

Up next is the Pixy Soap slice gift set.  Soap is a great idea as a stocking filler because you know it will be used. Again these smell incredible! You get a variety of soaps in each pack so you won't have to worry about them not liking it. The packaging is adorable and you don't have to worry about spending time delicately adding on ribbons! It's a win-win situation. Priced at a very reasonable €9.95

Finally there is the Pixy Bath Muffin gift set . Each set contains 3 of their delightful bath muffins. If you want a really moisturizing and relaxing bath then pop one of these in and away you go! These would be such a nice addition anyone's stocking. €9.95

Brilliant value and well worth a look!


26 November 2012

The Lazy 15 Day eleven- Fireworks

Hey all,

Today's challenge is Fireworks.

 ahh it actually looks better in real life! All the glitter I put on kept messing with my camera (I may have had the camera on the wrong setting too...my bad...)
Either way this had to go up tonight :P I refuse to fall behind at the last hurdle of this challenge. I knew I wouldn't be able to do this firework manicure properly but I gave it my best shot! The red glitter doesn't really show up all that well which is a shame because it's gorgeous.  My camera just wasn't being my friend today and decided it was more fun to feck about and get on my nerves but it's grand. Wait until it wants to be cleaned and shined or wants a nice case to rest in at night. Then we'll see who's laughing!!!

 I started of with a base coat of Essence Nail art protecting base coat. Then I added on 3 coats of Nails Inc Victoria (actually blood red, not black as it comes across in the pictures). For the Fireworks I used Wet n Wild Sunny Side up (orange) , Barry M Red Glitter, Barry M Blue glitter, Barry M Silver glitter and topped it all off with a coat of Catrice Have an Ice day (holographic glitter topper from the Million Styles collection)
For my thumb I used all of the same polishes and then topped it off with Miss sporty Crack me up instead of Have an ice day.  I really love doing thumb accent nails :)  I used dotting tools to do the firework effect. Pretty quick and easy.

Let me know what you think down below!


25 November 2012

The Lazy 15 Day ten- Underwater creature

Hey all,

My last catch up post (for now!) This was due up Friday so I'm not too far behind :D woo!

 I went for the mermaid braid design for this challenge. I really like the look  of this design especially on shorter nail (not too short though!) My ring finger is growing back fairly quickly but it still looks a bit dodgy :P Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon because it's annoying trying to clean up a manicure. The nail polish just clings to the skin and no amount of remover will get it off.
This week I wore China Glaze Holly Day so I just built up on that ( because it was easier and I'm already behind in this challenge haha) I'll post swatches of that soon enough but if you get the chance to buy it-Get it! it's a stunning green creme. You can get it fairly cheap on ebay (I got mine for about €5-6)
 So I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze Holly Day. Then did the braid effect using Nails inc Old Park lance which is a gorgeous metallic rose gold polish. For the blue I used Sally hansen hard as nails Teal Steel for the blue. This was another polish sent to me by the lovely Lindsey from Nails4Dummies. I'll be doing a little haul post soon ;)
I finished the manicure off with a coat of Essence Quick dry topcoat. The finsihed look doesn't look right to me but I can't put my finger on what's wrong with it :P
It did look better in person but Holly day is really difficult to capture accurately for some reason.  Like the french tips I think I need to practice this one a bit more! I think the best thing about not having my acrylic paints around is it forces me to practice with nail polish more often :D


The lazy 15 day nine- Disney movies/ characters

Hey all,

Another catch-up post. This is the disney themed challenge! I went for a simple one, did it, photographed it and then copped on that Lindsey from Nails4Dummies did the exact same one. Feck! Her one is far better but we both have a different colour scheme so it's not cheating :P

For the Mickey mouse logo I started off with a base of Essence Black is back. I did 2 coats and it was perfectly opaque. It's a brilliant black polish if you are looking for one :) Then I got my biggest dotting tool and randomly dotted on Catrice Goldfinger. Then I used my second largest dotting tool and added on mickey's ears. Goldfiner really popped over the black! I think it looks great. I have to remember to do this colour combination more often.  I reversed the look on my thumb and used Essence Black is back for the mickey mouse logo on a base of Catrice Goldfinger. Full hand pictures are so hard to take by the way!!! nearly broke me hand trying to create a decent looking position. I really am pleased with the finish look. I wish I had proper brushes to do some more nail art with but what can ya do like :) I sealed it all together with Essence Quick dry topcoat.


24 November 2012

The lazy 15 Day eight- Dessert

Hey all,
I'm a bit behind with the challenge but I am catching up slowly but surely. I'm all out of acrylic paint so I'm stuck with nail polish for the last couple of challenges :(  Anywho this is my dessert manicure!

 So I thought I would do one of my favourite desserts ever- Rice crispy cake! It's so easy and it tastes amazing. We usually make a plate of it and top it off with angel delight.  Best.dessert.ever.

I started off with a basecoat of NYC Park ave. Then I got Barry m Mushroom and dotted it around. No real pattern to it! Pretty much throw them on where ever you feel like putting them.
For the 'angel delight' topping I used China Glaze flip flop fantasy and free-handed on the tips.

The tips are a bit dodgy if I'm honest. I really need to practice them a bit more. I honestly don't know how Fingers Polish Mania does it so perfectly each time. Mine always look so uneven. I chipped the nail on my ring finger so it's shorter than the rest which really didn't help with getting the tips right.

I topped it off with a coat of Essence quick dry topcoat to blend it all together. Overall I was fairly happy with the way this turned out. If I could do the tips a bit better I'd definitely give it another go :P The colour combination is really up my street :)


Genius in a bottle

Hey all,

Another Chanel Peridot dupe. I know everyone is sick of them by now. I'm not actually a huge fan of the chanel polish but Catrice Genius in a bottle really caught my eye. I thought this would really pop on the nail after seeing a heap of swatches.

Catrice Genius in a bottle is a gold polish that flashes green and copper in certain lights. I tend to steer clear of duo-chromes to be fair. They don't generally appeal to me but I kept seeing swatches of this and in the end I just said feck it and bought it. I thought this would be great as more of a sophisticated manicure for all those important meetings I attend..... ok I don't really have that many but I wanted the polish a lot and I was having a bad day :P
Catrice are €2.79 for a 10ml bottle. Genius in a bottle has the new wider brush which is fairly easy to work with to be honest. I really like it but then again I'm fairly used to it by now. It would be a bit awkward for those with really thin nails but I have hands like a shovel. You'd almost need a paint brush for my thumbs alone.
 Honestly this polish didn't do it for me. It looked so flat on the nail even after a coat of Seche Vite. All of those swatches showing it with a gorgeous gold finish are so misleading. fair enough it may look like that in a light box or in Spain where they actually get to see the sun. In Ireland it is a completely different story. By Thursday I was bored senseless with it and had to add on some glitter to liven it up.
I have on two coats and that covered the nail really well for me. Application was perfect and it lasted a week without chipping. I'm not giving up completely with this polish. I'll have to wear it again to get a proper feel for it but so far I am not a fan and I really don't see the hype about it.

Do you have a favourite gold polish?


22 November 2012

My go-to lipbalm review!

Hey all,

Winter is the worst time for your lips.  Mine are pretty much in bits all year long but the minute we hit November they just peel constantly.

Carmex has been an essential product for me for about three years now. I have gone through 2 or three of them and I am halfway through my current tub! I think the American version of this calls it a cold-sore cream. I think they are the same thing to be honest.
I tend to use this at night more so than during the day. It's quite a glossy lipbalm and it is so noticeable when you have it on even if you use it sparingly. If you like the glossy look then it's perfect for use throughout the day! It smells kind of like toffee but it's not really noticeable when you have it on so don't worry if that's not your kind of scent. You can actually get them  in different scents like mint and cherry which are equally as nice. Now one thing I think is a bit cheeky is the tub contains 7.5g while the tube contains 10g but they are both the same price! How annoying is that?!

 You can find Carmex in a load of places including Dunnes, Topshop and boots. They cost around €3.49 depending on where you go. The tub lasts ages so they are well worth the money. My lips have healed up a fair bit since I started using this along with a few other products so I can highly recommend giving it a go.


20 November 2012

All I want for Christmas.....Part 1

Hey all,

With Christmas rapidly approaching I thought it would be handy to highlight some nice gifts that you you give (or keep for yourselves  ;) ) this Christmas. I'm going to keep them fairly under budget because it's hard going, especially in Ireland  I know everyone feels like they can't buy anything good with little money but you can! Trust me!

First up is the Pixy Pedi gift set. A brilliant Irish company who are relatively new to the market but produce some of the best skincare items I have ever tried.

This kit includes the Solid foot scrub (130g). It looks like a little foot which has 2 purposes. 1) It looks adorable and 2) It's far easier to keep a hold when working on your feet because of the curves. The solid foot scrub is packed with essential oils, cocoa butter  and a loofah which exfoliates and moisturizes all in one step. A brilliant product that helps get your feet in top shape.

 Follow on with the Pixy Peppermint foot cream (50g)  which is a gorgeously smooth and refreshing. It leaves your feet so soft and smooth. The two work perfectly with each other. As with all Pixy products they are cruelty-free and made made natural ingredients.
Each set costs €16.95.  A gorgeous little kit which covers all of your needs in one.


**Product was provided for review**

18 November 2012

October Favourites 2012

Hey all,

October favourites at last! I thought october would never end. November is flying by (hence why this post is so late!) but I only had a handful of favourites from last month to show you all so here they are.....

The biggest favourite I had for the month of October was lipbalm. I love lipbalm anyway because I have awful dry lips but this month I discovered a way of keeping them soft all the time!  I use the Eos lipbalm the most. It's now so far down that I have to pucker up to get it on ( i think I scare people when I do it) The pixy ones were brilliant for using in the morning especially. They aren't as glossy as carmex so you can pile them on without looking look your lips were infected or something. Carmex is for night-time use only :P

For the last while my hair has been woeful. It feels horrible and looks even worse! I find that even a little amount of this leaves it incredibly smooth and glossy.This is a healing shine treatment and let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. I have a load of back ups but I awful pop one in my basket when I buy nail polish in penny's. It's incredible.

Like my hair my skin has been suffering big time. No matter what I try I still get break outs, it's oily and dfeels awful by mid-morning. I can't find a moisturiser that suits me at all! Both the Pixy Rose cleansing mud and the almond milk scrub work well for me. They leave my skin feeling really soft and clean. This was used a lot last month. Brilliant purchase. 

A product that surprised me the most this month was the Myleene Klass nails in the leopard print design. I loved how quick and easy these were to apply. They lasted ages on my nails and I just loved the colour combination. I have another pack of these in a lacy design but I'm keeping them for a special occasion.

By far one of my favourite polishes ever! Essence Grumpy from the Snow White collection is probably one of the best colours I have even seen.It's the perfect royal blue creme. Application was perfect and the colour just blew me away. I'd definitely consider getting Nails inc Baker street or any other similar colour after trying this.  It's just perfect.

A while ago I got my eye-brows threaded at the Body Shop. Recently I just haven't had the money to go and get them re-done so I have been using the Tweezerman tweezers to keep them in shape. They do a great job and my brows are still in reasonable condition so I'm pretty delighted with this! Plus it's small enough to keep in my bag in case I ever go away.

Werther's original Caramelts. If you can find them buy them immediately! You will love them! I only managed to find one bag when they were released here and let me tell you it was difficult to contain myself and not eat them all in one go. They are so fecking smooth and just gorgeous. I love them! even more than the original Werther's hard sweets.

That's all the favourites I have for the month of October! A lot of the products come up time and time again but they are really stand out products. Definitely give them a go if you can get them.

Have you got any stand out products that you would recommend?


17 November 2012

Myleene Klass Nails review!

Hey all,

Nail wraps are pretty huge right now with brands popping them out left right and center. I often see them but they generally come with extortionate prices. I only came across the Myleene Klass ones recently and was lucky enough to be sent some to review....

So how do they fair out? Well ye know I have tried another brand of nail wraps before and they did not go well. They didn't suit me at all and the process was fairly time consuming.
The Myleene Klass nails are a whole different story. From start to finish the process takes just 30 minutes. This includes finding the nail size that suits each nail so once you have that down you can knock a good bit of time off.
Each little kit comes with 24 nails and a nail file.  The file is actually decent! It takes the excess wrap off nice and cleanly. A simple but brilliant addition. It'd be awful annoying to buy some nail wraps and then having to go and find a nail file to finish them off. Especially if you are in a hurry.

I got a load of compliments on these. As for their 5 day staying power claim? Spot on! These lasted perfectly from Monday until Friday. The tips began to wear towards the end but it wasn't noticeable from afar. Removal was quick and easy- you just pick them off! Each nail comes off in one piece too which is awful handy.

You can buy single or multipacks HERE for €8-24. Highly recommend giving them a go.


**Product was provided for review**


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